I’ve been struggling lately.  That post I wrote last week — that wasn’t just a blip. Unfortunately I don’t feel as poetic and articulate as some so I keep droning on about my life, hoping that I’ll eventually get my mojo back.  It does help to know that I’m not alone.

You know what doesn’t help?  I’m flying solo tonight.  Blergh.  The only thing that has kept me from shutting down completely is that my husband has been mercifully pitching in whenever he’s home.  He hasn’t uttered a single complaint, instead he does what I am seemingly incapable of — chipping away at the to-do list one thing at a time until there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I really do believe that if spring would just ARRIVE and STICK AROUND, I would feel so much better.  Today we are experiencing a temporary reprieve.  If I thought it would last, it might lift my lagging spirits, but the weatherman predicts that it’s just another tease.  Still, never one to miss an opportunity to bask in the sun, I went outside and sat on the front porch for a couple of hours.  Perhaps the Vitamin D will do me some good.

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  1. Oh I agree. I feel so much better when the weather is nice. This winter coupled with the bad-news-economy really did me in.

    I can’t wait for Easter to arrive. I’m always uplifted at that point!

  2. At least you get a tease (insert incredibly annoying whiiiiiine)…we’re still getting SNOW – even as I type.

    I’m completely wiped out (insert another incredibly annoying whiiiiiine) from all this gloom and doom weather. Enough already.

  3. Bummer. I hope that spring arrives soon, mentally if not meteorologically (which apparently is not a word). I can tell that you are having a hard time and hope that you are back to your usual self soon. In the meantime, I know I’m not alone in saying you should definitely keep talking it out, however long it takes.

  4. Or maybe another trip to the mall alone? Loud music of YOUR choice and dancing around like a school girl? An extra glass of wine or a great new book that you just can’t put down?

    (I should listen to my own ideas.)

  5. Oh, I feel your pain. I go through these seasons too. It helps to know that it will pass, like any difficult season. Getting vit D is a great idea…there are actually links to depression and vit D deficiency. Sometimes reading the Psalms helps me too b/c I can read about someone else (David) who had similar emotions at times!

  6. I am really down but for a different reason (spring will come) tonight I snuck on a scale while my kids where in the pool for swim lessons. REALLY SAD! Let’s say I gained some winter weight, like 8 lbs! Crazy…this is why I have no scale in my house. It’s going to rain tomorrow…hang in there! Hugs.

  7. I hope your spirit is de-funkified soon.
    Not fun to be feeling blah.
    It helps me to do something outrageously nice for someone else.
    Lifts me pretty quickly.

  8. I look forward to the warm weather in hopes that it too will warm me up too.. I think its the I can’t get out and go and its dragging me down!

  9. They are linking Vitamin D deficiency to all sorts of conditions these days (depression is just one of them). I always get depressed this time of year (March & April). My doctor suggested that maybe next fall I should buy a special lamp for “light therapy” throughout the winter to help keep the Vitamin D stores up, so they don’t get depleted!

  10. Oh girl – if misery loves company then you should be soaring. I’m *so* feel your pain. Well, not with regard to the weather thing, but still. I’m right there with ya on the lack of inspiration front.

    Oh to be closer. We’d have us a serious girls night. No, scratch that. A girls weekend at a spa sounds like just what the doctor ordered, no?

  11. All I can say is you’re not alone. I’m there. With you. If not in person, in a desperately struggling spirit. I’m with you.

  12. Jo-Lynne, I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling. I’ve been in the same sort of funk for the last month. I finally cracked – big time! – on Sunday and am thankfully feeling better so far this week. I hope you feel better after some sun – and hopefully you don’t CRACK like I did!

  13. My friends and I are all talking about the same thing. What’s going on?! I can’t seem to get on top of anything and everything I do get done seems to be half as good as it should be. There’s just no motivation… Maybe we should start taking Vitamin D supplements like our babies!

  14. March is just awful. We are getting snow right now, after 60’s last week. I hate it, and can’t wait for mid-April when it just might be all over.

    1. Thankyou sir jaha rahepani hami ngahdruke ngahdruke nai hau . yo manma ghandruko maya bairahnchha .aja yo jun ngahdruke.com bata ghandruk ko naya samachar padna pauda hami dirai khusi lagiraheko chhau . sir audha din haro ma pani abasya pani naya naya sachar padna paune asa gardachau ra antama gaun lagi kehi sahayog ma hami pani prayes gardchhu GHANDRUK SAMAJ HK

  15. Yep. I’m with you. Just when there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, something happens and I’m buried underneath a pile of tasks to do. It’s hard when you can’t go outside and play. When you’re stuck inside breathing in the same ol’ air. Yesterday, just walking out around the house for a few minutes with my baby, looking at the plants popping through the mulch was enough to lift my spirits for a while.

    Hang in there, it’s coming.

  16. As you are slowly coming into the season you enjoy we here in Florida will be coming into the season we least enjoy! SUMMER! We actually had to turn the air on yesterday. I dread the day that my front door stays shut for the next 6 months and I can’t have the fresh air blowing through the house. Oh and hurricane season starts in just a couple months so that’s always something to look forward too. Our blessed months are definitely winter but I will suffer the same feelings as you have now as the mosquitoes, the heat, the humidity and the hurricanes come once again! LOL.Did I make you feel any better? Cause now I’m feeling kind of depressed! LOL.
    Blessings to you.

  17. It sounds like you need a little break. Maybe order pizza for dinner tonight instead of cooking or take a 20 minute break for yourself with your favorite coffee?

  18. I had a lousy March – too much stress at work, icky weather, colds, flu, teething… Historically March and September are my hardest months of the year anyway. Here’s hoping that April is better!

  19. All I can say is that I am right there with you. Life has been kicking my butt lately. Spring will come, and this season will pass. However, I know how hard it is in the meantime. Do something nice for yourself today!

  20. Ditto all that. I literally just got off the phone with my bff discussing our mutual “funk.” I believe it to be a combination of factors, starting with the weather, school coming to a close and the dread of the long summer with kids in our faces 24/7, and the economy. Let’s face it, you can’t turn around without being gobsmacked by some harsh reality. There’s a reason they call it a “depression” because its really hard to feel the hope and optimism in the world right now. We can only look up, which is what God wants us to do, but it sure is easier said than done. Hang in there, we’re feeling you!

  21. Sounds like a good dose of Vitamin D, some time to do something for you is just what the doctor ordered. I know sometimes when I feel like this it’s hard to get perspective but it always gets better eventually. Sound like you have a great partner!

  22. I’m sorry you’re in a bit of a rough patch. It took me nearly 30 years to before I realized that the weather absolutely, 100% affects my mood. The cold, dreary days literally suck the life out of me.

    Try and keep your chin up. It always is toughest right before it gets easier again.

    And, for the record, motherhood has SO been kicking my butt this week, too. Puke in the minivan at 7:30 in the morning. Need I say more? 🙂

  23. I have been in the same funk lately. Had to sit in front of my “Happy Light” (aka, sun replacement, full-spectrum light) this morning, as the sun has been missing for days. I’m so ready for spring. Hang in there. 🙂

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