My Worst Fashion Purchases of 2022

Last week I shared my Best Fashion Purchases of 2022, and today I’m sharing my most regrettable fashion purchases from 2022 and analyzing why they didn’t work out.

For some reason, this post always gets a lot more engagement than the best purchases post. I guess it provides a lot more fodder for discussion!

I always like to make a disclaimer before I start one of these posts. If you bought any of these off of my recommendation, please don’t feel duped. These aren’t bad products; they just didn’t happen to work for my personal style and lifestyle, or with the rest of my wardrobe.

I really should be calling them my most regrettable purchases, not worst purchases. But anyway! The point is, some of these may have worked out great for you; in fact, if you bought them, I sure hope they did! But for whatever reason, I didn’t find myself reaching for them as much as I thought I would.

My 10 Most Regrettable Purchases of 2022

#1. ATM Slub Jersey Schoolboy V-Neck Tee in Navy/Black/Olive // Let me start by saying that I love, love, LOVE my white ATM slub jersey schoolboy v-neck tee… so much so that I bought a backup when I saw it on sale at Saks OFF 5TH last spring. I saved it and waited to start wearing it until after my breast reduction surgery, so I would have a new one that wasn’t stretched out.

My mistake was buying the same tee in three other colors because it was on such a good sale.

Don’t get me wrong, this t-shirt is a great wardrobe basic. I just get bored when I have four of the same tee hanging in my closet, and I love the white one so much, it’s the only one I wanted to wear.

I think I wore the other colors each once because I was trying to get some use out of them, but eventually they just hung in my closet and mocked me because every time I considered wearing one, I ended up wearing something else instead.

This goes right to #16 of my 22 Things to Remove From Your Closet in 2022: Anything you’ve had the opportunity to wear several times, but you always chose something else instead.

These t-shirts are my style, they are great quality, they fit well, and they work with other items in my closet. But I just couldn’t get excited to wear them, so I always chose something else instead. Finally I decided to let them go, and I haven’t regretted it once. (I kept the white one, of course!)

#2. Paige Brielle Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Dress // I included this in my spring/summer worst purchases list but I decided it was worth including here because it’s one I still think about sometimes. I thought I was going to love this dress and wear it a lot last spring and summer, but every time I tried it on, it didn’t seem quite right. I don’t know if it was the flutter sleeve, or how it’s longer in the back than the front, or if I just liked my other causal summer dresses better, but I couldn’t get comfortable in this one.

Ironically, the sandals I’m wearing here were also included in my spring/summer worst purchases list… not because I didn’t like them, but because I never wore them. I didn’t bother giving them a separate entry here, though, because I have other purchases from last year I regret more. And because I still have them… maybe I’ll find more occasions to wear them this summer.

#3. Evereve Harriet Isles Milia Striped Wrap Poncho Open Knit // I don’t really regret this purchase because I got some good pictures out of it, and it was perfect for touring St. Augustine on a warm spring day, but I never wore it after that. It just always felt a bit much for my life here in the suburbs of Philly, so I don’t consider it one of my better purchases.

#4. AG Alexxis Boot // These jeans are currently in my “maybe” bin because I never wore them last summer, and by the time I realized I wasn’t reaching for them, the return window had closed. I wasn’t quite ready for full-length flares last summer; it wasn’t until the fall that I started wearing them regularly, so I kept these white ones, thinking I might wear them this year.

That said, I have a lot of white jeans that I like, so I still may not find myself reaching for these. I really love the Mother Hustler for a white flare with heels, and the Mother Insider for a crop flare with flats, plus I have the Mother Dazzler for a straight leg style. So yeah… the AG Alexxis is definitely a regrettable purchase, but not one I’m ready to part with quite yet.

How to Style Wedge Sandals This Spring

#5. AG Mari High-Rise Slim Straight in 15 Years Shoreline // I’m sure some of you will be shocked to see these on this list, but I have such a love/hate relationship with these jeans! I love them, in theory. They’re super flattering, but they don’t fit my perimenopausal middle quite right, and every time I wear them, I’m uncomfortable. (I actually have them in two different washes! 😣) I’m also in between sizes, which doesn’t help. The 28 looks better on me, but the 29 is more comfortable.

I also just realized the other reason I rarely reach for these jeans! They look best with heels, so I thought I’d wear them more this fall when I pulled out my boots, but I always seem to reach for one of my bootcut styles when I want to wear heels.

All that to say, these are currently in my “maybe” bin. I’m afraid as soon as I donate them, I’ll wish I had them, so for now I’m just holding onto them but not keeping them in my closet.

