Saturday Morning Coffee Talk

Well, it’s still morning here in Arizona. I know back home, it is already afternoon. There will be no meal plan today. I may post it on Monday, but I haven’t had time to finalize it, and to be honest, next week’s meal plan is the furthest thing from my mind right now.

C at Hyatt Gainey Ranch

I wish I had better news to share, but my son is still very sick. The good news is that so far, no one else has come down with it, and we are hoping that it stays that way. Paul and I have been able to have some fun with the girls, but the situation is beginning to wear on us. We’ve tossed various ideas around, including cutting the trip short and trying to get the girls and me home before one of us comes down with it, but for now, we are sticking with the current plan and trying to make the best of the time we have left here. We will see what the situation is on Monday and decide what to do from there.

I took some time to upload our pictures this morning. A nice lady at the resort offered to take our photo the first afternoon we were here. 

on our way to Taliesin West

This is a view from Taliesin West. What a fascinating place. I highly recommend you visit if you’re ever nearby.

Taliesin West

This is the main courtyard at our resort. There are couches and tables around where you can hang out and eat and enjoy the view. Kids love playing on the lawn.


This is where we’ve spent most of our time.


I know, rough life, right??

After three days of lazing by the pool, today I’m taking the girls up to Sedona to see the red rocks. We figure, we came all the way out here, at least some of us should see them. I can sit by a nice resort pool much closer to home.

Of course, everything we do is overshadowed by the fact that my son is missing out, but we don’t want the trip to be a total wash so we are trying to keep up our spirits for the girls.

On that note, I better get a move on. If you want, you can follow along on Instagram.

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  1. so sorry your son Is so sick! The flu can be very serious in his age group. Please make sure to take him back in if his cough seems worse or if he is struggling!

  2. I feel so bad for your son. I hope he will continue to feel better and you and your family do not get the dreaded flu. Have safe travels home.

    Arizona looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for posting the pics.

  3. Praying he feels better soon and you guys are able to enjoy the rest of your trip. Some sunny pool time sounds good to me right now!

  4. I just got caught up. I’m SO SORRY to hear about your son being so sick! I was diagnosed with the flu the day before I was supposed to go to Florida in February. I can’t imagine being sick in a hotel. Prayers you guys have an uneventful and comfortable trip home.

  5. Such a shame your son is ill. It spoils it for everyone. I hope he doesn’t feel bad that he’s ill. He’ll feel less guilty if you and the girls still do things I would guess.
    Try to have a good trip. I’ll see your ig pics as I follow too on there

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