SO Not Ready For Fall

Summer just finally got here, and now it’s already on its way out.  After a long, chilly spring, we only had about a month of summer heat.  It was glorious — lazy mornings wearing pjs till noon, sunny afternoons at the swim club, warm evenings hanging out in the neighborhood while the kids played in the street and the adults congregated in various driveways to socialize, the surrounding farms towering with corn stalks and the markets overflowing with fresh fruits and veggies.

And then the letters started coming in the mail — Teacher assignments.  School supply lists.

The farmers markets have already replaced their petunias with mums.

The days are getting shorter, and this morning I woke up to a chill in the air.

Tomorrow it will be September.


At least we have one more week before school starts; it seems like most everyone else has already gone back.  I plan to make the most of it, if the weather would only cooperate.  Today I have plans to meet a friend at the pool, but the high temp is only supposed to be 72.  Which would be gorgeous if it were May. Or October.  But it’s still August, in case no one has noticed.  At least for one more day.

We’ve made all the obligatory preparations.  School supplies have been purchased.  Crisp school clothes hang in neat rows in the children’s closets.  Shiny new shoes line their shelves.  Fresh, unstained lunch boxes and thermoses await.  The kids are excited about what the new school year holds.

But I’m not ready.  I want s’more summer.  Who’s with me?


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  1. Our high today is 87, with a “feels like” of 92. I’m having a hard time feeling empathy here, my friend. 🙂

  2. I somewhat agree. School has been back in session for a week here, but our highs today and tomorrow are supposed to be around 71 degrees. What’s the deal with that?? I was also just getting the hang of dealing with the overload of vegetables in the garden, and now the garden is withering away. I don’t think I’m ready for September.

  3. I am a summer girl through and through. But I don’t mind that it is still in the 60s this morning and with a high only in the 80s. That is miraculous for August. And it is just a tease, as I’m sure we’ll see high temps again by the end of the week probably. This coolish weather has me excited about college football starting!

  4. Nicole, yeah, it’s a nice taste of things to come. I just hope the summer weather returns for a while. I enjoy fall, but it’s not fall yet!! 🙂

  5. I adore these photos —- correction. What I really adore are these kids! Miss them and must schedule a “Fall” visit.

  6. I understand but I can’t emphasize with you. I grew up in Louisiana were on more than one occasion we ran the ac on Christmas Day!!! So to live somewhere that acutally has all four seasons is so cool!!!! I eagerly await the arrival of fall and spring each year.

  7. I am with you! I’d like a little more summer.

    Today was the first day of school here, and my youngest’s first day of Kindergarten.
    The air was crisp this morning, just another sign that summer was indeed over.

  8. Oh Jo-Lynne, I wish I could feel your pain, but instead I crave it, LOL. Summer seems to last forever here and I am sooooo wishing for a crispy cool morning to wake up to, or at least a day that falls below 88 degrees, and one without 90% humidity,…oh Fall! Wanna trade houses for a month? LOL

  9. So NOT with you!!! Sorry! You even inspired a blog post today (finished only moments ago). It’s fascinating how different people are. I LOVE and ADORE autumn, and could skip summer completely every year, if possible. Hate heat, bugs, the complete absence of sweaters/soups/pumpkins/snow, oh yeah, and did I say heat? Ugh. Love the fall as soon as it is willing to come 🙂

  10. We did not have a mild summer, we’ve had an incredibly hot summer so I’m ready for fall. We had a small front blow through last night and it is so nice outside. We need a good break from the 90’s, which we probably won’t see for good until October.

  11. Sorry Jo-Lynne. I have to say I’m with Mary Kathryn. I LOVE me some fall. My family thinks I’m insane because every year on Sept 1st, I declare it fall (even if it’s 100 degrees outside!) and haul out all my pretty fall decorations. I was welcoming the chance to wear pants today. It is taking everything in me to not run up to the attic today and pull out all the fall stuff. Must. Wait. Until. Tomorrow. 🙂

    I hope you are able to get a few more days of summer weather before your kiddos head back to school!

