Pink High Waist Ankle Cigarette Leg Jeans

Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend! I’m so ready. Who else???

For Day 17 of 22 Days of Spring Fashion, I’m styling the pink high waist ankle cigarette leg jeans that came in my last Trunk Club delivery.

I wasn’t totally sure about these at first, but I like the color, and some of you seemed to think they had potential when I shared them in my Trunk Club unboxing post so I decided to give them a whirl.

Unfortunately it was super cold and windy when we shot this look, and we didn’t get very many pictures. Most were redundant so I just picked these few to feature, but hopefully you can get the gist of the outfit.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit | Fashion for Women Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Rag & Bone Bull Pink high waist ankle cigarette leg jeans with black Ann Taylor scalloped short sleeve sweater and KSNY Christopher block heel sandals.

I wore these pants with white during my try-on session, but I decided to try them with black for this look. A cigarette leg is generally slim cut and very straight. These are an ankle length, which gives them a more modern vibe than a full-length cigarette pant. The bold shade of pink is different for me, but I actually really like it! For size reference, these are the 29.

This sweater is a new addition to my closet; it has a classic, preppy vibe to it that seems to work well with the color and style of the pants.

I really like the quality and fit, and the scalloped neckline with the white trim is a really pretty detail. I’m hoping to pair this sweater with skirts as well as pants this spring and summer. For size reference, I’m wearing a small.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit | Fashion for Women Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Rag & Bone Bull Pink high waist ankle cigarette leg jeans with black Ann Taylor scalloped short sleeve sweater.

I wore chunky black sandals to bookend the outfit, and I carried a black patent leather clutch. It’s hard to see here, but my shoes have black patent heels and a suede upper so I thought the patent leather purse was the perfect accompaniment to the outfit.

Unfortunately my clutch is old so I can’t link to it, but I found a faux leather version that would work just as well. This is one of those bags that I don’t carry often, but it comes in handy from time to time.

These shoes are a couple of years old as well, so I was thrilled to find them still available AND ON SALE on 6pm.com and Amazon.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit | Fashion for Women Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Rag & Bone Bull Pink high waist ankle cigarette leg jeans with black Ann Taylor scalloped short sleeve sweater and KSNY Christopher block heel sandals.

Finally, I chose a few classic jewelry pieces to complete the look. This double pearl pendant and mixed metal cuff bracelet are Stella & Dot pieces that I’ve been wearing a lot lately; they work really well together. And then I just added my pearl earrings.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring outfit with black scalloped short sleeve sweater and Stella & Dot double pearl pendant and Rhett Cuff.

AT scalloped short sleeve sweater // Rag & Bone high waist ankle cigarette leg jeans // Kate Spade Christopher heels (also on Amazon) // similar clutch // double pearl pendant // mixed metal cuff bracelet // 11mm pearl earrings (similar faux pearl earrings)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Don’t forget! The Nordstrom Triple Points Event is on through Sunday. I rounded up my top picks on my Nordstrom Favorites page, if you need some inspiration.

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70 thoughts on “Pink High Waist Ankle Cigarette Leg Jeans

  1. This is adorable and super flattering on you!  I love the bright pants, and the top is different.  I was thinking it was Talbots at first.  Very nice outfit!  

  2. WOW. I love how you do classic style with an edge. The classic line of those pants in an unexpected color, those block heel sandals, that clutch instead of a bag with a strap…. You make it so easy for a girl too look cool without looking silly ( something I struggled with a lot before following your blog)

  3. So glad you kept these pants!   I loved them the moment I saw them on you, and how you styled them for this post.  I’m guessing you’ll get a lot of wear out of them, especially with all those upcoming  high school events for your senior.  Enjoy the weekend!  

  4. These pants look fantastic on you! Very flattering and such a fun color for spring. Interesting that they are “high waist” since they really don’t look that way, though I guess with the top untucked over the pants I can’t really tell where the waist hits, so nevermind! LOL.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. LOL!!! That’s the think I’m liking about the high waist pants right now. They don’t really look different from low rise if you wear your shirt untucked, but they hold in the jiggly stuff and smooth everything out. 🙂

  5. GIRL!!!!
    I know sometimes I’m in the minority, but these pants are absolutely fabulous. They show a fun and creative side of you that we don’t always get to see!! I hope you style them more! I know when I twisted my stepmom’s arm (the 60+ model on my blog) to get a pair of pants this color, she wasn’t sure about them. But she’s grown to love them because not everyone else on this planet has a pair!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Gorgeous! I have always liked this color pink and black together. I wasnt sure about these high waisted jeans but you really styled them well and they are very flattering on you. I said this before…you are so dedicated to your blog and to us, that you will go out and brave the cold to take pictures. But your also very smart by taking some ahead of time. Couldn’t Cindy have done the same before the cruise? 

