Okay, so we’re not THAT dedicated.

If you’ve been reading a while, you know I get up at the butt-crack-o’-dawn to go walking a friend.  (Yes!  We’re STILL walking!  I’ve amazed even myself with my consistency and dedication.)

Our deal is to walk on the weekdays that it’s not raining.  We’ve even been bundling up and walking on the coldest mornings.  (I still need to get those Cuddl Duds my friend S recommended.  I’ve been putting my sweats on over my pajamas for extra warmth, ‘cuz I’m klassy like that.)

I like to get up about a half-hour or so before I meet my friend to have some coffee, read my Bible, and check email.  But this morning I overslept.  I woke to Husband saying, "Were you supposed to go walking?  Arlene’s here."  Dang!  I hate walking without my morning coffee.  I hopped out of bed, dressed quickly, and ran outside to meet my friend.

Although the weather forecast predicted "increasingly windy with periods of rain and a thunderstorm" for this today, it wasn’t raining so we started out.  But we only walked about halfway down my street before the downpour began.

Now.  We’ve walked on some misty mornings before.  One day it was even lightly sprinkling.  But this morning, we’re talking HUGE drops of pelting rain that began with no warning.  It was the kind of rain where you feel each raindrop land on your
scalp and then they roll down through your hair and into your neck.  We immediately turned and began running back to my house as the rain came down harder and harder.

We finally reached the safety of my front porch, laughing, drenched, winded.  We decided that our commitment to exercise stopped short of walking in the pouring rain. 

So we each went our separate ways.  And I got my morning coffee after all.