Shirttail Hem Tank Dress Now & Later

One request I get a lot is to see one item styled multiple ways. I appreciate the nudge because I tend to see things one way until I start forcing myself to think outside the box, and then I’m often surprised at how much you can do with one wardrobe item.

This shirttail hem tank dress is a great wear now & later piece, so I thought I’d come up with a few styling options so you can see how versatile it is.

First of all, this dress comes in solid black, black stripe, blue stripe, and olive stripe. I was originally drawn to the olive stripe, but a casual LBD is something I don’t currently own so I ordered the black as well.

I didn’t do a full shoot with this one but I did style it for a quick mirror selfie. This is more of a dressed-up look, but it is just as cute with flat sandals for an everyday outfit that would take you from the pool to the grocery store to lunch with friends. (Pardon the weird bedroom lighting!)

shirttail hem tank dress // RM hobo // peep toe booties // initial pendant // engravable bar necklace // alex and ani bangles


Both are adorable, but I really love that olive stripe. It is currently full price at $49, which isn’t bad for a quality dress that is this versatile, but of course it would be better to get it on sale! I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it gets marked down.

Size-wise, I ordered the small and medium to compare, and I like the way the small fits better. Oddly, my green seems to be longer than my black one, but maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me because the black one creates more contrast against my skin? I don’t know, but I feel more comfortable in the green one so that’s the one I decided to keep.

I wore it on our drive down to the beach on Saturday and then to church yesterday. I really love how comfortable it is, and I feel like it’s remarkably flattering for a dress without much structure.

shirttail hem tank dress // gold thong sandals // similar saddle bag // initial pendant // engravable bar necklace // alex and ani bangles // white stone drop earrings


To show a slightly different look, I added this cashmere cardigan from the #NSale (still in stock!!) I can see bringing this along to the office or to a restaurant to throw on if it’s chilly indoors.

You could also swap out the sandals for taupe ankle boots and wear this well into fall. My favorite taupe booties to wear with skirts and dresses are still in the attic or I would have shown that option as well.


And then for a slightly dressier look, I wanted to show it with a denim jacket and block heel sandals.

I wish I’d taken the time to switch to silver jewelry to coordinate with the silver buttons on my jacket and the silver hardware on my bag. I was trying to get these pictures taken quickly on Saturday morning, but if I were going to wear this outfit, I would do silver accessories.

Notice how the denim jacket gives the outfit more structure and makes it more figure flattering. A good fitting denim jacket is my secret weapon for making shapeless dresses more flattering. This one is a good one, but it’s pricier than some. I also like the coral one I have from Old Navy. For size reference, I have the small in this white one.

shirttail hem tank dress // white denim jacket // block heel sandals // TB convertible crossbody // initial pendant // engravable bar necklace // alex and ani bangles // white stone drop earrings


Which look is your favorite?

I’m just excited to have finally found a casual dress I feel good in. As much as I love my jeans and denim shorts, it’s nice to change it up every once in a while.

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38 thoughts on “Shirttail Hem Tank Dress Now & Later

  1. I love the idea of making an item work in many ways!! Sometimes, I think we get into our habits, and forget to see the other possibilities!!
    I love wearing the booties with dresses lately….I don’t know exactly why, but it seems so modern!! My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) still gives me a hard time when I ask her to wear that combo for a blog post!!

  2. Hi Jo Lynne! Just had a moment to stop by to visit. I saw your Instagram video with this dress and think it looks adorable on you. I agree that the denim jacket look is my favorite but I think it’s also b/c the shoes are really complimentary to the outfit. See you on Instagram!


  3. Love the idea 1 garment -3 ways! I won’t buy a garment unless I can wear it several ways! I, too, prefer with the denim jacket, but all are cute!

  4. I think I really like the dress sweater combo. It has a casual vibe that looks dressy without being stuffy. I could definitely wear it in my classroom. Thanks for taking the time to show the outfit three ways.

  5. All three looks are good but I have to say I’m with the others … I like the denim jacket look the best. But …. I would probably wear it all three ways to change it up. Great idea!

  6. My fave is the olive dress with the white jean jacket but I also like the black one on you! Thanks for all the info you always give because I know it takes time! I look forward to your post every day!

  7. I appreciate you showing the different ways to style the dress, and I hope you will do it every now and then. Those ideas help us stretch items we might already have in our closet. I do agree with you, I like the green dress better than the black one. And like you, the black one does seem shorter.

    Enjoy the beach!

  8. Yes! I love seeing this styled different ways and would love to see this as a regular feature on your blog! I saw that Nordstrom has restocked some of their items but they are selling out super fast! I ordered the halogen sweater in burgundy stem but it says it is on backorder until NOVEMBER! WHAT?! A lot of the sizes have already sold out just since Saturday! Crazy! I also ordered the BP Faren bootie in black but didn’t notice the reviews that said it runs small so I quickly reordered in a half size larger! Thank goodness for free shipping on returns!

  9. I love the black one also. Keep it! You can dress it up or keep it casual. Black is a go-to for me. It’s good for most any situation.

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  10. Looks great. I think you’re right about the black one looking shorter. I had just thought that and then read your comment. Love the olive stripe and the lack of contrast–just seems more summery.

  11. Very nice! I’m thinking the block heel sandals would look nice with the cardigan option, too! Love the black and those peep toe booties! A coverup of some sort would look good with that look, as well.

  12. All look great, as usual! Maybe the black is my favorite though.

    On another note, I can’t find your salmon cakes recipe anymore!!

    1. For some reason it got archived. I need to figure out how to un-archive it, lol. My host did some stuff for me and for some reason some posts got archived that I didn’t mean to. For now, here it is:

      3 cans (6 oz or thereabouts) salmon
      ¼ cup red pepper, small diced
      ¼ cup onion, small diced
      1 egg
      ½ cup gluten free bread crumbs (if you can’t buy them, they’re easy to make from stale gluten free bread)
      1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
      ¼ cup shredded cheddar
      2 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley (or 1 tsp dried)
      2 Tbsp gluten-free all purpose flour or brown rice flour
      ¼ cup butter
      3 Tbsp olive oil

      Saute onion and red pepper in olive oil/butter. Let it cool.
      Combine salmon, egg, bread crumbs, sauce, cheese, parsley, salt and pepper.
      Add onion and red pepper and mix well.
      Form the mixture into six patties, coat with the flour and chill for 20 minutes. (The chilling is important. Otherwise they fall apart.)
      Heat butter and olive oil in skillet on med-high heat and cook patties until browned on both sides and cooked through, about 10 minutes.
      Drain on paper towels and serve with veggie.

  13. I like all three outfits but my favorite is the one with the white jacket. The jacket and those shoes (!) elevate the look and I appreciate how you said that you would have changed to silver accessories to match the buttons. That comment made me go check out the buttons on my white jacket to see if they would match a necklace I was planning on wearing with it on Thursday. They do! Thanks for another great lesson. BTW, the dress also looks much better on you than the model on the website.

  14. Love the denim jacket option!

    I like the olive dress you chose because it’s unique,, but the black one looks good on you as well. They do appear to be different lengths, though both are flattering.

  15. You find the cutest dresses! I like this one a lot. And it’s nice to see it styled different ways.

  16. Great job showing us some good options with one simple dress! I liked it with the white denim jacket best. Unfortunately I have a sleep tshirt dress that’s longer in the back like this dress and my husband makes fun of it. So, I don’t think he would like this dress on me ????

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