Turbo Lives On!


Can you believe this?  I actually got this error message when I was trying to post a comment to this adorable blog that I found through the Fashion Fiesta.  (You may have to click on it to make it big enough to read.)

Did the computer actually ask me to SLOW DOWN?

Now granted, I have visited over 50 blogs on the fashion tour, and I’ve left a comment on almost every one (who needs to get a life?), but still.  Since when does the computer tell me to slow down?

The irony is quite humorous.  I will tell you a secret.  Promise to keep this between you and me, m’kay?  In high school, my nickname was Turbo.  The reason being, I talk quite rapidly.  And the more excited or nervous I get, the faster I talk. 

And I type about as fast as I talk.  But to get reprimanded by the computer is quite a feat, I would think.  Has anyone else ever gotten this message!?  I feel like I just got scolded by my mother.  Who, ironically, used to tell me to slow down (and still does, for that matter) whenever I get yacking too fast. 

Speaking of my turbo tongue, I am afraid that when I meet up with the Disney bloggers, I will embarrass myself by talking too fast.  As I said, I talk faster when I’m excited or nervous.  And I expect I’ll be a bit of both when, a week from today, I gather with 15 or 20 other fabulous blogging mamas from all over the inter-web.  I can’t even imagine it! 

So, this is fair warning, those of you who are reading.  I talk real fast.  You may have to say "what?" or "excuse me?" but please don’t tell me to slow down.  And don’t even THINK about calling me Turbo.

**Update — I’ve been challenged to a typing test in the comments.

96 words

Speed test