Nothing New in the World #CoffeeTalk

So I saw the doctor to follow up on my blood work, and he said everything looked great and basically dismissed me and told me I could come back in a year.

I know I should be pleased. Everything looked great. Even my Vitamin D level is within normal range, although he advised I take a supplement to improve up on that. But there are no red flags, no reason for the stress fracture, and I left feeling like I should be thrilled. But instead, I’m annoyed. Once again, no answers for the ailments that plague me, and when there are no answers, I can’t prevent them from happening again.

His explanation? Over use.


I guess I’m going to assume the stress fracture was the result of many months of compensating for the plantar fasciitis in the other foot and just move on.

The thing is, the plantar fasciitis foot isn’t really better either. It was feeling better, but the last couple days it’s been tightening up again for no apparent reason. I know as soon as I resume regular activity, it is going to be right there nagging me again.

I will eventually try to get the gait analysis done and hope that sheds some light on things, but at this point I am feeling pretty gloom and doom about any possibility of being a runner again. Or maybe even being a non-runner who is able to wear cute shoes.

I am sure one of these days I will go out to “walk” and end up running, and this whole saga will likely continue on and on. I promise to try not to bore you with the details…. well, not too often, anyway. It’s just so dumb. People run ALL the time. I see them out there, I see their updates on Facebook. Bah. Oh, well. I’m over it. Not really, but if I say it enough, maybe I’ll start to believe it.

In other news, after my doctor appt, I met up with a friend because she wanted to introduce me to a local boutique called Best Friends.


YOU GUYS, this is going to be dangerous.

They have such cute stuff at affordable price. I got, ahem, a couple of things. You will see them soon enough.

Meanwhile, I’m up at o’dark thirty to catch a plane to Seattle. I should not be sitting here writing this. See, this is how I end up running late everywhere I go. I’ll just do one more thing . . .

Okay, I MUST skedaddle. Seattle is calling. WOOT! See ya on the flip side!