The Post Halloween Sugar Coma & Daylight Savings #CoffeeTalk

I do not understand this phenomenon of kids who “forget about” their Halloween candy after a few days. And those who “self regulate”. . . puh!!!

These are some of the answers I got on my Facebook page when I asked what you do with your Halloween candy after Halloween has come and gone and before a permanent sugar coma sets in.


My kids are hoarders, and they are compulsive eaters. Especially when cheap sugar is involved.

After I discovered about 25 candy wrappers in their trash cans, I decided to take charge. I don’t have the heart to take it away from them. And they don’t get LOADS like some kids… it’s not really enough to donate to the military or anything. But it’s enough to give me heart palpitations, thinking about them eating it all in a matter of three days.

They are very territorial about whose is whose so I gave each child a ziploc bag, labeled them, and moved the candy into the respective bags. Then I set it on a high shelf and told them they could ask me for it. We’ll just eat a few pieces a day until it’s gone, I guess. And yes, I do mean WE. As I tell my kids, they have to pay the toll.

As thoroughly convinced as I am that sugar is slowly killing us all, I don’t have the heart to make them toss it.

I do, however, have a post in the works with fun ways to use up that Halloween candy in cute baked goods. Maybe I’ll let my kids bake with some of it . . . that will help us get through it faster.

In other news, daylight savings is not being very friendly to this early bird. I woke at 3:30 this morning raring to go. I forced myself to stay in bed till 4:30 and then got up. I did go to bed at 8:30 last night so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I woke so early. Usually people have more trouble in the spring. For me, fall is worse.

Stay tuned for some creative ways to use up your leftover Halloween candy, and later in the day more about my trip to Costa Rica! I never did finish writing about that experience, and there’s more that I want to say. Turks & Caicos was nice, but I have no need to ever go back. Costa Rica, on the other hand . . . Costa Rica has my heart. I want to go back and experience more of it. I’d love to take my family some day.

Do you have a place like that? Somewhere you can’t get enough of?