Tis the Season!

Every year I say I’m not going to do it.

Every year I say it will be different.

I won’t overcommit. I won’t try to do too much. I won’t stack my schedule. I will enjoy the holidays.

And every year is more insane than the last.

One more sponsored post, sure!

Need someone to pick up gift donations, sure!

Want somone to host an event, sure!

What is that you say? Your science fair project is due on January 6th?

Need a volunteer at the middle school, sure!

Gotta make the homemade candy gifts for the teachers . . . wrap the presents . . . address Christmas cards . . . finish shopping . . . bake for the next party . . . mail the gifts to loved ones afar . . .

Add another holiday event to the calendar . . . deck the halls . . . trim the tree(s) . . .

Why not paint the house, while we’re at it???

Hey! I know. Let’s have a Christmas party! No, let’s have TWO! On the same weekend!

Say what? You want to celebrate your birthday THIS weekend too? Sure, why not!

All three kids need braces? Let’s schedule that right. in. the. middle. of. holiday season!

* * *

This morning, I checked my calendar, noted the time of the orthodontist appointment, wrote a note for two of the three kids to get picked up early from school, and sent them out the door to catch the bus.

I quickly cleaned the kitchen, threw on some makeup, wrote a post, shared a few Facebook udpates for my bloggy pals, tweeted the link to my latest post, edited a few photos and started my post for tomorrow, and noted the time.

After a bad dash around the house looking for my elusive keys, I jumped in the car and buzzed over to the elementary school, picked up one kid. Drove to the middle school, picked up the second kid.

On to the orthodontist. Of course there was road construction and a lane closure. I arrived 5 minutes late (that’s on time for me!) and signed in. I sat down, opened my phone, and a calendar alert popped up.


I looked over at D and CAROLINE sitting impatiently in vinyl waiting room chairs and looked back at my phone.


At that moment, the receptionist walked over.

“I think we have some confusion with the scheduling today. You had appointments for D and R . . . ”

I held up my phone.

“Uh, yeah. I just noticed that.”

Fortunately my orthodontist is an old pal. (Did I mention, my husband and I have both been through Invisalign treatments in that office??) He allowed me to slip C in for R and all’s well that ends well.

Until the next time I get the time wrong or forget to pick up a child or drive to the wrong location.

It happens at least once a month.

* * *

Tonight it’s back to the rat race. My to-list gets longer and the hours left in the day get shorter.

And the kids wonder why there are no Christmas lights on the trees yet.

I’ll get to it, I tell them.

I’ll get to all of it . . . eventually.

I can do it all. I know I can. We will make it work.

And it will be fun and festive, dagnabit!

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8 thoughts on “Tis the Season!

  1. Thanks for letting me know it’s not just me! I have an out of town guest coming in tomorrow and my house looks like a toy tornado ripped through it!

  2. Same here! Why is it that work only ramps up when it is the holidays. I can get the hours in but the midday meetings are killing my kid-free prep time.

  3. Hey there. In the past I’ve noticed that you’ve been super diligent not to use your kids first names – and if this is a change in philosophy, i’m all for it. But since this was a post about feeling harried…in case you didn’t mean to and want to change it, I figured I’d point it out. Hope C enjoyed the accidentally Orthodontist free afternoon!

  4. Thanks for the laugh! i have done exactly the same thing. I oicked up the wrong kid and took her to the orthodontist when it was really her sister’s appointment. they haven’t let me forget that yet. 🙂
    I think this time of year makes us all a little crazy and stressed. Deep breaths!!! And a glass of Sauvignon Blanc helps too. 😉

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