Like a blip, September has come and gone, and October is here! In honor of the most glorious fall month of the year, I’m headed out today to get some pumpkins to decorate the yard and fill out my planters.

Before diving into a new month, I always like to take a look back and recap, so these are my ten most popular blog posts and retail products from the month of September.

TOP TEN IN SEPTEMBER:These are my ten most popular blog posts and retail products from September 2019.


Based on Google Analytics, these were my top 10 posts from last month. I’m listing these in typical Top Ten order, with the most popular post last.

#10. September Favorites // I wrote this post in mid-September, and I just looked back through it, and those items definitely continued to be favorites over the past few weeks. I’m looking forward to having some cozier items on my October Favorites roundup!

#9. Fall 2019 Try-On Haul: Amazon, Shopbop & Trunk Club // Always popular, the try-on haul! I think there are three of these in this Top Ten list.

#8. Two Stylish Ways to Wear A Long Cardigan // I almost forgot about this cardigan . . . it’s sitting in the back of my closet, waiting for cooler temperatures. Maybe I’ll finally get to wear it this weekend. Mine is selling out, but LOFT has one that looks very similar.

#7. Trend to Try: Plaid Pumps Now & Later // I love a good pair of pumps, and I had so much fun styling this plaid version for now and later. Also love this pleat neck top, and happy to report the rust is back in stock!

#6. My Favorite Fall Wardrobe Staples // So many good closet basics in this post.

#5. My Daily Looks: What I Wore 8/25 — 9/11 // I’m bringing What I Wore Wednesday back! Sharing what I really wore and where.


#4. Fall Try On Haul: Shoes, Top & Dresses // Yes, another try-on haul.

#3. Fall Try-On Haul: Amazon, Ann Taylor, J.Crew & Nordstrom // Well, it’s becoming very apparent which posts are the most popular!

#2. Fall Trends to Try: Camo Tee Now & Later // I’m actually surprised to see this post ranking so high, I wasn’t really loving this camo tee, although I do like the layered look with the cardigan and booties.

Try-On Haul: LOFT, Anthro, Madewell & Everlane

#1. Try-On Haul: LOFT, Anthro, Madewell & Everlane // And not surprisingly, another Try-On Haul in 1st Place! 🏅I guess I don’t have much else to say about that.

Okay, moving on to popular products…


Based on my ShopStyle analytics, these were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels during the month of September.

#10. Chelsea28 Raw Edge Tank // This top is such a great little camisole-alternative for those of us who dislike wearing strapless bras, or just like a little bit of a thicker strap. It comes in a bunch of colors and runs true to size or a little small; I have the small, but it’s a tad snug in the chest area.

#9. Amazon Essentials Women’s Sherpa-Lined Fleece Full-Zip Hooded Jacket // This cozy zip-up hoodie is perfect for casual fall activities like ball games and outdoor festivals. Soooo soft and cozy; I’d say it’s TTS, although I sized up to the medium for a looser fit.

#8. Louise et Cie Hanabeth Pumps // I love that these shoes made the list, even though they were pretty much sold out in the plaid from Day 1. They’re very comfortable pumps, though, so if you like the gunmetal color that’s left, I highly recommend them. They’re TTS; I have the 8.

#8. James Perse Women’s Deep V-Neck Tee // I’m not sure why this top sold so well at Amazon, as it’s cheaper at Off Fifth and Nordstrom Rack. I have to assume people clicked through and then bought other things instead . . . but it’s a great tee!

I will say the neckline is rather low. If you’re not good with that, you probably won’t like it. But otherwise, it’s a great tee. I love the fit, the lack of “boob pocket”, the straight hem, and the quality fabric. For sizing, I took the 2, and it’s perfect.

#7. J.Crew NYC T-Shirt in Slub Cotton // Well, this tee is certainly no stranger! I’m so glad it finally went on sale. It runs small; I sized up to a medium.

#6. Amazon Essentials Women’s Brushed Tech Stretch Popover Hoodie // This is such a soft, comfortable athleisure piece that you can wear to work out or run errands around town. Love the thumbholes and the accent stitching. Mine is the Wild Ginger Space Dye, and I’m wearing a small.

#5. Leith Longline Cardigan // I love this cardigan, and I was so glad to see it in the top 10! I haven’t even gotten a chance to wear mine yet, but soon! I think fall weather returns tomorrow.

My burgundy fudge heather is on sale, but it also comes in other colors that are still full price, and this LOFT duster is very similar. I have a small, for reference.

