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So yesterday was Day 4, and it was the hardest day yet. Actually, it wasn’t hard until about 5:30, when I started getting a hankering for our Friday happy hour. I wasn’t even hungry, but I went out to the kitchen and got some cheese and Mary’s Gone Crackers — the only carby crackery thing allowed on this 21-Day Detox. They happen to be my favorites, and they’ve made me feel like this whole ordeal isn’t such a punishment.

I was going to grab a seltzer, figuring that might be an adequate substitute, but there was none. About that time, my husband came home and said he was done. He will do the no sugar, no carb thing, but he was going to enjoy his Friday afternoon beer.

I jokingly said, Okay, fine, I’ll join you. Pour me a glass of wine. 

AND THE WEASEL DID IT! He opened a bottle (which is now going to waste) and brought me a glass. So much for an accountability partner.

(I did NOT drink it.)

Here’s the thing. I’m not an alchy. I love my wine because of the experience… sitting down, relaxing, chatting about our day. I’ve even noticed that our dinners without wine feel very rushed. We just plow through our food, and we’re done. Whereas enjoying dinner with a glass of wine encourages you to slow down, enjoy the tastes and flavors, the conversation, it’s more of a social event, like dinner should be.

But I am DETERMINED to see this sugar challenge through. If I give in to a wine with dinner on Day 4, I will NEVER make it to Day 21 without totally throwing the whole plan out the window. I am determined to see how it works for me if I follow the plan to the LETTER.

So I remained firm. And I am so proud of myself this morning.

How I Feel

I feel good. I know I am not supposed to get on the scale during the challenge, but I have weighed myself every morning for the past 25 years, and I don’t expect that’s ever going to change. I am thrilled to report that I have lost 4 pounds. I know that’s a lot, don’t tell me I’m not being healthy. I know my body, and trust me, it was water and just sheer over-eating for the past few weeks . . . er, um, the entire summer. I know it will slow down.

What I find odd is, I am still struggling with the bloat. I really thought that at this point, the bloat would be gone. This is an issue I’ve been fighting with every since I stopped running regularly, and I was hoping sugar was the culprit. I guess it’s too soon to be discouraged, but despite that 4 pounds, my shorts and pants are still tight. Ba Humbug.

What I Ate

Yesterday I woke at 4:30 (I KNOW! I blame it on the espresso I had while visiting with my neighbor on the deck after dinner.) So I got up and had my morning coffee with cream — 2 of them.

When it got later, I ate leftover carrot/zucchini quiche for breakfast. It wasn’t as good reheated, and I’m not sure I’ll be making that recipe again.

For lunch, I had leftover paleo tortilla soup from Thursday night with water. That hit the spot.

For an afternoon snack, I had a pack of that roasted seaweed from Costco with more water. Oh, and I had an espresso at some point. And a cup of Kombucha tea.

As I said above, I had a few Mary’s Gone Crackers and Dutch cheese for a snack. Then for dinner, I grilled sausages and made our favorite collard greens. AND I DRANK WATER.

Pat me on the back.

I also received the books that go along with the program, and I realize the 3 levels are not for each of the 3 weeks. You are supposed to choose one. So I’m doing Level 2, basically. Level 2 excludes the grains and legumes that were allowed on Level 1, and I haven’t had any of those anyway. Although the Mary’s Gone Crackers might qualify for that. But anyway. I’m basically doing Level 2. I have no plans to advance to Level 3 (the ones that eliminates dairy.) Unless something changes and I feel I need the extra push. But I think Level 2 is good for me.

So that’s the latest! This morning I’m going out to eat for the first time since starting this detox, so that should be interesting. Have a great Saturday!

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4 thoughts on “THE 21-DAY SUGAR DETOX RECAP, DAY 4

  1. WOW. I am super impressed… seriously. It’s one thing to have a hankering and say, “no.” It’s quite another to turn down a poured glass! Good for you. On the bloating note, have you ever listened to the podcasts by Diane S. and Liz Wolfe? I’ve started listening to them as I walk and also as I’m cleaning or doing laundry…anywho, I highly recommend them. I was listening to one that talked about low stomach acid and I think this may be a culprit for some of my bloating woes. Here’s a link to an article:

    I’m starting the sugar detox tomorrow!!

    1. It was REALLY hard. I was THIS CLOSE to taking it and saying, screw it, wine is healthy! But I really want to see how this detox affects me if I follow it to the letter. I want to see what it feels like to not want sugar, and to know how to stop eating when I’m full. And I knew if I “cheated” with that glass of wine, I would make other “exceptions” as I go along, and maybe not even finish. And why deprive myself of so much only to cheat and not get the full benefits? But honestly, at that MOMENT IN TIME, the ONLY thing that kept me going was knowing that I am blogging this every day. THIS is what is keeping me accountable at the hard times. It may be pride, but if that’s what works, then I’m going with it! LOL

      1. It’s not pride at all. It’s wisdom! I was just thinking that I’m too chicken to put it on Facebook, because I’m afraid I won’t last. THAT is pride. 🙂

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