Off-the-Shoulder Dress Two Ways

Hello and welcome back to 25 Days of Summer Fashion! Today I’m wearing a navy off-the-shoulder dress that is perfect for summer date nights and vacations. To show you a few different styling options, we photographed it first with flats and then with heels.

This dress is made of a lightweight crepe material that has a nice drape without being clingy. It is on the shorter side, so if you’re taller than 5’5″ you may want to consider wearing it as a tunic over white jeans. For size reference, I’m wearing the medium.

For the first first look, I paired this dress with my gold flat thong sandals. I added a bold gold necklace and white and gold chandelier earrings, and I carried a colorful boho-inspired clutch.

Isn’t this bag just the cutest? I carried it at my blogging conference last month, and I got so many compliments. Unfortunately they can’t seem to keep it stocked and it’s backordered till July 14th. I love the boho vibe, and it has every color in the rainbow so it goes with practically everything. I’ve carried it with a t-shirt and jeans as well as with dressier outfits.

As I look at these pictures, the earrings and necklace may be a bit much together. With the casual sandals, I think I’d opt for some more subtle jewelry next time, but I really like the way this necklace looks on the dress. FYI, this dress also comes in red.

I often get asked about what strapless bra I wear with off-the-shoulder styles, and I swear by this Wacoal strapless bra. It’s good for all sizes and they make it a wide variety of both back and cup sizes. Macy’s has the gardenia color on sale at the moment if you want to save a few bucks. If you’ve been avoiding off-the-shoulder and strapless tops, I highly recommend getting this bra. I never used to wear off-the-shoulder styles because I didn’t want to deal with a strapless bra, but now I don’t mind at all.

This second look would be fun for a dressier summer event like a wedding or dinner out at an upscale restaurant. This time, I paired this navy dress my new Gulf Blue pumps. I’ve decided that I have way too many neutral shoes in my closet and it’s time to incorporate some color. I also think this dress would be amazing with yellow sandals.

I’ve sung the praises of the Sam Edelman Hazel pumps many times, and this Gulf Blue color is currently on sale. I love this combination of the navy blue with the brighter Gulf blue, and the bag helps pull it all together. Of course you could totally carry a neutral bag with this outfit if that’s what you have, but then I might try to incorporate some color or bling somewhere else — like maybe a bolder bracelet or big tassel earrings.

I was wishing I had some bolder, brighter earrings to wear with this look, but I do happen to have earrings with stones in both shades of blue. These are super old and I rarely wear them, but I haven’t been able to part with them and I’m so glad I didn’t. They’re perfect with this dress and shoe combo. I ditched a necklace for this final look, but I wish I’d worn something more attention-grabbing on my wrist like a cuff or wrap bracelet. As you can see, there are so many options with a simple dress like this!

This dress was gifted from Social Threads, a women’s contemporary clothing site that features an edited selection of affordable, fun, versatile pieces. They carry brands such as BB Dakota, Blank NYC, and Lush. I like how they keep their inventory small and curated, and the prices are all under $100. Social Threads is offering a special discount to my readers. Use the code jolynne15 to save $15 on your over $100 purchase. This offer expires 6/30.

I don’t have a ton of occasions to wear this outfit, but it will be fun for a summer date night, and I would definitely bring it along with me if I was going on a cruise or vacationing in a tropical spot.

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off-the-shoulder dress c/o Social Threads (save $15 on your over $100 purchase with code jolynne15; expires 6/30) // gold flat sandals // gold pendant necklace // similar chandelier earrings // boho clutch // gulf blue suede pumps (more sizes here)

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24 Responses

  1. Oh I love this summer look! The clutch really makes the outfit. I can see why is stays backordered! Love those blue pumps with it too!

  2. I have a question, Jo-Lynne….does the OTS part stay down. I know on one of my OTS shirts—it tends to ride up when I move my arms???
    But it’s a fun dress, and so easy to style!! I almost like it better with the flats–but then again maybe it’s because of the necklace?

    1. In this dress, it stays down quite well. It may slide up to the edge of the shoulder, but it doesn’t pop up onto the shoulders like some OTS tops try to do.

  3. I love this Jo Lynne! Both outfits are super cute! I’m with you though…. not many opportunities to wear off the shoulder. I’ve bought several off the shoulder blouses but they tend to hang in my closet waiting for a date night. I am wondering how you and your readers (and Cyndi’s too) feel about off the shoulder at church. Our church is fairly relaxed but I still feel best a bit on the conservative, more dressy but cute and modern side. I usually wear a dress. My rule for my girls has been sleeveless and cold shoulder are fine, but spaghetti straps ect have to be covered. I follow that rule for myself as well. But in many ways off the shoulder does cover more…. but is it appropriate? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!! Blessings Krista

    1. I personally would never wear an off the shoulder top to church, but that may be more due to wear I live than appropriateness. Maybe in some parts of the South, it would be more acceptable? I also don’t wear anything strappy or too low-cut to church. In fact, I rarely wear a dress, lol, but we are a very casual congregation. It doesn’t help that we worship in a school gymnasium, lol. I also have my teenage daughter wear a jean jacket over her spaghetti straps, but she usually ends up taking it off… we’re working on that! It’s a tough call, but I always try to err on the side of being more conservative at church.

      Around here, it is not typical to see off-the-shoulder tops anywhere — not even dinner out. It isn’t like when I was in Dallas, and girls were wearing those tops all day long. I guess it is just different in our area of the country, and also I’m out in the sticks, lol. Maybe if I were closer to Philly, I’d see more of that.

  4. Thank you! I usually err on the side of more conservative as well. I think you are probably right the area of the country has a role…. we are currently in Minnesota but are from the Dallas area and will be moving back to Southlake by the end of summer! So I’ll probably need to “feel it out” when get back! Thanks again!

  5. The Wacoal bras are the best! I’m a D-cup which I hate because, I’m petite and only 5 feet tall. But these bras really do the trick. They are pricey but worth it and now I’ll have to try a Wacoal strapless even though I’m not an off the shoulder fan. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cute look and I love the clutch. I’m going to be totally honest though and say I’m kind of ready for the OTS look to go away. It’s SO CUTE and everywhere, but I just don’t like wearing them. Oh well, que sera sera.

  7. I think you totally nailed the look with the necklace, earrings, and casual sandals. I wouldn’t change a thing!!

  8. Again, Jo-Lynne, thank you for all of the information you pack into a post. Including your thought process into how you assemble an outfit as well as what you would do differently is so helpful. Compared to the other blogs I read, you are the best at educating your readers. Now when I am deciding what to wear, I feel like I have a lot more knowledge of how to create a great outfit.
    I really like both looks but the blue shoes with the clutch is my favorite.

  9. Love this outfit – it’s perfect for summer! The colors look great on you! I have to agree with Bev about how you educate us on how an outfit comes together. I really appreciate that insight and I know it has helped my own wardrobe. Thanks for all the work you do for us! Your blog is definitely very high on my list of favorites!

  10. Cute dress and really looks good the ways you styled it. I just personally for me won’t wear off the shoulder or cold shoulder. I just don’t care for them at age 55 yrs. old. I like the dress the best with the gold flats. I LOVE the clutch.

  11. You modeled an outfit in the spring that was a pair of shorts worn with a light-weight, feminine shawl. I really need a picture of that outfit!!! Please share how I can get it. Thx!

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