TGIF! #CoffeeTalk

fall morning in pennsylvania

Yesterday I was feeling more like myself, and last night I had a lovely time with some ladies from my church at our Bible Study. That was a real pick-me-up, and I’m glad I was able to host because my husband had a work commitment so I wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise.

I spent yesterday morning figuring out what we want to do for our vacation… I’m appreciating more and more the “built-in vacations” we have always had. When we got married, my husband’s family would always spend a week at the Jersey Shore, and my family always goes to Maine. With those two vacations every year, we never had a need to plan our own. Plus, my mom occasionally brings us all to Disney World. Spoiled much? Yes, we are. Thus, we have never truly planned a major family vacation. Sure, we take weekend trips here and there, and occasionally we’ve been invited to experience a hotel or resort as “press” to facilitate an editorial feature on the blog… but I’ve never had to plan a trip from scratch before.

I was getting overwhelmed with where to go, and after talking it over with a friend I decided it is either Phoenix/Grand Canyon in April or Yellowstone in June… basically because of the weather. It all became clear where we should go when until I started pricing out plane tickets and hotel rentals in Yellowstone.


Not only are the prices astronomical, but most hotels were full during the dates we would want to go. WHAT!??

I guess people plan waaaaay in advance for this trip. So that settled it. We will do Phoenix this year during our spring break in April and we will plan a big Yellowstone adventure for June 2016.

I have NEVER planned ANYTHING over a year in advance. Heck, I have never planned anything 6 months in advance — not even Disney. So this is crazy to me, but I am already seeing a purpose in planning ahead. I’m gathering tons of advice and taking my time, and it will also allow us more time to save up and budget for it because I have a feeling it’s going to be a doozie.

Right now I’m gathering advice for an April Arizona trip, and then when that’s behind us, I’ll start thinking about the Yellowstone thing for the summer of 2016.

In other news… my foot hurt all afternoon and evening yesterday… the one with the stress fracture. I don’t know WHAT is up with that??!!! It hasn’t hurt like that… well, really at all through this entire process. Even lying in bed totally at rest, it was throbbing last night. Please tell me it’s normal to have some pain as it heals. Because if I have done something to it again and have to go back in a boot for Turks & Caicos, I might finally crumble. This is getting so very old. I have no idea what I could have done. I wore sneakers all day and worked from home.

This morning it’s alright. I put the boot on. We shall see… I do have a big weekend coming up, hosting my daughter’s birthday, which will require some grocery shopping and standing up doing food prep, and then of course one rarely sits when one is hosting an event. So. I hope I can manage without setting myself back on recovery time.

And as if there isn’t enough going on right now… changing my URL from to has caused Pinterest to mark all my pins going to as spammy links – because they all redirect to, and that sets off red flags in spam land.

spammy link

That means I am losing a lot of Pinterest traffic!!! That is huge for me. Not only is it sad to look at my stats, but I want people to find what they’re looking for. I’ve emailed Pinterest to get them to fix the issue – not sure if they even can do that. But naturally I have had no response.

So this morning I’ve been going back through some of my more popular pins and editing to change them to my new url. And I’m going through my popular posts and pinning those again so my new url is the link. Like I have time for that!! 

Basically, I have to start over because only pins that go straight to are working right now.

How can you help? Why, thanks for asking!! If you are on Pinterest and you are particularly fond of any of my recipes or fashion looks or crafts or vacation posts… anything with a pretty pinnable image… if you can pin it again, or for the first time, that would be super fabulous.

Not sure where to begin? Here is a page with my most popular posts.

I know not everyone is into Pinterest, but if you are, this would be super helpful. xoxoxo