Please Pass The Tums

Greetings from Virginia! I hope yall had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, mine was less than stellar.

It all started with the road trip on Wednesday.  My four-year-old had been sick and was out of sorts.  My two-year-old was, well, let’s just say that spending the better part of eight hours strapped into a carseat was not her idea of a good time.  And my eight-year-old, who was by far the best behaved of the three, was not amused when his Nintendo DS ran out of battery power and he discovered that his loser mother had failed to pack the charger. 

About the only thing that cooperated was the traffic, which was a good thing because my husband and I were one step away from losing any shred of sanity we still possessed at that point.  We finally arrived at my parents’ home spent, but thankful to have our feet on solid ground.

That night was not exactly restful.  My four-year-old woke intermittently with bad dreams, and she was inconsolable.  My dear mother took pity on her (and me) and held her through the night.

We woke Thanksgiving morning revived, all of us except the four-year-old, who was still in a very fragile state.  Despite my grandiose claims in this post, my mother decided to make reservations at a local restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Which was just fine by me because as much as I love me some good home cooking, any meal that I don’t have to help cook or clean up immediately trumps the homemade goodness.

But it soon became evident that my four-year-old would be unable to attend dinner.  We tried everything we could think of to convince and cajole her out of her funk, but when it came time to dress her to go, she was completely unstrung.  I’m talking Meltdown City.

So I stayed home.  With an overwrought child.  While everyone else went to dinner. 

Good times. 

After a three to four hour nap, she woke in a slightly better state of mind, which isn’t saying much, mind you. 

Everyone came back to the house after dinner for some of my mom’s famous pie.  (She didn’t make dinner, but she did make five pies.)  We hung out, played a few rousing games of Clue, and ate ourselves sick.  After all, what would Thanksgiving be without a side of antacid?

I have only met my future sister-in-law a couple of times, so I was surprised and delighted when she suggested we go bridal gown shopping on Friday.  Friday morning dawned clear and cold, and we set out after breakfast to find "the dress".  We did find a bridesmaid’s dress we both liked, but the bridal gown is still up in the air.  Best of all, we had fun and got to know each other a little better.

And as if that weren’t enough excitement for one day, later that afternoon I got to meet fellow blogger Heather of Desperately Seeking Sanity.  I have a picture of us, but I’ll have to wait till I get home to post it.  I’ll save my recap for that post.

Tonight I get to have dinner with my best high school friend.  Again, I hope to have pictures to post when I get home.  I’m so looking forward to seeing her and having some quality girl talk.  It’s been almost a year!

And then tomorrow we have to face the long drive home.  Joy!  Here’s hoping it’s better than the drive down.  Hey, it can’t get much worse.  Can it??