Summer Wrap Dresses

Hello, friends! 25 Days of Summer Fashion is well underway, and I’m back today to share some summer wrap dresses for events you may have coming up this season.

Wrap dresses are always in style and they flatter most body types. Some are true wrap dresses and some take the iconic style and make them more practical, but they all have the same figure flattering shape. It’s also a style of dress that is super versatile. You can wear a wrap dress to the office, to church, out to dinner, or to a special event like a wedding or graduation.

I was drawn to this one right away for the bold floral print with a slightly retro vibe.

How to Style Summer Wrap Dresses

Unfortunately this dress sold out quickly after it went on sale last week. I feel like that’s been a theme lately here on ye olde blog. I did round up a bunch of other nice options, though, and several are from this same designer. Take a look.


My styling tips in this post can easily be applied to any of the dresses pictured above.

Let’s talk undergarments for a second. I don’t wear pantyhose in the summertime, so I like to wear a slip or shaping shorts to keep everything smooth and to avoid any unattractive clinging. That’s particularly important with a dress like this that isn’t lined. In this case, I wore shaping shorts underneath to keep everything smoothed out.

Summer Wrap Dress with nude strappy sandals

This is a true wrap dress so I was having trouble with it exposing too much in the chest area. I actually used fashion tape to make sure it stayed in place when we took these pictures, but I’m planning to take it into Nordstrom and see if someone in the alterations department can sew in a few small snaps to help me keep the front panels together.

Summer Wrap Dresses

And not to be too terribly indelicate, but I think a different bra might provide better shape under this dress. I’m not crazy about how this one looks in these pictures. And the placement of that one particular flower doesn’t help. (insert the monkey emoji with his hands over his eyes)

Summer Wrap Dresses

One of the nice things about a dress like this is that it pretty much stands alone. I just carried an off-white clutch and wore beige strappy sandals so the dress can take center stage. I also tried my white pumps and nude pumps with this dress, and they looked great too.

Summer Wrap Dress with Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Sandals

I kept my accessories fairly simple with white stone drop earrings, a gold pendant, and a few bangles.

Summer Wrap Dress

strappy sandals // mixed metal watch // similar clutch // drop earrings // initial pendant // mama bear bracelet & mom idiom bangle c/o ksny

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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23 Responses

  1. I know I’ve said this before Jo-Lynne, but egads–you look like a million bucks in a dress!! You just have the perfect body shape for it!!
    Closing the fronts by sewing it a little should be pretty easy—I’ve done that to some of my dresses before. Not that I mind wearing a cami under it, but it’s easier not to have to worry about it!!
    And in my opinion…the only emoji you need here is the smiley face one—this is a winner!!

  2. I was wondering, where do you buy fashion tape? Do you have a favorite brand? I have trouble with split neck tops where one or both of the top edges flop over, and with wraps that don’t stay wrapped.

      1. I really like the idea of something that can be used quickly, and doesn’t require my getting out the sewing box lol.
        I might give that or some other brand a try. I’ll let you know if one of them works particularly well.

        I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I appreciate how you respond to questions and comments. It’s a bonus to readers when someone makes the extra effort, and it greatly enriches the blog IMO. Thanks so much!

        1. Thank you! I love the comments and the conversations. That’s what keeps it fun! 🙂 And I totally hear ya about wanting something that doesn’t require any alterations. I am usually too lazy to bother. I may try a cami with this dress and see if that’s a good solution.

  3. Beautiful as always! I have the navy Eliza J with polka dots, love it!
    On a different subject, I ordered the Wacoal strapless bra you recommended. WOW, game changer!!! I wore it yesterday and didn’t have to pull it up or adjust it once. I usually get funky lines from the top of the cup as well, this strapless fit smoothly. It’s a complete dream come true! I wear 34DDD and had just about given up on off the shoulder tops. Thank you, thank you for the recommendation!! ????

  4. I wore a pair of Jockey shaping shorts under a dress yesterday and the legs rolled up and the waist rolled down, so I feel like I spent the entire day fussing with them. Is there a brand or style that you would recommend that will not cause this problem?

  5. You look beautiful in this dress! It fits you perfectly! Thanks for all the links to other wrap dresses. That is actually one item I do not have in my closet but need to try.

    Hope you’re feeling better and your day is awesome!

  6. This dress looks great on you. I do love a wrap dress, but depending on how it wraps sometimes it can show the belly bump a bit too much. I find this happens with a more traditional, actual wrap dress. The one you are wearing is great because of the gathering around the waist so it would likely disguise the belly bump on me. Thank you for sharing.

  7. You are a mess! I need to see if Kohl’s has the Jockey shaping shorts and try them. Do they stay down in your leg where they’re supposed to be? I have owned many wrap dresses in the past. I think I have one packed away for fall/winter.

  8. I love the dress and it looks perfect on you! The entire ensemble has given me an idea and I can shop my closet to put it together. By the way your dress is a keeper. It will never go out of style.

  9. Gorgeous dress, Jo-Lynne! I love the bold print and the colors! I have the same problem with wrap dresses in the chest area. I always have to wear a cami underneath. I don’t even think snaps would keep it closed for me! And I always wear shaping shorts under my dresses…even with pantyhose. I don’t like my legs to rub together and I get drafty if I don’t wear shorts underneath! So with all the stuff we go through to wear a pretty dress, you would never know because you look fabulous!


    1. I haven’t tried snaps, on a dress that doesn’t really wrap I’ve just used a few stitches to keep the neckline closed.

  10. I ordered this dress too! It came this week but I haven’t had the chance to try it. Hope it is as flattering on me as it is on you.

  11. This looks like perfection on you!!
    On another note, I love that you include the prices in your liked pictures.

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