Home Sick

Well, we’re actually home recuperating.

I knew we were in for it when my four-year-old fell asleep on the floor Friday afternoon.  The child gave up naps when she was two-and-a-half.  The only times she sleeps in the middle of the day are when she’s sick. 

And sure enough, when she woke a few hours later, her head was hot and her face flushed.  My kids have always been prone to fevers with no other symptoms, so I crossed my fingers and hoped that we would be spared anything involving bodily fluids.  ‘Cause my biggest fear is puke.  I’d rather go to the dentist ten times over than catch a puke bug.  I think she was going to run away if I asked her one more time, "Does your tummy feel okay?"  Fortunately her only complaint was a headache.

The fever hung on all day yesterday so that I had to cancel my plans last night, which was a good thing because she seemed delirious as she snoozed beside me on the couch, her feverish body warming me like an electric blanket.

But this morning she woke up cool and cheerful, and I think the worst is over.  We stayed home while my husband took the other two kids to church.  C was actually disappointed when I told her she couldn’t have any more Tylenol Meltaways, a sure sign she’s on the road to recovery.

It’s a nice morning to be home.  Outside the weather is damp and gray, but we are cozy and warm inside with a fire burning in the fireplace and the smell of fresh coffee brewing.  I might actually get to catch up on some of my blog reading!

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  1. So sorry to hear she was sick–glad she’s perkier this morning. It’s so hard to see the normally energizer bunnies “off their feed” isn’t it? Also so glad– for everyone– it wasn’t a tummy thing.

  2. Praying everyone else stays well and the coat is adorable. You can sell it to me when you are thru…LOL!

  3. Fever and a headache…

    that’s what both my kids had a few weeks ago and it was going around here… guess it found it’s way up north…

    and yes, i had the puke bugs too and when my children are ill i PRAY that they don’t puke. It makes me feel like a horrible mother because I have issues with it and i don’t feel motherly…

    glad she’s feeling better and GORGEOUS coat!

  4. That coat is just adorable!!! Of course R is adorable in it!!
    Good job Grammie!!

    To answer your gauchos question. I went over to the mall to pick up some flats which the sales girls at Talbots said was the next best thing next to Mary Janes. I had on what I thought were thin socks but when I got dressed to go to the fundraiser I slipped them on and they were way too big so ended up wearing some very low heels. Don’t have any boots tall enough to wear with them but will pick some up hopefully tomorrow as I think that would be nice for winter. We’re going to Augusta for the day to hit all the new malls and hopefully get some more Christmas shopping done. I’m way behind this year, normally I am all done by Thanksgiving. Jonathan is getting a lump of coal ’cause he won’t say what he wants, says he doesn’t need anything. :o(

  5. I am a nurse and I always say my favorite patients is my little girl….so sweet, so receptive, so appreciative. I will hold the bucket anyday, make popsicle runs in the middle of the night and sleep right beside her to make sure she is ok. Glad yours is on the mend.

    Oh, and I’m right there with you on the puke bug. SO gut wrenchingly awful. But a quick weight loss program nonetheless.

  6. That is a beautiful coat. I so want my girls to have pretty church coats, but can’t convince Husband that they need two coats each. Oh well. Glad to hear C is feeling better. A cozy home sounds nice. We are going to have near-record highs today, so I’ll be kicking it in my capris and flip-flops for a couple more days anyway. Thank goodness the cold will be here by T-giving.

  7. I’m glad to hear she is feeling better. Unfortunately I have a sick child–sick that does involve bodily fluids. I know what you’re saying.

  8. I love that puke is one of your biggest fears! Me too! I just took all three of my kiddos to the doc and was relieved it was strep throat because 24 hours or so after they start their antibiotics they’re feeling better!

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