Trunk Club Unboxing + Try Ons

Good morning and happy weekend before Christmas! I was going to post some Christmas Day outfit ideas today, but then I got a Trunk Club delivery so I decided to post some try-ons since you all seem to like those posts best. Today I have a slew of jeans to try — both skinny and straight cuts, some sweaters, and shoes!

December Trunk Club Unboxing

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale starts on Dec 26th, and I’ll be covering that event — hopefully some of these items will be included!

Before we get started, I’ve got an exciting SALE ALERT!!! The snakeskin bucket bag I’ve been carrying a ton this season finally went on sale. It’s $119! I’m really enjoying this bag. It’s a great day to night size, and it’s just a little bit different from anything else I’m seeing out there right now.

Okay, let’s get started with the Trunk Club unboxing. I’ve also got a few other random pieces I’ve ordered lately that I’ll share with you.

This time, my stylist sent me 4 pairs of skinny jeans, 4 sweaters, 3 pairs of shoes, and a really fun scarf. All descriptions are beneath the pictures.

Leith Deep V Pullover $65 // This sweater is cute for what it is. I like the pink color a lot, the deep V is flattering, and it has a relaxed fit without being oversized. I like the straight hemline and the 22 1/2 inch length. For reference, I’m wearing the small in this pink color. They also sent me the yellow in a medium (see below.)

verdict: keeping

AG Farrah High Waist Skinny Jeans $188 // I also got 4 pairs of jeans in my trunk. This is the AG Farrah, and I actually have a pair of these already. I had them hemmed to ankle length because they have a 31″ inseam, so if you’re tall, you might really like these. These are a size 29; I often wear 28 in AG, but I do find I need a 29 in Farrah.

verdict: returning, as I have a pair of these already.

Taryn Rose Faye Pointy Toe Loafer $139.94 // This is a new brand to me, but they’re verrrrry comfortable. They have a ton of cushioning in the footbed, and are very easy to walk in. They’re TTS, or size up if in between.

verdict: If I didn’t have navy suede smoking slippers, I would definitely keep these. I may try to exchange them for the taupe suede.

Leith Deep V Pullover in medium // Same assessment as above, except the medium is too big, and I’m not crazy for this yellow color.

verdict: returning; too big

Good American Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans $159 // This is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and I like these a lot. They’re very comfortable and stretchy, but they’re known for having excellent recovery so they shouldn’t bag out. I’m wearing the size 6, for reference.

verdict: undecided

also wearing: Taryn Rose Faye Pointy Toe Loafers

Brochu Walker Mix Media Wool & Cashmere Sweater $368 // I’m always up for trying new styles, and this sweater is definitely creative, but it’s not for me. Plus $$$. For size reference, this is a medium.

verdict: returning

also wearing: Good American Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans with Taryn Rose Faye Pointy Toe Loafers

Nordstrom Signature Crewneck Cashmere Sweater $199 // This one is certainly interesting! For one thing, Nordstrom Signature cashmere is DIVINE. Not all cashmere is created equal, and when you get into this price range, you can really see and feel the difference. I also love the funky asymmetrical step hem, but I’m undecided on the contrasting colored sleeves. I do like the colors, though. While I don’t usually love a crew neckline, this one isn’t as high as some.

For size reference, this is a medium, and I usually take a small. It’s definitely roomy, but I think it’s supposed to fit that way.

verdict: I really want to keep this because it’s different, but the price is up there, so I’m undecided… What would you do?

also wearing: AG Farrah High Waist Skinny Jeans with Something Navy Camilla Booties

Something Navy Camilla Booties $149.95 // These are certainly interesting! Something Navy is a NYC fashion blog, and she has a collection at Nordstrom. What I like about these is they’re super easy to style. You pull them on over your skinnies and go, or they fit under the cropped straight trend — which is how she styles them on the website. You can wear socks, they’re comfortable and easy to walk in, and the leather allows you to wear them in inclement weather. I like them, but I’m not sure how often I’d wear them. They’re TTS, or size up if in between.

verdict: undecided

7 For All Mankind b(air) The Ankle Raw Hem High Waist Skinny Jeans $160.65 // I’m a fan of this brand and their b(air) fabric, and I sort of like this lighter wash. I like the raw hem too, and they’re comfortable and fit well. The lighter washes are trending, so these are definitely a good pair to add to your closet if you don’t have something like this already. These are a 29, for reference. That is my usual size in this brand.

verdict: undecided; I don’t really need them, but I like them!

