Shoe Trends for Spring 2022

When I start to transition my wardrobe for spring, one of the first things I do is start switching out my shoes. Spring may not be here quite yet, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about the shoe trends for spring 2022!

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In case you missed them, I posted about the Spring 2022 Fashion Trends on Monday, and yesterday I posted about the big Denim Trends for Spring 2022.

Shoe Trends for Spring 2022

Shoe trends this season aren’t that different than last year’s, so I don’t think you’ll find these quite as controversial as the 2022 denim trends, although I did include some of the more “out there” styles. Even if they’re not necessarily something you might want to buy, I think it’s good to see where the trends are coming from.

#1. retro-inspired sneakers

Gola Daytona Chute Sneaker ($85)

Sneakers remain at the forefront of the fashion scene, and I’m warming up to this retro style that’s still going strong this spring. I especially like that Veja Rio Branco in the Natural/Bellini, and also the Gola Daytona Chute pictured above.

The super trendy way to wear these retro runners is with athletic crew socks, which takes me right back to high school. Ooof. If I wear this sneaker trend, I will definitely stick with my ankle socks. There are very few trends that I won’t try the second time around, but the chunky crew socks with athletic sneakers is one of them.

#2. clogs

 Kork Ease Tilly Clog ($120)

I mentioned last year that clogs were coming back, but they’ve been a little slow to take hold. This year, I’m seeing them everywhere… online at least.

In theory, I love a clog, but I do find the a little clunky and hard to wear. But that didn’t stop me from picking up a new pair! These are affordable and comfortable, and the tan suede is highly versatile.

#3. bright and bold colors

Birkenstock Gizeh Big Buckle in Bold Jade ($149.95)

As I said in my post on Spring 2022 Fashion Trends, this season is all about bold and bright colors, and we’re seeing it a lot in footwear.

I picked up these square toe ballet flats in both the Lotus Green and Orchid, and I can’t wait to wear them this spring. We’re also seeing bold colors in sneakers, which is really fun too, and I love that pair of Birks shown above.

#4. crossover sandals

Seychelles Word For Word Flat Sandal ($89)

This is another trend that’s been around for awhile, and it’s bigger than ever this year. We’re still seeing a lot of the puffy styles too.

I’m on the fence with this one. For some reason, that crossover style always reminds me of an old man’s bedroom slippers, lol!

#5. platforms

platform sandals are back for spring 2022COACH Women’s Talina Linked Strap Espadrille High Heel Platform Sandals ($185)

Platform soles are huge this year across all footwear categories — sandals, sneakers, pumps, even boots and booties.

I used to wear platform wedge sandals all the time and thought nothing of it, but I’m afraid I’ll feel a little silly in them now. I guess there’s only one way to know… try it and see!

#6. clean white sneakers

 Axel Arigato Clean 90 Contrast Sneakers ($235)

These are not new this season, but according to a few articles I read, they’re here to stay. As you know, I’m a fan, even though I find myself reaching for my P448s the most.

#7. architectural heels

Tony Bianco Lexus Heel ($190)

These are definitely out there, but I think it’s fun to see some of the more dramatic trends taking hold of the fashion scene this year. While I certainly can’t see myself wearing those, I do like the cylindrical heel on this Sam Edelman sandal and those Coach platform sandals (#6).

This isn’t an exhaustive list. We’re still seeing the puffy slides in both heels and flats, as well as lots of braided and woven details. Loafers and mules are still going strong, but I’m also starting to see ballet flats and wedges making a comeback. And booties are perfectly appropriate for transition season and even into the summer, if that works for your style. I love the ivory and light neutral shades for this time of year.

What do you think about the shoe trends for spring 2022?

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33 thoughts on “Shoe Trends for Spring 2022

  1. Great post JoLynne! I laughed at the crossover style reminding you of men’s slippers. I thought the same thing! Are the platforms to be worn with the longer jeans or dresses as well? Being 5’2 this does appeal to me however I might feel silly going back to this trend.

  2. Oh if only I had kept those Dr. Scholl “exercise sandals” from my youth – lol. I believe that is what we called the one strap, wooden heel sandal. I also had a pair of the closed toe clunkier clogs…..I guess there is something to be said about keeping things forever cause they will circle back in style lol.

    In other news, I have 2 pairs of the cross over sandals. Both are UGG brand and they are so comfy. I bought the first pair that have a back strap to be my go to walking comfy sandal that still look nice – I wear them ALL THE TIME when weather permits and are the first pair I pack when travelling. I liked them so much I bought a second pair that are gold without a back strap (Kari) so I have a somewhat dressy comfy sandal. I agree about the old man slipper look and I do find the look on my foot is one i have had to get used to….but I did and the styling I think really helps keep your foot in place on the foot bed which is possibly what makes them extra comfy for walking around.

  3. I love shoes. All these styles are great. I probably won’t wear them all, but they are beautiful. Thanks, Jo-Lynne

    1. Ugh! Are we ever going to see prettier shoes again???? I do not love any of these except for white sneakers and the architectural heels. As a confirmed shoeaholic, I just can’t get behind these with the exception of ballet flats!

