You wanna know what’s good to make sure you have before you’re snowed in with the storm of the decade?


So how early is too early on a Saturday morning to call a neighbor and beg for a cup of coffee grounds?

**UPDATE:  Found a very old bag of Starbucks Verona stuffed in the back of the freezer — a Christmas miracle, perhaps?  (Or a forgetful housewife, more likely.  But let’s just go with it.)

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  1. Oh no! No coffee! I hope you make it. My 9 year old has been bringing us coffee in bed the past week and it is heavenly. Too bad I didn’t go to bed until 2am. I wasn’t ready for coffee at 8am.

  2. Oh girl – I would have died. I am so glad you found some coffee.

    Can’t wait to see some pics of the snow. We got flurries here and it is so so cold. I am very glad no snow though.

  3. so much for all that stocking up on the essentials, huh?? This is only funny because I know that it had a happy ending!! Thank goodness for those forgetful housewife skills!! =P Stay Warm, my friend!!

  4. Next year when you *dust off the sled*….check the coffee cupboard. I don’t think you will ever forget again. I am so desperate for my morning coffee that I keep instant here in case I lose power and have to heat water on the gas grill…now that is desperate!!!

  5. Oh, I have so been there. We tend to have lots of ice in our part of the country and the last time we were without power for more than 24 hour, I was heating water in metal pans with candles so that I could “brew” coffee.

    It tasted worse than it sounds and I know have a propane stove that I can use outside to make coffee in a old wood stove percolator!

    From one coffee addict to another, keep an extra bag hidden. You will never regret it.

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