Theory Bell-Sleeve Mock-Neck Cashmere Sweater $150 // This sweater is one I actually ordered because I’ve been wanting a couple of dressier sweaters for when I want a more refined look. All of mine are very casual at the moment.

This sweater retails for $335, and I snapped it up for $140 at Bloomingdale’s a couple weeks ago. The best price I can find on it now is at Neimans for $150, which is still a great price for this brand. The quality is amazing — everything you’d expect for a Theory sweater. I love the sleeves, the neckline, the snug fit. I just wish it didn’t have those blasted drop shoulders.

I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it, as I felt I was settling slightly b/c of the shoulder issue, but then when I was getting dressed to go to lunch with Paul yesterday, it suddenly seemed like the perfect thing to wear, so I took the tags off and wore it with black jeans and booties.

For size reference, I have the small. It did occur to me that I maybe should try the medium first, but I think it’s supposed to be a body-con fit, and most of my sweaters are boxy, so this is nice for a change.

verdict: keeping, obvi.

also wearing: AG ‘The Legging’ Ankle Super Skinny Jeans (size 28), tortoiseshell heel booties (TTS), Gorjana Quinn Long Adjustable Necklace, and Mango Leather bucket bag

Vince Camuto Bristol Boot $149.95 // These are fun and different, and I love the grey color. They’re also quite comfortable to walk in. I think they might be keepers!

verdict: undecided/keeping???

also wearing: Theory Bell-Sleeve Mock-Neck Cashmere Sweater with 7 For All Mankind b(air) The Ankle Raw Hem High Waist Skinny Jeans

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Cashmere V-Neck Sweater $350 // I was drawn to this sweater on the Bloomies website, but it doesn’t look as special in person. I mean, it’s great quality, but there’s something about it that’s just too ordinary for the price… and at that price, it would pretty much need to come with a live-in housekeeper. Ha! I was more curious about it than anything, but it’s going back. For size reference, this is the small.

verdict: returning

Frame Le High Ankle Skinny Jeans $199 // These classic cropped skinnies have a great wash, and they’re very comfortable. I’m not loving the 27″ inseam, though. I prefer 28 or 29. they’re great jeans, though, and if you’re shorter than my 5’5″, you might like them. For size reference, these are the 29.

verdict: returning

AG Harper Slim Straight Leg Jeans in Smitten $151.30 // Finally, the two pairs of AG straight leg jeans I’ve been waiting for! If you recall, I tried this style in a size 29, and they were too big, but I liked them so I re-ordered in 28.

The first thing I noticed in these pictures is the pockets are quite large. Usually I loooove the pockets on AG jeans, and they’re typically on the smaller side. So I’m not sure what’s up with that. I guess it’s not a deal breaker, though.

These have a 33″ inseam; 13″ leg opening; 9 1/2″ front rise. I like the higher rise, they’re comfortable, and I like the silhouette they create. The 33″ inseam is too long for me, even with heels, so they would require hemming. The classic dark wash is flattering, but I don’t love the contrasting stitching.

verdict: returning

AG Harper Straight Leg Jeans in Audacious $178 // First off, I like this wash and the less conspicuous stitching better. The fit is just as good, but again, they would need hemming.