#6. Citizens of Humanity Jolene High Rise Vintage Slim Jeans // And while we’re talking about uncomfortable jeans, I finally had to admit defeat and donate these at the end of the summer. I wore them once, but they were super snug in the waist area, and I’ve only put on weight since then.

They’re really good jeans, and I love the look, but I got tired of looking at them hanging in my closet, knowing if I pulled them on, I’d feel like a cow. This goes to #8 of my 22 Things to Remove From Your Closet in 2022: Anything that makes you feel bad about your body shape or size. 

I know my body is never going to be what it was 10 years ago when I was running 15-25 miles a week and my metabolism was still working in my favor, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not willing to do what I would need to do to get back to the weight I was back then.

But it’s still discouraging to pull on jeans in the size I always wore and have them feel tight and uncomfortable. Leaving them in my closet doesn’t motivate me to cut out carbs and train for a half marathon; it’s just the opposite. It makes me want to give up and eat bonbons all day. So I’ll pass them on so someone else can enjoy them and focus on filling my closet with clothes that fit and feel good on the body I have now.

#7. Cloth + Stone Sleeveless Belted Jumpsuit // Okay, moving on from jeans… I tried to wear this jumpsuit several times, but it always sat funny in the front above the waist, and I could never get it fixed it so it looked right. Maybe it wouldn’t have been noticeable when I was wearing it and moving around naturally (not posing in a mirror), but I couldn’t deal with it, so I finally donated it.

#8. Treasure & Bond Thermal Tees (black & olive) // I don’t know why, but I just don’t reach for these, even though I like them a lot. Every time I try to wear one, I don’t feel comfortable. I guess they’re a little too short and snug, even though I sized up. I finally decided to cut my losses and donate so someone else can enjoy them.

#9. Dolce Vita Petya Booties // Don’t hate me if you bought these boots; I really do think they’re so pretty, but I realized when I went to wear them for a photo shoot that they hurt my feet.

Even though I love the color and the styling and the details, I have other boots that serve the same purpose, so I always find myself choosing the Dolce Vita Volli in Dune Nubuck or the Marc Fisher Alva in Cloud Suede instead. Oh, well! Live and learn…

#10. Jeffrey Campbell Velviteen Bit Loafer // I’m probably going to get some hate mail for this one too, but I just did not get my money’s worth out of these shoes, and I hope those of you who bought them fared better than I did.

I still think they’re gorgeous shoes. I guess it’s the brown color that throws me off? I don’t know, though… it would go great with any of my oatmeal or ivory sweaters and blue jeans. Maybe I need to reconsider my shoes the next time I put one of those outfits together.

At any rate, I haven’t reached for these loafers nearly as much as I thought I would, so they’re going to be the last item on this list!

In Conclusion

I’m sure I could go on because I make SO many purchases in a year, and I can’t possibly keep them all. I try to make wise decisions and return what I can, but some things you have to keep around for a while or even wear them a few times before you realize you just aren’t reaching for them.

And I’m also noticing my lifestyle really changing right now. I’ve always been home a lot, even pre-Covid, but now that everyone is living a more causal lifestyle, I just don’t find myself dressing up as much as I used to. Even the dressier casual looks I would wear running around town seem like too much for most of my days right now.

I actually really like most of the items on this list, but I just don’t have the need for them, which is kind of sad. On the flip side, I don’t have nearly as many truly bad purchases as I used to, so I guess I’m learning.

Feel free to share your worst purchases of 2022 in the comments. I’d love to hear!

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71 Responses

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this blog post and found myself laughing out loud at times. I appreciate how candid you are!! I think some of my worst purchases of 2022 would be some healed booties (several). 😉 I love them in theory, but I am 5’7″ so often reach for flats, and I am uber casual working from home. On the flip side, I have taken some of your recommendations and am loving some of my new vuori clothing and veja esplar sneakers! I just need to keep reminding myself to purchase for my lifestyle – casual. 🙂 Thanks for ALL you do, looking forward to more of your posts in 2023.

  2. I think most all women find themselves wearing only what is comfortable to them and sometimes you just don’t realize what really works for you until you actually wear it a couple of times. My style is very casual but I often order an item because it appeals to me then when I get it home I wonder where I thought I would wear it. My husband gives me a hard time about returning things but I can’t justify keeping something if I don’t really love it. Men!! Enough said, but your posts really do help me in deciding what might work and saves a lot of legwork, much appreciated. Keep on inspiring us with your fashion advice, helps so much!