  12. Stefani, LOL!! That’s how I am with summer. Easter weekend, the summer clothes come out and the winter clothes get packed away. It may be 30 degrees, but we’ll be in flip flops and tank tops.

  13. Yeah, I think the North Carolinians are ready for some Fall. It has been dang hot here!!!!

    So, I’m with Stef on that part.

    Now, I don’t pull out any fall decorations until the official first day of Fall, though – sept 21st. Because then that means Christmas decorations are not far behind and I seriously cannot even go there.

  14. I am so WITH you, girl! I wrote about it this morning, too–before I even read yours. And, I hate to break it to you since you get your weather a day or so after we do, but it was 44 here this morning!! FORTY-FOUR!!! Degrees!!! On August 31!!! This is ridiculous.

    Rant over. I’ll try to calm down now.

  15. As previous posters have said, I’m having difficulty empathizing as we swelter in the high 80s and high humidity here in coastal South Carolina. My girls have been back in school for two weeks, but I was SO not ready for it. They were, which is good, and we’ve all adjusted to the school routine. Thank goodness for Labor Day, though…

  16. Our 3 will all be back TOMORROW! – yes ALL, after going to nursery school part-time last year, my youngest staring “proper” school tomorrow. He can’t wait to wear his uniform, and wants to bring a packed lunch, even though he will only get to stay for an hour for the first 2 days!

  17. I’m with you, summer was way too short this year. And I’ve heard that we are going to have another long.cold.winter. I am not ready to put away my shorts and sundresses, but if the temperature doesn’t cooperate I will not be wearing them as I HATE to be cold. Guess the long johns will be making their fall debut sooner than later. Ugh.

  18. tell me about it….i couldn’t BELIEVE this brisk morning we awoke to…and that is lasted ALL DAY. it felt like october…but i actually loved it. fall is my favorite time of year, and now that i’m home from a week in the FL heat, i’m ready for the sweat to cease and the sweaters to come out of their boxes in the basement!!

  19. Sorry, I will be ESCTATIC when summer waves goodbye. Here in South Texas, summer lasts from May through September and we are having record heat and drought this year. I think the newspaper said we’ve had 58 days over 100 degrees so far this summer. (The previous record was 36.) I’m just grateful I wasn’t pregnant in this heat (for the first time in two summers)!

  20. Fall – what a lovely sounding time. I would love to experience it right here and now, especially since Phoenix has had several excessive heat warnings in the past couple of weeks. 117 makes me very cranky. On the plus side, we had a quick thunderstorm last night. Just a spit of rain but it smelled like rain which is almost as good.

  21. I am so with you on this. It just doesn’t seem fair, we were totally cheated out of summer this year, we had about 50 rainy days in June and July, so summer never really started until August, and now it’s almost over? Not fair! 🙁

    But, I do love fall. lol

  22. YES AMEN…someone else who still wants it to be summer and some blogs have fall ideas already..hello…it’s not fall until September 22.. and some of love every minute of summer to enjoy..and then some..extra please 🙂 .. like your blog..

  23. As I type this I am sitting underneath two blankets to keep the chill that is blowing in our open windows away. Definitely feels like fall out there. I’ve been back to school for 2 weeks now and miss summer terribly. I was hoping for some last beach days this weekend, but not looking too good. Summer goes by so fast these days!!

  24. It rained almost non stop from May 1 to August 15. Never in my 47 years long life had I only had 2 beach days in one summer. I guess it will be good for my skin, but now that it is over I realize how much my body and mind need the sun! Just got back to NYC after visiting my family in Italy for three weeks and I am SO depressed about the upcoming school/work grind which is beginning tomorrow that I got sick in the 48 hours after I landed (no, it’s not the swine flu, is the stress flu!)! Does that answer your question? If not, this is it: I am very not ready for Fall and very ready for retirement!!

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