2020 #NSale Preview: Prepare to Shop!

Alright, ladies. This is it. Game ON!!! The long awaited Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview is finally here!

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You can’t shop just yet, but you can add #NSale items on Preview to your Nordstrom Wishlist to purchase when your access level comes up in August. (Not sure of your access level? Find that here.)

This is awesome, because you can make a plan and shop the sale strategically, rather than buying impulsively.

You will get the most bang for your buck if you shop investment pieces and rather than trendy items because the savings on investment pieces is far greater than it is on lower priced, trendy items. That said, I realize we’re all working with different budgets, so I try to include a mix of styles and price points in my recommendations.

This is also a great time to stock up on beauty products, wardrobe staples, and foundation garments that rarely go on sale. They may not be fun to shop for, but they’re necessary, so you may as well get them at a discount.

If you’re new to this sale, and have no idea what the hype is all about, start here: How To Prepare for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

FYI, all my ongoing #NSale 2020 coverage can be found under the #NSALE tab at the top of my blog (on mobile, you can find it in the dropdown menu.)

For my #NSale Preview posts, I’ll use shopping widgets to round up my top recommendations across all major categories.

Yes, I said “posts” because I decided it’s too much for one, with the entire sale available for preview this year. I don’t want to overdo it before we can even shop, but when I asked for feedback, most said they would rather I divide it up to make preparing for the sale more manageable.

First Thoughts

Now that I’ve had time to peruse the 2020 #NSale offerings, I noticed that there are fewer new “made for the #NSale” pieces and more old favorites released in new colors, but the discounts are excellent — some as much as 50% off!

In other words, a lot of will look familiar, so not quite as exciting as in years past.

Also, Nordstrom did say there would only be about half the typical #NSale inventory this year, so if you feel like there isn’t a lot, that’s why.

That said, I notice it says, ” Check back often—we’re adding more items daily!” on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home page, so we may see a few more goodies being added before the sale goes live.

A lot of people in the Facebook Group are saying that it’s underwhelming so far, but I feel like people say that every year, and every year we find stuff to love… and obsess over and stalk for restocks, lol!

It’s also really hard to tell which of the new pieces will be awesome until we can try them on, or see them on other people. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a while for that, but I’m pretty good at predicting what we might like (or not) based on how the brand typically fits and the website measurements.

All that to say, I see this as a year to stock up on basics and replace some of our tried and true favorites. I like the Beauty exclusives a lot this year, and I found a handbag I’m super excited about. Shocker, right? Haha!

Also, one more thing. Don’t freak out if you see that something says “sold out” or “only 1 or 2 left.” I’m sure this is just a glitch in the system. You should still be able to select a size nad color and add to your Wist List. If not, check back in a few days. Those tend to be the items that are already on the site in other colors, and I think the website just isn’t recognizing the Preview inventory yet or something.

Today I’ll start with an overview — my top picks, products I have and love, and the items on my personal Wish List. Then I’ll take a deep dive into each category in several future posts.

#NSale 2020 Top Picks

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18 thoughts on “2020 #NSale Preview: Prepare to Shop!

  1. Thanks for this! I found a couple more things that I hadn’t seen, lol. LOVE the shearling jacket, which is one of the things I hadn’t seen. I immediately put it on my wishlist. I definitely have some splurges, but I also know from the past two years that I’ve shopped the NSale, that not everything that I thought I would love, will work out. I’m really trying to pay close attention to details. For example, as someone who is very short, really high-waisted jeans do not work for me. 101/2″ rise is the very highest I can go, and unfortunately, there are a lot of 11″ and 11 1/2″ rises.

    I have the Coach bag on my list. It will be my first major handbag splurge, but I love it, even though I’m typically a tote girl. Currently, it’s the black that I’ve chosen, because there’s something about that contrast stitching that I love, but at the same time, I feel like the cognac is probably a more practical choice for me. Tempted to order both, if I have the option to do that. I have Influencer status, so I’m definitely not one of the first shoppers, and I have a feeling that bag could go fast in either of those colors.

    I also have the Paul Green Dynamic Boot on my WL, in the mushroom color, although I’m debating about the black patent. I’m ordering two sizes, because even though I’m usually a size 6, I take 6 1/2 in both Sorel and Blondo.

    Thanks for all the work you’re doing to help us navigate the sale!

  2. Thanks for doing multiple posts on things you have your eye on!  I agree that the sale can be very overwhelming.  There’s only two items I would like to add to my cold weather wardrobe, so I am going to enjoy sitting back and seeing what others buy.  I hope y’all are having better weather today!

  3. I’m definitely underwhelmed with the items featured so far. I knew there would be a smaller selection but I’m unimpressed with the inventory so far. Hope they add more items

    1. I felt that way at first, but the more I dig into the sale, the more I find to like. I’m going to have to reign myself in and cut some stuff off my Wish List. 🙈

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne.  You must be rubbing off on me because I had already added several of your recommendations to my wish list!  😉.

    FYI- your ruana link is linked up to the Tumi.

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  5. Great picks! I can’t get to Hanky Pankys or AG super dark wash. On the Nordstrom app the N just keeps going round and round. Then I search and those items don’t show up. Do you think Nordstrom took them down? All other links work though. 

  6. Love your picks JoLynne!  This will be the first year I shop the Nsale.  I LOVE that coach bag too!!!  What color are you getting?  I love the cognac and the black!  Hard to decide.  I’ve never spent that much on a handbag but after the way 2020 has been so far I feel like I deserve to splurge a little. LOL

  7. I woke up to a $20 Nordy Note in my Inbox, that was very nice and unexpected! 😊💗 now, what to choose, what to choose…..

  8. Thanks for you list. I added a few from your list to my wishlist, but already had so many of yours on mine. 🙂

    Not to be picky, but the link for the Pendleton Ashwood Water Repellent isn’t working correctly….it’s going to the RL Faux Shearling Moto Jacket.

    Love your blog!

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