        1. I love the white one! I can see why it’s one of your favorites. Keep us posted if you see it back in stock at a lower price point.

  3. I love this type of post. You’re funny. I’ve gotten rid of clothes if I thought they made me look unflattering in pictures. I understand about the jumpsuit and the front tie. I’ve gotten rid of stuff like that too. Sometimes clothes from the side can be unflattering even if from the front they look good. I like the sandals but the heel is too high. I found Lucky Brand 3″ wedge sandals that reminded me of yours. Very comfortable too.

    My biggest regret is the NDYD jeans I bought last January. I downsized but I couldn’t button them up. I exchanged for my true size 4p but they stretch out while I am wearing them. They are black and attract a lot of lint. I can’t believe I paid 90 dollars for the worst jeans in my closet. I have other regrets like some shoes I don’t wear. I’m almost 20 years older than you and I still haven’t learned. Lol.

  4. Thanks for your honesty in #6. I have been going through the same issues, and it’s nice to know I am not the only one struggling to accept that my body is not the same as it was 20 years ago!

  5. Jo-Lynne, I love hearing your thought process why something works or doesn’t work. I, too, bought #8 in both those colors and don’t wear them for the exact same reasons. They look great sucking in with perfect posture — not leaning over too far or else the girls are too far out, and my almost-50 muffin top seems to be exacerbated by the snugger fit.

    1. Yep, so annoying b/c in theory, they’re perfect. Love the scoop neck, the set in sleeves and fitted arms, the fun cuffs, and I even thought I liked the shorter length and fitted shape, but even though I sized up, it’s a little TOO fitted for my comfort level these days. I always feel bad including things I promoted in these lists, b/c I’m afraid it looks disingenuous, but I really did love them at the time. Even in that picture, I’m like, wait… I could have kept that! LOL

      1. If it makes you feel any better, I bought both of these and still love them! For me it was going from a normal M to a size up L; maybe the different sizes were sized slightly differently in relation to our usual ones. So many individual measurements go into what makes a size work for someone, just wanted to mention that your promotion of these got me something great even if it didn’t end up working for you.

  6. Love these posts Jo-Lynne! The reasons you give for evaluating pieces have helped me on items that I didn’t wear much or in some cases at all. 😬
    I purchased the navy Paige dress also, and only wore it twice. Funny thing is I saw myself in a photo while wearing it, and it was not very flattering on me. Something about the waist is off on me perhaps. The tie is loose and seems to create more volume where I don’t want it.
    I also purchased the bit loafers and like you, I think they’re gorgeous, but I have not worn them once since purchasing them. I’m going to hang onto them though and see because I do love how they look.
    I think I just haven’t figured out what to wear them with!
    Thank you for working hard to keep us in style! 😀

  7. I love the jumpsuit on you. As a professional seamstress, I would have suggested that it was a bit to long waisted on you. Making the adjustments would have made a huge difference.

  8. I loved this post! Gives me more clarity for my clean out. Just want to add that you look amazing! If you went back to previous weight you would look gaunt. You look healthy, happy and very lean.

    1. Thank you. I really only want to lose like 5 lbs, or get down so my “weight range” is 5 lbs lower than it currently is. B/c I feel like I fluctuate more now than ever. But it is what it is, and I am just happy to be healthy!

  9. I need to do what you did on this post! My must regrettable purchases for 2022 were several coastal grandma blazers. They are too voluminous and just look grumpy. The other poor choices were many shies that were trendy but ended up hurting my feet. Hope be wiser this year or save money and not shop!🤣

  10. I always enjoy this post because your thought process is so real and helps me more objectively evaluate my thoughts about why I’m not wearing something even though I’m still drawn to it. I would say the clogs I purchased were my biggest regret. I only wore them once. I still think they are cute, but they are heavy on my feet & so stiff that it seems like work to walk in them. I reach for something more comfortable every time they might go with an outfit. I also have realized I’m a sock person 3/4 of the year and I’m not a huge fan of clogs with socks so that doesn’t help with the window to wear being so small. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us!

  11. Thank you so much for this blog/posting, and for being real in it. I totally identified with the – eating bon bons remark. This week my NYDJ order arrived, 5 pair of jeans in size 2, because the size 4 I bought at TJ Maxx looked and felt great but by end of day they were sliding down and kind of loose in the behind. First pair of 2’s I tried to pull on, with struggle got over what little hip I have, could not button the button fly, so wearing the jeans, went to kitchen and had a cookie. Then went on to try on other pairs, only 2 of the 5 fit that day. But I got another cookie anyway. I really enjoy your postings and outfits, and that you are so honest about clothes that don’t fit or feel right. Have a blessed weekend!