  4. I enjoyed seeing the trends, and honestly didn’t think I’d be tempted by anything, but immediately ordered the Silent D clogs (in cream). So pretty! I always love Birks, and they’re pretty much all I wear in the summer, but for now, it’s too cold to even contemplate sandals. Today is supposed to be unseasonably warm (50), but there’s a winter weather advisory for tonight with freezing rain, followed by 1-4″ of snow tomorrow. 🙁

  5. I LOVE shoes but esp plateforms and wedges. I am not one to enjoy “real” tennis shoes but I did buy a cute pair of leather all white ones that I can’t wait to style this year. I also like ballet flats and the square toe too so gonna have to find me a cute pair – I struggle with “color” so finding just the right fun color will be a challenge. Not on the clog trend personally or the sandals with just the criss cross cause I fell like I “Clomp” when I walk in those – flapping as I go but either way I’m all about sandals and just can’t wait to get back into wearing them 🙂

  6. I do love shoes, and so many of these are so pretty and fun! I love loved the black Ugg clogs last fall, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on myself. I finally did after Christmas. They seemed to take forever to ship and be delivered. I absolutely fell in love with them the moment I put them on. I got to wear them twice. Our dog ate one of them. 🙁

  7. Another great post! I thought clogs would be a nice everyday winter to summer transition shoe when I tire of my dark-colored boots and booties but it’s still too cold for open toes. (not a flats girl) So far, I haven’t been able to find a pair of clogs that are comfortable enough to run to the grocery store in. The higher heel styles are more comfortable for some reason but I want something more casual. If they’re comfy, I don’t like the style– like the classic Birkenstock Boston. Now I’m wondering if a light-colored chelsea boot might work. I love the bright colored shoes but I doubt I will buy any because of the cost to wear equation. I LOVE the architectural heels but the heels are usually 3 inches or higher and I max out at about 2.75. I’m going to keep looking though as I would wear a pump-style architectural heel for dressy occasions whether it was in style or not. I’ve tried a few pairs but the heels are often made of a very hard material so you feel as you have a big rock strapped to your heel.

  8. I love these posts for Spring trends. I ordered the Dansko clogs in the tan. I live in the Sophie sandals all Spring/summer/fall, when it’s warm enough. I have 4 different colors and they are so good for my feet. I also bought a pure white Naturalizer tennis shoe for Spring. Thank you for giving us hope that Spring is coming!

  9. LOVE clogs and really want to get a pair. I had my first and only pair in 6th grade. LOL They were brown suede. I was so proud to clog around in them. I was in a local boutique a week ago and found the same Kork Ease ones you featured but I was going to buy the off beige color and the only size left was mine, but when she took them out of the box they had blue pen marks on them from being handmade and where they had marked the stitching but didn’t stitch there. 🙁 It was all she had in. I found them online so could order. I don’t know why but I didn’t try on the size 7, my size, to even know to order them. I also love the white sneaker trend and the retro Gola’s are really cute. I love shoes, so always looking out for new styles to try. These post have been fun this week, seeing all the new things trending.

  10. Jo-Lynne – do you think some of these will still be in style in the fall? I need a nude dressy shoe for my daughter’s wedding the beginning of September (My dress is burgundy/long so you won’t see most of the shoe)…I was thinking of maybe those Jeffrey Campbell ones if they are comfortable enough. Or do you think I’m better off with something like the Sam Edelman Yanko Ankle Strap Sandal?

    1. My son got married this past September – here is my shoe advice…..As a mom at the wedding you will be on your feet A LOT – far longer than a guest. I learned this lesson the hard way a few years back at my daughters wedding when I didn’t do this. 1st – Buy sensibly – find a pair that combines comfort with beauty and remember if your dress is long not much of the shoe shows anyways. 2nd – this is the important one – buy a pair of flats to change into once all the official things are done. I purchased a really pretty pair of sparkly flat sandals and once our Mother/son dance was over on they went. My feet thanked me and I really enjoyed the whole evening and was still fine for the clean up duties at 2 a.m.

  11. Wow! Glad white sneakers, flats & braided sandals are still in….for me…no to platforms, clogs or Birks. Just can’t walk in them- that’s all. 😂 So thankful for options in fashion!

  12. Hello. I really like the clogs featured as “#2.” However, the linked product is not the same as the featured photo. Are the”#2” still available? Does anyone recognize the brand? Thank you.

  13. As usual, none of the new shoe styles excite me except maybe the architectural heels. Translate….I will start wanting a pair of each in a year or so…😆

  14. Great post! As someone who resists anything 70s, it surprises me to say that I freaking LOVE my clogs. I have three pairs and wear them often. So comfortable. My only issue is that I don’t like to wear them without socks, so they aren’t really a “spring” shoe for me.

  15. I love Birks! Where them all summer. I have 2 pairs of clogs from many years ago that I’ve been hanging onto. I have a pair of leopard print flats but saw where that print is out of style.

  16. Great post! It feels like Spring might actually be around the corner. Now, I need to see if I can find some clogs with built-in arch support. I loved my clogs back in the day, but now I have to wear an arch support and open back shoes just don’t play nicely with them.

  17. Your post came perfectly timed. I was browsing Nordstrom yesterday and ran across the Kork-Ease tilly clog in yellow and totally caved and ordered. I was just hoping and praying that clogs were still trending! haha Thanks for comforting me in my impulse purchases! (oh and Birks can come and go from style but I’m not giving them up-comfort far outweighs the “ugly”)

  18. I might try some of these but on the lower end of the out there factor. Lol.

    Those Converse tennis platforms!!! I’m still laughing – I’m sorry but no! 🤣🤪🤦‍♀️

    I’m liking the pretty colors but not sure I’ll get any – just because you are kind of limited on what you can wear them with. And if there a one season thing only kind of a waste of money. But maybe I find a cheaper sandal or something to try… we’ll see.😊

  19. Looks like I’m going shopping for new white sneakers, clogs and some bright sandals! The men’s bathroom slippers, architectural heals and platforms, not so much. I love platforms but at my age, I’d probably fall off them and break something!

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