  7. The pink jeans are fantastic, glad you kept them! They will be stunning with navy, grey, and of course, white as well. Will also look great with floral tops. Can’t wait till our snow melts here in New Jersey!!

  8. Jo-Lynne, I love this. The pink really pops against the black. Those pants look great on you. I didn’t think I could get used to straight jeans/pants again after wearing skinnies for so long – I’m starting to like them a lot more. I do hope skinnies aren’t completely going out of style though since I have a closet full of them!

  9. I loved those pants when you unveiled them and so glad you kept them. Love it with the black ! Looks awesome!

  10. Can you do a post on hem lengths?  I’m confused. You are calling these cropped as opposed to full length. They don’t look cropped to me.  They look full length but just a hair too short.  When I try on pants, I’m not sure where they should hit.  To complicate matters, I’m short (5’3”) but can’t usually wear petite pants.  Petite pants don’t just have shorter legs, they have shorter rises as well.  I do better with a pant in the regular department in a short but these are hard to find so I do a lot of hemming, but I’m having a hard time finding the most flattering length.  Ankle length can practically be full length on me.

    1. They’re not full length. They have a 27″ inseam, which is sort of between an ankle length and a cropped length.

      Usually ankle jeans have 28″ or 29″ inseams, and cropped jeans usually have 26″ or 27″ but there is some overlap. Obviously it depends on the person wearing them as to where they will fall, but full length jeans are usually 30″ – 31″ inseam in regular sizes.

      At 5’3″ you are definitely in between petite and regular sizes. I can see how that would get frustrating.

      I would recommend figuring out the inseam length you prefer, and then when you purchase pants, compare inseam lengths so you know where they will fall on you.

      For example, I know that I like a 29″ inseam best on me with pumps and ballet flats and loafers, but I will wear 28″ if I like the way the jeans fit elsewhere. I like a 28″ or 27″ inseam best with ankle boots — and they’re easier to tuck into tall boots too, for that matter.

      In the summer, I can wear 27″ or even 26″ with flat sandals and things, but they have a way of shortening the line of the leg so I usually only do those for casual looks.

      Most websites give inseam info, but you can also carry a small tape measure with you so when you’re at the mall, you can measure. It saves A LOT of time trying on styles that won’t work.

      WHEW! That was long. Maybe I should just write a blog post about it. 🙂

  11. You do look cold. Brrrr
    I like the bright pink pants with the black. I bought a pair of pale pink chinos last year and only wore them once. I’m going to try them with black this year and see if I like them better. Thank you for the inspiration. 

  12.  You had me cracking up about the school bus!  A few years ago, my kids had 22 snow days… IN.A.ROW…. I could almost hear angels singing the first day I saw that school bus.  And we had an exchange student living with us that year from Berlin who was use to hopping on the subway any time she wanted.  Talk about three teenagers being stir crazy.  Anyway! Your outfit is beautiful.  I love love love the shoes. Have a great weekend!

  13. This outfit made me smile!  When I was in high school, I had a pair of pink corduroy flare leg pants that were almost the same color as these.  I always wore them with a black top (either a solid or one with pink embroidered flowers) and pointed toe patent leather boots!  This outfit gave me a trip down memory lane!  Love the scalloped detail on your sweater, so sweet and girly!   And that last close up pic is such a great pic of you! 

  14. Congratulations on the kids returning to school today!  You look fabulous in this outfit!  I’m glad you added the bright pink to your closet.  I think the black really compliments the pants!  💯

      1. Fortunately, he is better and should be going home tomorrow.  The breathing treatments will have to be done regularly, but that’s okay.  Thanks!

  15. Jo-Lynne- Love this outfit!! The pink pants are beautiful and the black top just makes the look so classic, as you always pull it together!! I, too, struggle with pant length- not sure what each length/style is called..but oh, well, I just try to think about what looks good and the tips I’ve learned from you! Thanks so much for all you do! Have a blessed weekend!

  16. Love the pink! It looks great on you. The pink on the website looks a lot different than in your photos. Your pants look hot pink while the ones on the site looks more salmon. What would you say the color is? : )

  17. I know I’m late to comment, but I love this look on you. I love the bold pink with the more fitted sweater–it sort of combines classy with modern if that makes any sense. Thanks for the inspiration because fitted tops look better on me.

  18. I am trying to learn about clothes fashion how to accentuate curves hide curves!! And how to put outfits together.  I like your messages and.  Want to print the photos and paste on a board to hel me put outfits together. Another thing I’d like if you have
    Anything on the basic wardrobe needs. 

    I work for a large healthcare company in practice support. We have “dress casual “ but I don’t wear jeans everyday thank you for all of the hard work you put into this!!


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