  12. I’ve been waiting for this post all year 😂 LOL. I am sorry you have purchases you didn’t wear enough to make them worthy but it makes me feel better about some of my regrettable purchases too like the Madwell wool vest in a soft brown color (still has tags on it) and the Banana Republic black cashmere padded shoulder vest that I hunted the earth for and have worn twice! I don’t know what to wear under a vest to make it cute and a plain tee shirt doesn’t seem enough. It’s one of those items that look better on others. I have more but those stand out for me. I am looking forward to hearing other readers most regrettable purchases 🫠

  13. I love the thought you put into analyzing why things just didn’t work out, and many of them I can relate to! When you mentioned some jeans just not suiting your perimenopausal middle that made me realize why my latest pair of jeans are not working for me either!! Aha moment!

  14. What a great post! I’m trying hard to ‘let go’ of the less than great purchases too!! I’m finally learning, clothes need to fit me well and work with my personnel style to earn a place in my closet!! Thanks for being candid and honest about what doesn’t work!!

  15. This post is so freeing! You, Jo-Lynn are an expert on fashion for my budget and style, and even you make regrettable purchases sometimes. By the way, I sent the thermal tees from the Nordy sale back before I popped the tags off– the quality was my issue– they quickly hung in a frumpy way on my body.
    I am about to seriously purge my closet and between your advice and Marie Kondo’s, I am going to donate what doesn’t give me joy– for whatever reason. Thank you!

  16. I also brought the black & oliver thermal tee #8 and love them. I wore the black one yesterday with my spanx pants to the hairdressers and to get my nails done. I’m always cold at those places but it kept my warm.

  17. Love your honesty! I’m interested in the ATM in white if you see it’s restocked. The menopausal belly pudge is so annoying and I’ve struggled for years.

  18. I agree with all of this, now if only I can remember it next time I go shopping or start clicking online! Growth means acknowledging this reality before purchasing and regretting later. #2023Goals.

  19. You are so right: I LOVE this type of post! You’re so thorough in sharing your thought processes, and that helps ME to process how I feel about items in my closet too. I feel terrible about the wasted money just hanging there unworn and I wonder why I still make mistakes after all these years. It’s enlightening to understand that many times it’s not that I don’t like an item or it doesn’t work for my lifestyle & existing wardrobe, it just isn’t the “right” piece. Like you, my lifestyle has gone from casual to mostly athleisure, so the great jeans and cute boots are rarely worn. I still have items from the NAS that I have not worn even once, so at least a number of those are going back. One of my most regrettable purchases are my P448 sneakers. I think they are SO cute on you when you feature them with an outfit! For myself, however, they feel clunky and heavy and slip off my heels (tho’ the smaller size felt too short). Even on sale, they were a chunk of change! However, just yesterday I wore the T&B thermal T (in oatmeal) and am certain it will continue to be one of my staples. Thanks so much for the thoughtful post!

    1. That’s a shame, I love mine! IF you still have them, try pulling the laces tighter before tying. I helped my niece get hers tighter and more comfy when she was here over near year’s. 🙂

  20. These regrettable posts are my absolute favorite. It’s funny that a few of your items were things that I didn’t particularly like for very small reasons. The sleeves & the uneven hemline on the drawstring dress. The poncho look seemed dated to me. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  21. I just found this blog and it is amazing! You are single handily solving my fashion problems. 🙂 Why my jeans fit weird, booties conundrum, and this post is giving me peace about my worst purchase this year: classic Doc Martens with fur lining. I so wanted them to work – so far they only look okay with black leggings. Are barely at that! Also, thank you for being so honest about how our bodies are changing.

  22. I enjoyed this post. I love reading the comments, too, to see what others think. Your reasoning, whether showing an item you love or regret, is what I love to read in your posts. The try on sessions are my favorites along with the what I wore posts, so that we can see what you are actually wearing in your real life style. Reading your why’s does make it easier when doing my own closet purge, and soon I will have a closet, only partially full, of favorites. I passed on 2 bags of “why did I buy this” to a church friend and I’m trying to learn to embrace the mistake purchases and move on, while hopefully blessing someone else. Thank you and looking forward to adding another year of following you to my string!

