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Casual Fall Outfit featuring Johnston & Murphy Ankle Boots for Women

As I’ve been doing  more fashion blogging, I’ve been working hard at upping our photography game. And by I, I really mean my husband. I’m fortunate that he a) has some photography skills and b) takes an interest in my job. It’s actually been a great way for us to connect over a common interest, although sometimes we spend more time bickering than taking pictures, but hey, no one ever said marriage was gonna be easy, right?

Even though he takes my pictures, I usually outsource the retouching because that takes a whole other set of skills that neither of us truly possess, although we’re trying to learn. For the past six months or so, I’ve been outsourcing my photo retouching to Carolyn Clement Photography.

Carolyn is a doll, but until last month, she and I had never met in person. She offered to do a Holiday Mini Session with my family and a fashion photo shoot for me. I’ve been wanting to have a professional fashion photo shoot for some time, so I jumped at the chance. We met up a few weeks ago in downtown Phoenixville for our session.

Take a look!!!

Casual Fall Outfit featuring Johnston & Murphy Ankle Boots for Women

Casual Fall Outfit featuring Johnston & Murphy Ankle Boots for Women

Casual Fall Outfit featuring Johnston & Murphy Ankle Boots for Women

I love this poncho. It’s a few years old, but I still find myself wearing it often during the winter months. I thought it perfectly complimented these gorgeous Johnston & Murphy wedge ankle boots that were sent to me to facilitate a sponsored post. You can see that outfit here.

Casual Fall Outfit featuring Johnston & Murphy Ankle Boots for Women

Casual Fall Outfit featuring Johnston & Murphy Ankle Boots for Women

Casual Fall Outfit featuring Johnston & Murphy Ankle Boots for Women

R even hopped in on one.

Mom and R

Outfit Details: poncho (old) | similar cropped jeans, (ON SALE for $113!) | black tee | ankle boots c/o Johnston & Murphy | Silpada Half Moon Earrings | R Minkoff Moto Hobo, $325 (I paid $162.49) | silver link bracelet, $450 

I discovered that it’s much easier to loosen up and feel comfortable posing on a city street when you’re with a professional photographer. With all of her gear, she is obviously a pro, and I didn’t feel as self conscious as I do when my husband and I stop to take a few shots. Plus, it was super fast. I think we only spent about 15 minutes taking pictures, and then she packed up and we each went on our merry way.

Then a few days later, I got a fun surprise in my email — a link to the best of our pictures, already cropped, retouched, and ready to publish on the blog! It was like Christmas morning.

We also did our family photos that day.

Shane Family 2015

She got individual photos of each child, one of my husband and me, as well as a few family shots. She also got a great one of the 3 kids together.

D 2015

C 2015

R 2015

Kids 2015

Paul and JL

Teens and tweens aren’t the easiest subjects to work with, but with Carolyn’s easy-going style, she was able to pull them out of their shells. I feel like she really captured their personalities in our photos.

It was Carolyn’s idea to meet downtown Phoenixville. Usually you think of going to a park or the beach for outdoor photos, but she is particularly fond of urban photo shoots. This worked perfectly for my fashion photos, but it also made for a unique set of family photos. She would find an interesting stairwell or a little nook in the corner of a building, set us up, and start snapping away.

She also loves to help with wardrobe styling — which, as you probably know, can be the most stressful part of family photos. I didn’t really need her help in this area, but it was nice to know that she offers that service if I’d gotten stuck. I’m so pleased with our photos that I’ve already ordered holiday photo cards. I cannot WAIT for them to come in!

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  1. You have such a beautiful family, and those photos are amazing! Your photos are always great though. 🙂
    Gotta compliment the jeans too, love them. And those boots…love!

  2. Jo-Lynne, great pics! Looks like you’re “on location”!! You always look so natural. Your family is beautiful and so are the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. pictures look great ! love how the oufit go with out being matchy matchy . My mom wants us to wear matching shirts it feels a little 80s lol

  4. Love seeing all of these photos – your fashion pics as well as the wonderful family shots. Such a cool idea to have them taken downtown! I never would have thought of that for family photos.

  5. Lover your pics!! Thanks for sharing them! You have a beautiful family & the pics are gorgeous! I especially love where they were taken, makes them so unique & special! 😉

    1. I really should have read before I hit post!! I love your pictures! And I love your outfit too…but you always look amazing!!

  6. Oh, my, I love the photos, especially the one of your whole family. You are all just glowing, and I love that you are holding hands with your younger daughter, so sweet! What a treasure to have such great shots.

  7. That is one of the most beautiful family photos I have ever seen. You are right about the city background. Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Wowie, wow, wow! What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Everyone is right on with the glowing comments. Carolyn’s photos ARE amazing. They look magazine quality. Your kids are adorable, and your husband too. Thanks for sharing these with us, the readers. I know you will treasure these always.

  9. Those are some very beautiful pictures she took. I love to take pictures especially in the local downtown area, where you can find special unique areas that you don’t normally find.

    You have a lovely family.

  10. Love that poncho and your photo shoot turned out great! My husband has taken a few of my photos, but it’s usually better when my friend does the picture taking for my fashion shoots! Have a great week!

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