The Halloween Aftermath and Saturday Morning #CoffeeTalk

Halloween has come and gone. Is everyone sufficiently sugared up?? We had too much fun last night turning Becca into a “Color Run Girl.” Take a look.

Color Run Halloween Costume




Clearly, she had no fun at all.

Trick Or Treat!

Trick Or Treat!

Caroline wasn’t quite as interested in being the center of attention. She did, however, put as much thought into her costume as her sister. She’s been combing through YouTube looking for ideas for a Katniss costume.

I’d say she nailed it.



And in case you were wondering where my 3rd offspring was, David spent last night playing in the band at the high school football game. They were allowed to dress up, but he’s way too cool for Halloween costumes, dontchaknow. 

Such is life. Moms of young’uns, listen up. Dress them up cute while you can. Because your days are numbered.

I also had the opportunity last night to try Colleen’s Apple Cider Mojito. YOU GUYS. This is the real deal. A friend discovered it on my blog and made a batch, which we enjoyed after the kids got back from trick-or-treating. This is a one-and-done kinda drink. It packs a punch. But it is sooooo delicious.


So, now that Halloween has come and gone, are you ready for the holiday season to commence? Because you know that’s exactly what’s next.

Poor Thanksgiving, it’s such an afterthought these days. I will do my best to give it some attention here on the blog before I go whole-hog into holiday postings.

Speaking of the blog . . . it came in unexpectedly handy yesterday. I got to my daughter’s classroom Halloween party and there was no craft planned for the kids. I had sent my Spooky Spider Napkin Ring Craft and the Halloween Koozies to the other “room parents” (I can’t say room moms, since when I arrived in the classroom it was two dads and me who were the parent representatives for the Halloween party) as ideas, and I guess no one followed through. So they quickly went on my blog on their iPhones and found the crafts, and we did makeshift Halloween Koozies with construction paper the teacher had in the classroom. Hilarious!

Of course I was too busy stapling and gluing to get a picture. I did get some cute group photos of the class in their Halloween finery, but I don’t know that all the parents would be super keen on my plastering their kids on ye olde blawg, so I’ll refrain.

It is a bit odd going to their school now that I have no clue who reads this blog. When my kids were younger, I was able to keep it under wraps, but now they tell everyone that this is my job. Which, as you can imagine, sparks much curiosity because really. It IS pretty crazy that I can make an income doing this. And what kind of egomaniac posts pictures of her 40-year-old self acting like a fashion model, anyway?

I’m learning to just own it and not worry too much about it, although I admit I do feel some pressure to show up with some semblance of style, given that I have a certain image to uphold. Ha!

Well, that’s it for me. I hope you had a fun Halloween, whether you enjoyed the festivities or not. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!