Tiered Hem Linen Tee Redux + Nordstrom Triple Points

Hello, friends! Welcome back to 22 Days of Spring Fashion! This is the last of the spring outfits we shot in Nashville.

You’ve seen this tiered hem linen tee before with black jeans and black ankle boots, but I wanted to show another way to wear it.

This top is one of my favorite purchases so far this spring. I love the details and how easy it is to throw on and go. It comes in a ton of great colors too.

For size reference, I have the small. It seems to pull a bit across the chest, but I actually think that’s a bra issue rather than a shirt sizing issue. The things you notice when you take pictures…

That said, I do worry that it may shrink and then it really will be too small. I plan to wash it on the delicate cycle in my front loader and lay it flat to dry.

In my experience, when linen tops like this take up some in the wash, I can usually bring them back to their original size with the help of an iron or steamer. (The iron works best.)

All that say, if in doubt, you may want to go up a size.

Some of you bought these leopard mules, and I’ve had a few requests to show how I’ll wear them into spring.

I wore them on Sunday to church with a red sweater and black jeans, but they’re also fun to wear with white jeans and a colored or neutral top such as this one.

I chose this leather and mixed metal layered necklace to help tie in the earth tones from the leopard shoes. I like the combination of leather and metals, and it adds interest to the outfit.

I carried a cognac bag because I like how it coordinates with the shoes and provides a contrast against the green and white from the outfit.

So basically this is just another simple top and jeans, but the leopard flats add a fun pattern and texture, and the necklace creates a focal point and pulls in the earth tones from the shoes. If mules aren’t your thing, leopard flats or even pumps would work just as well.

I can see wearing these shoes all summer, but I’ll more than likely swap them out for a wedge sandal when the weather warms up.

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23 thoughts on “Tiered Hem Linen Tee Redux + Nordstrom Triple Points

  1. Hi Jolynne, this spring series has been spot-on. Have been doing a lot of online shopping while snowed in and picking up a lot of warm clothing in spring hues so I can feel like spring is at least here in spirit? My question is if I buy something on your recommendation through your link but it’s a similar style, not exact, will you still get credit? For example I bought a similar blanknyc jacket and similar Marc Fisher espadrilles through your link.

  2. This is not specific to today’s post but I wanted control you that your website is so easy to navigate and enjoyable to use!

  3. I love this top!  I need to go through my closet to see if it is one I ‘need’ or just one I ‘want.’  Without getting too personal, what is it about your bra to make you think that is why the top is wrinkling a bit on the upper sides?  I have tops in the donations bags that were doing that, and I blamed it on the top being too small.  I can’t believe the snow y’all are dealing with.  I bet your cyber school daughter will rub it in during spring break.  Be careful!

    1. I wish I knew! It’s something about how it lifts and shapes. This one is new, and I noticed the issue first in the white t-shirt post. I wore this particular bra for one of my shopping excursions, and I felt like it made me look larger than normal, something about the shape it creates isn’t very flattering. It wasn’t cheap either, so I’m bummed. It’s comfortable so I keep wearing it, but only under baggier tops. I wore my usual bra when I wore this top with the black pants, and it looked a lot better.

  4. I love the tie detail and hem on this tee. You’re good…If something has linen in it, I won’t even buy it. I’ll barely buy polished cotton because I don’t want to have to iron…LOL #lazy

  5. Yay! My favorite mules styled for spring! I love this combination and wouldn’t have thought to wear them with white. It’s warming up in Texas so I was about to put them away for the season and start wearing my wedges. But you’ve given me some inspiration and I love this top but I just can’t pay over $50 for a top, but I will look for a similar one (although I think it’s going to be hard to find all the nice details) but I’ll give it a shot. Thank you and you look great and the fact that you got all these spring shots while your still having snow…just amazes me.  Good thing you plan ahead 😃

  6. Love the mules with that color combo… I can’t wait to wear my white jeans and mules. We have freezing rain right now and snow I think to come… come on spring… let this be the last blast.. suppose to get 40’s next week but we shall see lol
    Have a great day 

  7. I don’t think I saw one spring fashion post that I didn’t love. I have purchased several spring sweaters, and continue to search for the perfect pair of black jeans, and white jeans. Today I pulled out the stops and ordered white Paige jeans, and AG black jeans. I hope they work for me. The best nugget I learned today- leopard print shoes will go great with my cognac bag. Thanks Jo-Lynne p.s. I agree about how user friendly this website is.

  8. The Tory Butch leopard flats are really beautiful but a little pricey. Are there any less expensive comparables you’d recommend? I haven’t seen any as cute as them. 🙁

  9. Thanks for all the cute outfits. If you happen to run across colored bootcut pants could you link to those also. Skinny jeans are not my friend…. Thanks again!

  10. Love this look! I came very close to boxing up my leopard shoes while putting my fall/winter shoes away, but now I’m so glad I didn’t. I have similar pieces so may try this soon -that is if my white jeans still fit, lol.

  11. I love this outfit! My office is on the chilly side, what would you recommend to wear if you needed to add a layer?

    1. You could do a long cardigan or a denim jacket, but it might be uncomfortable to put a cardigan or jacket on top because the sleeves are 3/4 length and may not stay down.

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