Also, worth nothing, these have a different fabric content than the Harper above. The Smitten wash is 98% cotton, and these are a blend of viscose, cotton, polyester, and elastane. I’ve had AG jeans in both types of fabric, and the fit and shape retention is the same. I just find this material is a little dressier, and I like that for this style of jean.

verdict: keeping and hemming

STYLE TIP: When hemming jeans, find a tailor that knows how to retain the original hem. It costs a little more, but it’s so worth it. Nordstrom will do it for you, or sometimes a dry cleaner knows what to do, but be careful there. It’s best to get a referral from someone you know and trust. 

also wearing: Sam Edelman Hazel Leopard Calf Hair Pumps

J.Crew colorblock turtleneck sweater in supersoft yarn // I cannot believe this sweater is still stocked. I saw it a week ago or more, and I wanted to order it, but it said it wouldn’t be delivered until after Christmas, so I opted for store pickup, but it turned out that was a ship-to-store situation, and it wasn’t available until yesterday.

Conveniently, I was already going to be at the mall for a Nordstrom store pickup, so I ran in to J.Crew and got it. It was crowded, but they had 4 or 5 registers going, and the line moved quickly.

I came home and put it on and wore it the rest of the day. I love it every bit as much as I thought I would. The color blocking is fun and flattering, it’s soft and cozy, and up to 40% off with code MOREISMORE. I’m wearing a size small, for reference.

verdict: keeping, duh.

Marc Fisher Izzie Genuine Shearling Lace-Up Boot // I wanted to love these, but they’re meh. The sole is very stiff and heavy, and even the shape of the boot isn’t as cute on as I’d hoped. They’re going back.

verdict: going back

also wearing: AG The Legging Ripped Ankle Skinny Jeans

And that’s a wrap! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on these posts, so feel free to chime in. I know a lot of these items are on the spendier side, so I will definitely try go find some more variety of price point for my next try-on sesh… which will most likely be in 2019!!! Crazy, that.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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47 Responses

  1. I really like the sweater with the different color sleeves…the less tight crew neck is very flattering an I like the soft colors.   I LOVED your color block turtle neck from JCREW and went to buy it but the MOREISMORE code won’t work…I’m keeping my eye out for the sweater to go on sale.  I loved it.  I’m with you on the very expensive red V neck.  It just doesn’t stand out as special for the price.  Merry Christmas and hope you have fun in the city today.  

  2. I do enjoy your try on sessions! I’d keep the Nordstrom Signature Crewneck Cashmere Sweater w/contrasting colored sleeves. It is pricey but if that fits your budget I like the look on you. Your decision on the Theory
    Bell-Sleeve Mock-Neck Sweater was right on! That color is fantastic on you, great look! Thank you for all your fashion advice and I also enjoy you family and home updates you share. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you, Jo-Lynne– great post. Try-ons are my favorite posts. Love the color block J. Crew sweater. I rarely wear anything but V-necks because higher necklines just don’t look great with the 36DDs, but I think with the color block I could wear it. Threw it in my shopping cart. But the MOREISMORE code didn’t work. Anyone else having trouble? Happy Saturday!!!

    1. Yes, I was excited to buy the JCrew sweater also, and was disappointed when the code didn’t work 😢. I saved it in case it’s still available for the next sale. 

    2. I’m 34G and I think it is actually de-emphasizes the boobage. 🙂 Bummed the code didn’t work. I guess it’s excluded. Usually I check before posting, but since I got this one on sale, I figured it was included this time too.

  4. Oooo… I loved so many things in this try on session… the Vince Camuto boots were probably my favorite, but the red sweater is gorgeous too and the AG straight leg jeans.. oh my gosh… so many great pieces..
    Btw.. you should definitely keep the Nordstrom cashmere sweater. It has a lot of fun characteristics that set it apart. And it looks great on you.
    Such a fun post. Thank you!