  23. What an enjoyable and eye opening post! One of my most regrettable purchases for 2022 was white jeans. With my body shape they just don’t do me any good especially since they make my full derrière look even fuller, and they definitely don’t make my little tummy bulge look smaller. My biggest challenge continues to be accepting that my body will never be what it was 20 years ago. Only wearing clothes that make me feel good is going to be my focus for 2023.

  24. JoLynne
    Thanks for your list AND all the thinking behind each one. So helpful for me, not only to realize others have regrets too but also learning from what you shared! Thanks! I have been meaning to clean out my closet and having a hard time with starting. You have helped give me motivation! And I like your bin of maybe. That will be used at my house to help me get some things off hangers!

  25. This post was great and so were the comments….I laughed when the lady talked about eating another cookie in response to your bon bon remark. Happy New Years and welcome to the world of menopause….that’s supposed to be a funny remark but it’s not. 🙂

    BTW love your blog and such a great job you do.

  26. Great post, and I really appreciate your honesty! I have so many clothing regrets but I am learning to send stuff back when I know it’s a no (in the past I would keep something even though it didn’t fit great etc) so baby steps for me:) also I love loafers and I remember when you posted on the ones on your list and I loved them but I think the price stopped me, which I’m glad because I don’t think I’ve worn any of my loafers yet this winter 🤦‍♀️ anyway, thanks again for all your great posts!!

  27. As Always, your write-ups whether positive or negative always help impact my decisions! I also went for the #8 olive and have already donated as I felt more comfortable in the rose Caslon similar top. Both Evereve items sold out before I could purchase but would still love to buy the poncho if you have a resale shop (?) – of course, it would have to be one-size, which I believe it was! Thanks for all your work this year and looking forward to great purchases in the new year!

    1. Sorry, the poncho is long gone. 🙂 I donated it last summer. Funny, the Caslon thermal was too long/big on me. They are definitely different, and probably work for different people.

  28. Such a helpful post! We all make those mistakes, and it helps to know even the professionals do too! Mine was grey suede western style booties from Nordstrom Rack, Great price and thought they would be perfect, haven’t worn them yet and I’m not really sure why!

  29. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. Some items I can see why you didn’t like them while others I think look amazing on you. The white jeans are so cute on you. I hate to be negative Nancy here, but it seems after 40 every ten years of age makes losing weight even more difficult.

    1. Yep, I think that is probably true. I was expecting it, so I haven’t let it get me down. I do like those white jeans too! Hopefully this year I’ll feel like wearing them. 🙂

  30. I love your honesty, JoLynne. That, and your analysis of pieces, sets you apart from other bloggers.
    The only regret I think of on the spot is a pair of runners that are 1/2 size too small. I loved them and bought them regardless. I’ve never worn them. Not once! How silly of me, at my age, to make such a rookie mistake. I’m taking them out of my closet today, along with any other footwear that I seldom reach for.

  31. I think you did a good list. Most these weren’t my favorite that you bought or I thought I wonder how often she will wear those high wedge sandals. Etc. I do think you should keep the Mari straight leg jeans though. You just got excited about flares lately. Lol. I’m like you, I live more rural and I don’t find myself dressing up as much. I also use to dress more for running casual errands. I think covid and getting older changed it some. I feel dressed up more than others, but that’s okay really, as so many woman just throw on jeans and sweat shirts and the not “in style” kind and I want to try more than that. I love the attitude you have on your body changing. I don’t notice it but I know that feeling if jeans feel too tight in the waist. I have two new pair in my closet now I don’t reach for and it’s not the style or color it’s the way they make me feel…… not good about my body. I just need to let them go and call it a lose. I’m waiting now for a pink tunic sweater that Cyndi styled the other day and again today and I already think it’s not going to work and I’m going to feel dated. Etc etc I was attracted to the color for these dark Winter days and how it looked on her and I guess I still need to learn. You are helping me make better choices. Have a good weekend with no holiday. You waited a long time to take down a tree and garland. 🙂 I always take down New Years weekend.

  32. #8 was my only N-Sale purchase and I never wear it. Sigh. It’s not flattering from the side. I wish it were a wee bit looser.

    Yes to #6! Thank you! So good to hear this honesty.

    #10. I think they are too brown for most of your wardrobe. You tend to wear cool-hued jeans, and these shoes have a warm hue.