#4. Halogen Boxy Blouse // Such a cute little top for layering or wearing alone, this blouse is super versatile. It would make a nice work wear piece, and I’ve worn it with jeans to church and out to dinner. It comes in tons of colors and patterns, and it runs true to size. I have the small.

#3. Loveappella Pleat Neck Tank Top // Another great layering top for work or date night, and this rust color did restock after being sold out for a while. It comes in a lot of other colors and patterns, and it runs TTS. I have the small.

#2. LOFT Floral Mixed Media Tie Neck Shell // Clearly you all liked the sleeveless tops in fall colors as much as I did last month — of course with the unseasonably warm temperatures most of us have had, it’s really the only option.

This top will also make a nice layering piece once the weather cools off, and it’s still 50% off! It runs true to size; I have the small.

And in first place . . . drum roll please . . .  🥁

#1. AG Prima Ankle Skinny Jeans // This is the 3rd month in a row these jeans came in at 1st place!!! That is entirely unprecedented — I mean, having the same item in first place two months in a row was a first, but three is insane!

And happily, these jeans did go on sale since I wrote my Top 10 in August, which I believe is what kept them the top sellers. I sure hope all of you like yours as much as I like mine. I’m actually wearing them as I sit here typing this post!

They really are a nice transition between the super skinny jeans that have ruled the fashion scene for so long, and the straighter styles that are rapidly gaining popularity. These jeans run TTS; I have the 29.

So that’s a wrap! I’d love to hear from you. Which posts from August were your favorites, and did you score any of these top 10 products? 

Now that summer is officially behind us, I’m super excited to look ahead to October and start wearing all the boots and sweaters. Yay fall!


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20 Responses

  1. Thanks for the recap and I was able to pin a few outfits that I missed but will definitely go back to when our Texas weather decides to cool down. Also congrats on booking your trip to Europe! 

  2. I love the try on hauls. I think watching instagrammers try on clothes in instastories is my 40 year old equivalent of my kids watching other kids play with toys on YouTube kids!

  3. I really liked your post sharing a couple of brands from Amazon, that you really like.  It’s so hard to know which brands on there are good and which ones are, well, ones to stay away from.  And I really like your camo tee!  Good luck today!

  4. The leopard mules were a big win for me!  Cute, comfortable and stylish!  My daughter liked them so much, she ordered!

    I love all the outfits you have styled on this post!  You’ve really put some work into the posts you have shared!  Thank you so much!

  5. I had been thinking about ordering the Loft sleeveless mixed media tie neck shell, but your post featuring it and the Loft 50% off sale plus free shipping was too much for me. I caved and ordered it. Thanks for all the hard work you do for us!

  6. An off topic personal question.  You’ve described yourself as a homebody.  Does a day like you have today with several things scheduled make you more tired or do you dread it?  I think I may be taking homebody to an entirely unhealthy level if you are one and get out as much as you do.  I end up not wanting to go to things that should be fun because I would just rather stay home.  Maybe a question for a psychologist, haha!

    1. It depends… for daytime, I have to have a balance of time at home and time out of the house. If I’m out too much, I get tired and stressed about not having enough time to work, but if I’m home too much, I get depressed. Not b/c I don’t love being here, but b/c I’ll use it as an excuse not to fix myself up, and then that gets depressing… if that makes sense.

      But for nighttime things, it almost always stresses me out to have somewhere to go. All day I have to remind myself I’m going up and gear up for it — esp if I’m driving. I don’t know what it is, but I hate going out at night. This choir thing on Wednesday nights gives me anxiety even though I’m fine once I get in the car, and I always enjoy it when I go. It’s like it’s hanging over my head all day. On the other hand, I look forward to the bible study on Thursday mornings. Makes no sense.

    2. And you know what stresses me out more than having somewhere to go at night? Phone calls I have to make. I’ve had a specific phone call on my calendar every day for the past 5 days, and I have moved it to the next day every day when it pops up. I detest making phone calls.

      1. I do always fix myself up every day. Which means nothing depresses me so I can always stay home 😳
        I once lasted 8 days without getting in my car. 
        I do always go on hikes with my dogs on adjacent property, but still …..
        I am the same way about night being worse and about phone calls. They are the worst!  Must all be tied to the same trait. 
        People are always surprised because I’m not shy or awkward which they think would be the motivators. 
        Thanks for being so candid 💕

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