Winter Brights

As the year winds down, I’m sharing the last winter outfit I have in my queue. I always like to end a series (or in this case, the year) with an outfit that nails my personal style and makes me feel like I “got it right,” and this is one of those looks.

This outfit involves a lot of my favorites — a great pair of skinny jeans (in this case, I went with a grey pair for something a little different), a luxe cashmere sweater, my go-to leather jacket (#repeatoffenderalert), and an unexpected pop of pattern and texture — snakeskin booties!

If the jeans look a little snug, that is because my husband put them in the dryer. I was pretty perturbed, but when I washed them again and laid them out to dry, I tugged on them a bit, and they fit normally again. Whew! At any rate, for this shoot, they were fitting prettttttty snug. I mean, they’re legging jeans, and they do hug the body, but I like to have a little room to breathe.


This sweater is from the Bloomingdale’s Aqua cashmere collection — one of Bloomies exclusive brands. I’m a big fan of these because I think you get a lot of value for the price point. Right now these sweaters are on sale for $79, plus they qualify for an additional 15-25% off, depending on the size of your order and how you pay.

I particularly like the exposed seams on the sides and up the back and the extended cuffs — it’s little details that take a basic sweater up a notch.

Please pardon the awkward posing and the bum shot. 🤣 Alison and I were trying to figure out how to show the seams and the ribbing on the arms. You can see I was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

For size reference, I take a medium in this brand. I don’t like them to be too snug, and the medium gives me some extra room without looking oversized.

My only complaint about these sweaters is they tend to hold a lot of static. I find that true with all Aqua cashmere… is it possible that one brand can hold static worse than others? You can see it sticking to me a bit in the photo below.

I added a long pendant necklace and my snakeskin booties to complete the base look.

These booties are a lot fun. Reviews on their comfort are mixed, and I agree that the top rubs a little, but I wore them for 5-6 hours on Thanksgiving Day and had no problem. I will wear socks with them if I wear them to the mall, or I might put this blister blocker on — I just found this product, and it does work quite well!

These boots as well as my grey jeans and the sweater all qualify for the current Bloomingdale’s promotion (take 25% off when you spend $400+ on your Bloomingdale’s Credit Card, take 20% off when you spend $300-$399 on your Bloomingdale’s Credit Card, or take 15% no matter how you pay!)

The outfit is fine on its own — the grey and pink make a pretty contrast, and the boots add pattern and texture, but I also added my leather jacket (similar) as a completer piece and outerwear option for milder winter weather.

I actually wear my leather jacket over a cashmere turtleneck all winter long. It’s rarely so cold that I can’t tolerate it for the few minutes I’m walking from the car to my destination, which is usually the mall or a restaurant.

Some have asked if I wear my leather jacket inside or take it off. It depends. If I’m at the mall or somewhere like that, I will keep it on. If I’m in a restaurant, I usually take it off. You can do either. For reference, I take a medium in this brand. My jacket is from last season, but this one is very similar.

This is an outfit that can take you so many places, and it’s easy to replicate with items from your closet. This basic formula — sweater, jeans, boots, leather (or suede) moto jacket — is one I repeat over and over with different styles and colors all fall and winter. It always works, and it looks different every time.

pink turtleneck (wearing a medium) // grey jeans (wearing a 28; budget option) // snakeskin booties // similar leather jacket // silver pendant // similar tote // photo credit: Alison Cornell

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