Tootin’ My Own Horn

I love pretty flowers.  Over the years I’ve tried my hand at various pots and planters, but I’ve never really loved the results.  I’m so particular that I can never create one to suit myself.  Every once in a great while, I’ll splurge and buy the ready-made ones at the nursery, but that’s SO pricey.

In recent years I’ve gotten quite lazy.  I don’t even think I did ANY pots last year.  I know we didn’t plant annuals in the flower beds.  I remember thinking that I didn’t want to bother watering them, so we just skipped it.  Can you say L-A-Z-Y?

This year I am determined that my yard will not be the poor neglected step-child of the neighborhood.  I’ve arranged for someone to come and help us in the flower beds, and I hung some petunias over our front porch.  I definitely want some potted arrangements by my front door, but I dread the effort of making them.  I’ve eyed the gorgeous flower arrangements at the local nursery, but the price tags are daunting.  I was THIS CLOSE to buying one last week, and then in a rare moment of fiscal responsibility, I thought better of it and drove home empty-handed.

Yesterday I decided that I need to make use of one of the many sets of pots stored in my garage and make my own arrangements, for better or for worse.  I drove to the farm market and walked around until I saw the prepared potted flower arrangement that I would have purchased if I weren’t feeling so industrious, and I made a mental note of the arrangement and color combination.  Then I went around and found each of the individual plants.  I even made a few substitutions.  I KNOW.  I’m living life on the edge.  Next thing you know, I’ll be jumping out of airplanes.

I came home, and these are what I made!  I am SO proud of myself.  I know they’ll look a lot better in a week when all the plants are in full bloom, but I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures to post this morning.



I can’t gaze at them for too long, or I start to note all of the flaws in my workmanship.  I could drive myself crazy with the I wish I’d moved that yellow one closer to the edge, and the I should have spaced those white ones out more, and on it goes.  But they’re done, and they cost less than half what the ones I copied would have cost me had I bought them ready-made, AND I love the combination of flowers and colors.

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I’m so pleased with them, in fact, that I have a good mind to go buy more flowers today and put together a couple of pots for the back deck.  I think I have enough potting soil left over.