  5. Fun post! I do really like that Nordstrom Signature sweater on you. I would normally say keep, but because your hesitant about the sleeves, it’s a tough call for that price. I would think it’d need to be an automatic love to justify the price. The AG Harper’s look fabulous on you! Definite keepers. But I’d pass on the 7Fam. They’re cute on you, but for a lighter wash, the Paige jeans you’ve shown before are cuter (if you kept those).
    I would definitely struggle on how to wear those Vince Camuto boots. I’m eager to see what all you’ll do with them!
    And great call on that J. Crew sweater. It’s adorable. It reminds me of the Madewell sweater I got awhile back that I adore. I loved it so much that I paid full price, and that almost never happens, lol.

    1. Yeah, I don’t love the 7FAM enough to keep – something about the wash, I can’t put my finger on it. I may keep the Good American. I love the wash, and the fit is really good. I hear ya on the NordSig sweater but sometimes I find I hem and haw a bit and keep something and end up loving it… I need to try it again. I did this try on sesh in about 10 min b/c Paul was waiting on me to go to the mall on Fri, lol, so I think I will try on a few things again before deciding. 🙂

  6. Hi JoLynne—the AG jeans in Audacious look great on you.  Nordstrom’s website doesn’t have any reviews on this pair yet.  It says to size up if in between but the other pair of AG straight jeans says runs true to size.  Just wondering your thoughts on the sizing of the Audacious jeans.  Thank you.  Merry Christmas to you and your family,

  7. That was fun!  Yes, the items are on the spendy side, especially for a retiree.  If you can swing paying $199 for the sweater with the high/low hem and different color sleeves, I say keep it.  It looks like a sweater that you can dress up or down, and the color combo is very classy.  The bright yellow sweater is not as good of a color on you as the bright pink, so sending it back is smart.  I agree that the pockets on the jeans you usually like are way to big.  I see the slouchy booties as being more versatile than the other pair.  I hope you had a great day!  I am baking cookies to take to the kids for Christmas.  The Lemon Whippersnappers are already in the fridge ready to go.  Tomorrow I will make Cherry Pretzel bars and start packing the minivan.

  8. Love your try on sessions!  I think my favorites are the Vince Camuto boots, the Theory bell sleeve sweater and the loafers.  I agree about the red sweater.  It looks gorgeous on you, but for that price you’d want any it to be a stand out, or at least have something special about it.  The Nordstrom cashmere sweater is very unique and different!

  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Good call on content because the try-ons are my fave!!! I LOVE the burgundy Theory sweater on you! And I like it paired with those 7FAM jeans in that wash– perfect combo of refined and rustic. I like the loafers with it, and the boots look great too– tho’ honestly I don’t think I so much love those particular boots as the idea of a boot with the outfit, either knee-high or booties. Those scrunchy boots remind me too much of the 80s. I also LOVE the Nordstrom cashmere sweater, both shape & hemline and colors (I’m a sucker for neutrals!) KEEP IT!!! And the JCrew sweater looks great on you, too. The peplum gray sweater gave me a giggle tho’ 🙂

  10. I really like the sweater from JCREW. I liked those colors and something different. I have a question regarding the purse, is the material soft or is it on the stiffer side. I love that purse but like the softer feeling and not so stiff purses. I love when you try on all the clothes so we can see what they look like. Helps give a better picture. Thanks. Merry Christmas!!!

  11. I love, love, love the JCrew sweater and you look ready for the ski lodge with the boots and it on. The lighter wash 7 jeans are really cute too and the suede ankle booties looked cute on you. That was quite the haul. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family in your beautiful new home. XO

  12. Love the style and fit of the red sweater but ugh the price. I’m a big v-neck sweater fan. Have a Merry Christmas. 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s a nice V but something about that stitching on the neckline I don’t love. Or maybe the shape isn’t quite dramatic enough… I can’t put my finger on it. I think I should probably size up too. Anyway, it’s going back b/c $$$. Merry Christmas to you too!

