A quick recap of Day 5, for those following my 21-Day Sugar Detox.

I’m starting to get a hang of this program! Oddly, I woke up feeling a bit head-achy this morning, which seems odd. I had a great day yesterday, no caffeine after noon, had a peppermint tea before bed (I still don’t care for tea, but I don’t mind it as much as I used to) and went to bed at a reasonable 10PM, slept well and woke at 6:30.  So I’m not sure why I felt off, but since I haven’t had any severe symptoms of withdrawal, it’s possible my body is still adjusting.

Yesterday I woke at 5:30 and got up and had my usual 2 cups of coffee with heavy cream. I had plans to meet some lady friends for brunch at 10AM so I didn’t eat, thinking I’d just wait. I would have eaten if I felt hungry, but I didn’t. I did, on the other hand, start feeling shaky, which I found odd. I haven’t felt shaky at all during this entire detox. I guess, in retrospect, that was my body’s way of asking for sustenance.

Fortunately my husband clued me in just before I left that this “brunch” was at a coffee shop and there may not be anything I could eat. As I said, I was already feeling a bit shaky, so I freaked for a sec and then went scrounging in the fridge for something fast. There wasn’t anything breakfasty in there, so I grabbed leftover collards cooked in bacon from Friday night’s dinner, heated them up, and scarfed them down.


Yep, that was breakfast. Weird, I know! But unexpectedly quite satisfying!

And I am soooo glad I did because there wasn’t a THING I could have eaten at the coffee shop. I did, however, enjoy a gorgeous latte.


It felt great to be out and about and to get to enjoy a culinary treat that was totally my norm. And it was a great time of fellowship and a quick yet challenging devotional with ladies from my church. I don’t get that enough.

So moving along. Lunch was a salad with my lemon vinaigrette and goat cheese and beets. I felt satisfied, but my husband had tossed some hotdogs on the grill, and they looked good, so I grabbed one and ate that dipped in a spicy mustard. I think that was probably a good move, I hadn’t had much protein yet.

I snacked on Dutch cheese and Mary’s Gone Crackers while I cooked dinner and drank a seltzer. Then for dinner we had pork chops fried in my new I Love Meat and Poultry square griddle, provided by GreenPan for review. I also tried my hand at cauli-rice, and I made kale chips.

So this is how weird my kids are . . . C asked what we were having for dinner, and I told her “pork chops, rice and kale.” (I was going to try to fool them into thinking the cauliflower was rice, but my son was not to be fooled. LOL!!) Anyway, her reply: “Kale? Are you making kale chips?”

To which I replied that I was. And then her response: “YAY! Pork chops and kale chips!! Thank you, Mom!”

Snort. I mean, really?

Now, lest you think I brag, I do not. This child skips breakfast almost every day (unless there is leftover pizza or Chinese takeout in the house) and would HAPPILY live on pizza and mac-and-cheese. (Oh, and sushi, so again, weird.) She really does not have a very well rounded diet. Still, I think it’s hilarious when my kids get excited over things like kale.

Last night we had friends over, and my girlfriend and I drank tea like old ladies. She is pregnant, so we were able to be teetotalers together. I didn’t serve any snacks, as I usually would, but it was after dinner, and no one cared. They have young kids too so they left at 9:30 and I was in bed by 10:00. Sleep is an important part of this program, which is why I often mention that in these posts.

So that’s the latest! Over and out!

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  1. I remember this feeling but I attacked wheat/grains and sugar all at once. It will pass!! Sounds like your salt might be low? Drop a pinch of sea salt into your water bottle. Or try some broth (with salt). Also watch your fats – make sure your getting enough. Kerrygold is the bomb!

    1. I dunno, I cook with A LOT of salt and fat, lol. I was also a tad shaky this morning. I woke at 6:30 and had my 2 cups of coffee and then didn’t eat till 9:30. I was fine after having bacon/egg/cheese quiche.

  2. I could be wrong but I think the shaky feeling you’re getting is because you’re body is used to being a sugar burner and doesn’t yet know how to be a fat burner and access it for energy. As the time goes on your body will become more fat adapted and the shaky feeling will go. Marks Daily Apple has good explanations on fat adaption: https://www.marksdailyapple.com/what-does-it-mean-to-be-fat-adapted/#axzz3BLQp0bR3

    I also wanted to say that after I cut out gluten and sugar, (I eat mainly paleo/primal), I am much more aware of the bloating I get with dairy, and I have cut out milk and yoghurt, making it much better.

    All the best with the rest of the sugar detox.

    1. That is interesting – dairy, really? Shoot me now. I really don’t want to live without dairy in my life. 🙁

      Thanks for the info on sugar vs fat. I am off to read . . .

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