Refresh Your Spring Makeup Routine with Kohl’s

Happy Friday, friends! Today I’m taking a detour from outfits to share some new beauty products I’ve been testing out from Kohl’s.

I’m calling it a detour because I still have some spring fashion, but the focus of the post is on the new beauty products I found that I want to share with you.

Kohl’s isn’t the first retailer to come to mind when I think of shopping for makeup and beauty products, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they actually have a strong beauty and fragrance department.

You’ll see familiar brands like Lorac, Pixi, Pur, Popsugar, and more. They also carry my beloved Simplehuman Sensor Makeup Mirror.

I actually got mine as a Christmas present from my mom, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

The magnification is perfect, and I rely on it now for precise makeup application. I also love how it simulates natural sunlight, so you can see what your makeup really looks like in the daylight.

One of the first products I put in my cart when I started shopping for this post was this Lorac Pro Palette With Mini Eye Primer. I was drawn to the mix of colors, and I’ve had fun experimenting with different combinations.

The colors are highly pigmented, and they go on smoothly. As an added bonus, it comes with an eye shadow primer.

I also ordered two lipsticks to try out — the Cargo Swimmables Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cape Town and the Lorac Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Godddess.

The Cargo matte lipstick was interesting — I put it on my arm to test the color, and I couldn’t get it to wipe off until I used an oily eye makeup remover. It definitely has staying power! That said, when I put it on my lips, I didn’t care for how dry it made my lips feel, so I ended up putting the Lorac lip gloss on top.

I typically prefer high gloss and moisturizing lipsticks, so the matte lipstick isn’t for me, but it did go on well and look nice. Personally, I preferred the Lorac. It’s very moisturizing, and the color I chose is pretty.

I put a call out on my Insta Story for some makeup recommendations at Kohl’s, and one of my friends said she swears by the Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless Primer.

I also read good reviews on the Pur 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation and Pur Airbrush Powder Foundation Makeup Brush, so I decided to try them all.

The primer is everything it claims to be and more. I love how easily it goes on and the way it instantly smoothes out my skin. It looks like it was airbrushed.

I was also pleased with the Pur mineral foundation, and I have to say, I’m quite impressed with myself for choosing a perfect match to my skin tone online.

I went with the color they call Light, and it was a really good match. I’m wearing it in all of these pictures. I like the brush a lot too. It made the application super easy, and it covers pretty good for a powder foundation.

It’s definitely something I’d use for more casual days and when I want lighter coverage, but it does a good job and looks very natural.

Lastly, the J by Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum is a really nice fragrance if you’re looking for something fresh and light. I’ve had it for several years, and it’s one of my favorites.



If you haven’t shopped Kohl’s for beauty and fragrance, it’s definitely worth a look! The convenience can’t be beat, and right now you can save 20% off beauty products at Kohl’s through March 31st, no code required. Plus get $10 off a $50 purchase across multiple women’s and junior’s categories using code STYLE10!

I’ve linked the outfit I’m wearing below, along with all the beauty products I shared in this post.

This stripe stitched hooded cardigan is a great little spring sweater. I love the details in the knit, and it’s comfortable and hits at a flattering length — just below the hips. I love this pink, but it also comes in cream, navy, and taupe. Also, these shoes are a great budget-friendly option for nude ballet flats.

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Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

Thanks to Kohl’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. It’s always nice to try new things. I actually just picked up two new skin care products to try. One to tighten the sag we start to see in our necks as we age, and a lifting stick which helps to plump those laugh lines… here hoping they work. We are hearing lots of March madness around here too … our son is in and out based on wherever the guys are gathering lol…
    Have a great weekend our rain is just starting today. Oh well it’s not snow

  2. I am so happy to learn about the quality of cosmetics and fragrances at Kohl’s!  Even though that is one of my go-to stores, I have not looked for those items, but now I will.  I’m sorry about all of the rain y’all are experiencing.  ☔️ I heard about it on the news.  It’s sunny here, but the air quality in our part of GA is extremely bad due to the very high pine pollen.  Enjoy your low key weekend!  It’s probably what your body needs!

  3. Thank you for the post. I have struggled with dry skin this winter for the first time and am on the lookout for new, lighter products. I am sure it is age related (insert sad face). What size is the sweater you are wearing? Enjoy your weekend, quite or not.

  4. I used to shop at Kohl’s more when I lived in MN because that was the closet retail therapy I could get. LOL. I go in for certain things when I get a 30% off coupon and stock up. I love the Food Network dish cloths. Weird, but true. HAHAHA!

  5. Great post! I also love J perfume. It smells just like the beach ( to me). I need to check out that mirror!

  6. Love Kohl’s! Rarely think of Kohl’s for makeup purchases – good to know! Thanks for the primer tips. Will have to check it out.

    Hope your vertigo settles down. Thats miserable. Good luck with your PT appointment.
    I laughed at the comment about “rain, well at least its not snow” because we are supposed to get snow on Sunday. How we go from 68F one day to snow a few days later is baffling.

  7. Thanks fo the info on the makeup.  I didn’t know that Kohl’s carried those brands.  And I’ve been looking for a primer and couldn’t find one.  Also, I had the dizziness last year, the inner ear crystals, and the PT worked well.  Since you have a Monday appt, you should be good for travel by the weekend.  That dizziness is awful!  Good luck with it!

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