  13. I really love the Colorblock sweater from JCrew! It’s very different. I had my eye on those boots too. Disappointing that you find them clunky and not as cute as on the website. I’ll keep looking. I was thinking of a cream coloured pair, anyhow. 
    I love the Nutcracker! Enjoy!

    1. Agh! They’re out of my size. I would have even sized up to a medium but that’s gone too. Crossing my fingers for a return. 😢

  14. I’m thinking of ordering the AG Harper Straight Leg jeans with the 33” hem. Are they mid rise or high rise? (Ever since I had that horrible belly pain experience with my Madewell high rise jeans I’m hesitant to go high again! 😬) 
    Love the JCrew colorblock sweater (I love color the blocking  trend!!) But alas, I never wear turtlenecks. The other cashmere turtleneck in that deep red/cranberry color looks fabulous on you; I love the sleek dressier look it has. And I like it better without the pendant necklace (more chic imo). I wish I had plans to go somewhere where I’d need a chic warm turtleneck cuz I’d definitely buy it! 
    Thanks for a great year of fashion JoLynne! I consider you my good friend via the Internet. 😘🎄 Merry Christmas! 

    1. I would call them mid-rise. They are 9 1/2″. High rise are 10 and 11″ in my opinion. I don’t think you’ll find they give you trouble b/c they have good stretch.

      Interesting you like the sweater better without the pendant. I felt it needed something, but I also like a simple non-necklace look sometimes. I may try it with big earrings for a holiday gathering I have tonight.

      1. Yes, I love the look of big earrings with a sleek turtleneck! Take.a picture! I think I’m going to have to cave and buy that turtleneck! I could wear it out at night or when my husband and I go up to San Francisco in February to visit our older son and celebrate our anniversary (it’s always colder up there). 

  15. My favorite item of the bunch is the colorblock sweater but darn it, it has wool in it. Although that might be a godo thing since I do not need another sweater lol! The loafers and Vince Camuto booties are cute! If the booties hada smaller heel, I would have snapped them up!

  16. Love your try on sessions!  The AG audacious jeans look great on you! I really liked the bell sleeve sweater too.  I would keep the Vince boots. The Nordstrom Cashmere sweater wasn’t a favorite. While the color and step hem are nice, I didn’t care for the drop sleeves and it looked too big under the arms. Have a Merry Christmas!

  17. Well, it appears I’m in the minority but I don’t care for the Nordstrom color block sweater at all. I don’t mind a step hem but I think this one is too short in the front. Like you, I don’t care for the drop shoulder. And the colors just don’t do it for me (and you know I love a gray sweater! LOL!).

    I adore the pink Leith sweater! That color looks so pretty on you and the fit is very flattering. I’m adding it to my cart. And the burgundy Theory sweater is swoon-worthy! The color and fit are amazing on you and I think you achieved your goal of finding a dressier sweater.

    I want some boots similar to that last pair, too, but I agree with you that these aren’t “the ones”. I’m glad to know you’re on the hunt for the right pair and I’m going to count on you to do the legwork for me (as usual!). I just love these try-on posts so much. Thank you for doing them!

  18. JC colour block awesome. Theory bell sleeve gorgeous. Totally your colour. Sale price is reasonable otherwise too speedy.

  19. thanks so much for the heads up on that Mango bag. I’ve had my eyes on it for a while. I hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday!

  20. I love your posts like this so much! Takes so much work, but I really appreciate it! Everything looked GREAT and if you kept it all, except the yellow sweater (color, yuk), and some of the jeans are “go backs” because you have so many fab jeans! The “mixed media grey sweater frilly thing” is even cute, but agree, it’s a little out of your style range, but you could pull it off! 😉

  21. I love the Theory bell sleeve sweater on you! The color is perfect on you. I think I agree I like it better without the necklace. And love the VInce Camato boots!
    I have a problem getting skinny jeans to fit me. I can button them up, but they always seem to bunch up at the top of the leg, at the bottom of the bum. Do I need a bigger size and then have them altered?? Anyone have this problem?

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