  33. I enjoy this post every year because it makes me feel better that even someone who does this for a living still makes regrettable decisions. Mine is blazers. i have heavy upper arms and so often the sleeves are just too tight. I also have a larger bust so by the time I have the blazer fitting my arms and chest it is swimming on my shoulders and waist. I know how to alter but it is just too much work. For some reason though as soon as I heard we were being sent back to the office I was buying blazers! Also work has become much more casual since COVID anyone else notice that?

    1. Yes! I work for a relatively conservative organization that NEVER allowed jeans, and now jeans are part of the dress code.

  34. Thank you for sharing this! Gives me some ideas and should go through my own closet! Somethings are great, and somethings are just not quite right! I love the engagement in this community.

    1. I used to wear high platform wedge sandals like this everywhere all the time, and I loved them and didn’t feel silly, but for some reason, it seems different now. I don’t know it it’s age or evolving styles or what. Oh well!

  35. If you still have your Evereve striped knit wrap i’d love to purchase from you! I’ve had my eye on it but it’s not available. Just sayin’ ;)….

  36. Thank you for this post. I relate so much to the change of stage of life and lifestyle…and purchasing decisions and mistakes can all go along with it.

  37. I love the best and worst posts every season. They help me really reflect on my own bests and worsts – and why. Your content is great, and I’m learning so much useful information about navigating fashion in my 50’s. Keep it coming! Thank you!

  38. Love this post! And thanks to you I don’t find myself having as many regrettable purchases as I would have once had.. I’ve learned if I don’t have that lovey feeling when I first put it on or can answer the question “will I actually be reaching for this ? “ it goes back.. so yes I have made some wrong purchases but returned before tags were removed when I had the doubt feeling! This happened with a pair of wit and wisdom jeans I purchased during the Nordstrom sale. I thought I’d love them.. tried them on several times but knew I wasn’t going to wear them.. I did however purchase another style in the wit and wisdom and love those! So I faired pretty good this year!

  39. I think it’s comforting to know that a professional like yourself still has fails! 🤣 I had to make myself stop buying multiples of the same color for the same reason you mentioned. I always buy cute clothes and think it’ll be great when I lose 5 lbs but that’s not gonna happen! Lol thanks for your honesty!

    1. Well, I’m not sure how much of a professional I am, lol, but I do spend more time than the average person analyzing clothes and how and why they fit (or don’t.) 🙂

      One rule of thumb you can depend on is that buying clothes for when you lose 5 lbs is never a good game plan. We all (myself included) will be more content with our wardrobes when we learn to stop doing that.

  40. I enjoyed this post as much as everyone else and liked reading the comments. I didn’t do a lot of clothes shopping this year because I’m trying to wear what I actually have. I recently did an major purge and I think I still have too many clothes. I just filled in with updated boots and some flair and straight leg jeans. I have a very casual lifestyle as well and where I live people don’t generally dress up too much. I had to learn to shop for my lifestyle and I think I mostly have it down. Mostly haha. My regret purchases are probably most of the jeans I buy because none of them have that “perfect” fit. I’m not a big person but for some reason jeans fit me weird. I love them though and will probably keep buying and donating pairs this year as well 😉

  41. Thank you so much for your post. I’ve had almost all of these things happen to me! I know clothing isn’t the most important issue in our lives. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty spending so much time on it. I really don’t like to feel uncomfortable performing other tasks if my clothes aren’t working. AND Bless Mother Nature, our bodies change. I’ve had to change my sizing. Doggone it, I’m shrinking! What an impact a picture will make when you see yourself looking like a potato in a sack!

    1. LOL, those darn pictures. They really can be illuminating! Clothing is definitely NOT the most important thing, but it does really affect how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us, at least by first impressions. I don’t think it’s wrong to spend time figuring out what works for us as long as we don’t allow it to take priority over other areas of our life that are more important.

  42. Such a good post and really got me thinking about what’s not working in my closet. Luckily I have learned that if I don’t feel good in the clothing at the time that that’s probably not going to change so I will return it or not purchase to begin. I want to work on replacing my ill fitting denim. In order to fit around my waist, the jeans are too baggy in the rear and legs. And not excited about the relaxed baggy jeans look. Would like a post on jewelry to wear with different looks. That’s one area I want to streamline and have way too much now.

  43. Really enjoyed this blog-an inspiration for me to clean out my closets. One of the reasons I like your blog so much is because your clothes are more casual and that’s what I need for my life. On another note – as I am local I wanted to mention that I do a yoga class on facetime with several other ladies. It’s chair yoga and led by an instructor and trust me, she can see what we’re doing! I like that I don’t have to leave the house. If you have any interest, let me know and I can put you in touch with the instructor.

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