Tie Front Tee & Shorts Outfit

Greetings! Welcome back to 25 Days of Summer Fashion. Today I’m back in my comfort zone with a casual shorts outfit that is the type of thing I wear every day all summer long.

A casual tie front tee and shorts outfit with gold thong sandals. This is pretty much what I live in every day all summer long.

This tie front tee is another White House Black Market find. I like the shorter styling, and the tie front adds a nice point of interest. This top also comes in white, lilac, and a pretty black and white stripe. At the moment, tees at WHBM are BOGO 50% off!

blue and white outfit for summer

For size reference, I have the small. I did wear a nude cami under this shirt (tucked into my shorts) because when you move around, it rides up and can show your midsection. I think it might be too short on anyone who is long-waisted or much taller than my 5’5″, but I really like this length for me. I also think it would work well with a skirt, as they tend to have higher waistbands.

The material is super soft, and the gently scooped neckline is flattering without being revealing. I also like the sleeves on this top — for those of you who don’t like to show your upper arms, this is perfect.

I paired this top with white jean shorts and gold thong sandals.

These are the Kut from the Kloth shorts that came from Trunk Club. I like the 4″ inseam, and they fit really well. They don’t stretch out at all.

I accessorized with my gold initial pendant to coordinate with the gold in my sandals, and I added this beaded wrap bracelet because it compliments the blue top so nicely.

blue and white outfit for summer

The gold and white stone drop earrings bring in the white from the shorts, and they have such a great summery vibe. I find myself wearing these a lot lately.

a casual tie front tee and shorts outfit for summer

I really like how this outfit came together. I know I say it all the time, but I think the key to making a casual outfit look put together is to find tops with an interesting detail (such as the tie on this tee) and to make sure to throw on a few on-trend accessories.

Of course fit always matters, no matter how dressy or casual your outfit is. If you’re wearing your clothes too big or too small, it is going to immediately look sloppy. Finding shorts that fit well isn’t easy. I’ve tried and returned a lot, but I finally found a few winners. I like how these fit close to the body without being too tight.

A casual tie front tee and shorts outfit with gold thong sandals. This is pretty much what I live in every day all summer long.

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tie front tee // white fray hem shorts // gold thong sandals // gold initial pendant // beaded wrap bracelet // white stone drop earrings // ksny watch // nails: CND Cityscape

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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13 Responses

  1. I can definitely empathize with your vertigo. I did a yoga move a few years ago, which triggered my first vertigo “episode”. It comes and goes for me, but I recently had a bad episode that lasted about 5 days and I had to take time off work. I think by the time I was into the 4-5 day, I was feeling better. I had done the Epley maneuver a few times, which made me feel worse. Ended up seeing a ear/nose/throat specialist and they evaluated me (first time I had gone in to see someone) and concluded I have BPPV, which is the benign version of vertigo – the best kind to have apparently (although it sure doesn’t seem like it during an active vertigo moment). The best kind of vertigo to have in my opinion would be NO vertigo 🙂

    Anyway, the doctor did the Epley maneuver on me, which helped. I’m not sure I was even doing it correctly. I would recommend you go in to see someone. Maybe it will help you to feel better sooner. Also, there’s a nice video (I guess there are millions on You Tube) with Dr. Travis from The Doctors where he actually has vertigo and someone is helping him with the Epley maneuver.

    Feel better soon!

  2. I’m loving the 4 inch inseam on shorts that are beginning to pop up. The choice used to be 3″ or 5″. 3″ is a little short for me, but 5″ sometime looks dowdy. 2 years ago I went through a 7″ phase because I thought that was appropriate for a 50-something grandmother. They looked terrible on me! I think I’m coming into my own, fashion-wise. Forget appropriate. I’m wearing what I like that makes me feel good when I wear it.

    Happy last-day-of school, Jo-Lynne. For 25+ years my calendar was based on the school calendar and I just can’t shake it. I’m happy school’s out and I don’t even have anyone in school!

  3. I love this style of top. At 5’4″, this is right up my alley. That shade of blue is lovely, too.
    I also appreciate your including some styles with sleeves. Shopping in summer is challenging for those of us who want or need them.
    Great outfit!

  4. Very cute on you. Love it all. I saw you commented on Cyndi’s white dress today. Do you two ever buy each others suggestions? You both have a little different styles from one another and I love them both. 🙂 Happy summer with the kids to come. I loved those days. I’m emptied nested and I have no idea half the time its time for school to let out for summer. 🙂

    1. Sometimes, I do. I found the strapless bra I love through Cyndi. 🙂 But usually no, I wouldn’t want to buy the same thing – at least not to style on the blog, although we have some of the same shoes and jeans. 🙂 Since we have different body shapes, we usually gravitate to different styles of tops and dresses.

  5. Love! So Jolynne, I have three tie/knot tops coming from Nordstroms. I took advantage of the $22.00 sale. They are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I know what I’ll be wearing to work Friday!

    Sorry to read you had a little relapse. Keeping you in my prayers.

  6. I’m loving those white Gidget frayed hem jean shorts on you! I may get some of those this year. Do they run true to size?

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