Fashion Fiesta!

It’s time for Big Mama’s Fashion Fiesta.  Woot!

With the plethera of fashion posts here on the ol’ blawg this week, one might actually think I know something about fashion.  Which is pretty laughable, and that fact will be evident as soon as you get a sneak peak inside my closet.

Yes, you heard me right.  Melanie, aka Big Mama, wants us to show her what’s in our closets.  She wants to see our regular clothes.  Our daily uniforms, per se.  I have been talking a lot lately about how I wear jeans and t-shirts ALL the time.  The big decision I have to make every morning is, do I wear my light wash or my dark wash today?  Do I live on the edge, or what?

So this assignment is quite easy for me.  I only have 15 pairs of jeans and about 110 t-shirts in my dresser.  I can basically close my eyes and grab any shirt and any pair of pants, and they match.  See?  Bonus!

Here you can see what I’m talking about.  This is my infamous blue jean collection.  (I also found white jeans that I bought at the end of the season last year that I forgot I had.  But they didn’t make it into the picture.)

Okay, so there are only seven.  But still.  More than my fair share.  And certainly the majority of my pants collection.  I do have a pair of khakis and a couple pair of dress slacks as well.

Here you have the T-Shirts.  These are only my short-sleeved Ts.  This doesn’t even cover the tank tops and the long-sleeved Ts.  Or the short-sleeved Ts I keep for working out and housecleaning.   But you get the general idea. 

Do you think that perhaps I like coral?

This here is my basic winter uniform.  I love cashmere turtlenecks because they keep me nice and toasty warm.  Jeans, of course.  And my very favorite comfy flats that I have been wearing almost daily since I got them for Christmas.

AND my summer uniform.  My standard V-neck T-shirt and denim (OF COURSE) cropped pants that I literally have worn to death since I got them two summers ago.  Honestly, I’m sure my neighbors think I have nothing else in my closet.  I wear them at least five days a week once the weather hits 70 degrees.  I don’t know what I’ll ever do when they die.  We might have to have a burial in the backyard.

Oh, and there are my flip flops.  I have several pair of these in different
colors and prints.  I adore JCrew flip flops.  I also have their white
rubber ones for when the colored and patterned ones don’t go with what
I’m wearing.

When I meet the girls for drinks on a warm summer night, or go on a date with my hubby, I generally throw on my longer blue jeans (see? variety!) and a nice tank top and some cute wedge sandals.  Here’s my favorite summer going-out look. 

For winter, replace the sandals with high-heeled boots and the tank top
with a sweater, and there you have it.  I don’t think there’s a need to
photograph that.  Actually, there is not a need to photograph any of
this, but hey.  I’m nothing if not a follower.  Big Mama says to jump,
and I ask how high.

And just for fun.  My favorite accessories — shoes and handbags.  I’m just sticking with the summer ones.  This post is long enough.  Just to keep it real, I included my favorite cozy slippers.

So yeah.  WAY more than you ever wanted to know about my closet, I’m sure.  Olé!

Melanie also asked us what we would LIKE to wear, money being no object of course.  Well, now.  I don’t even know where to begin.  If I had the occasion and the figure and the money, so in other words, in my dreams, I would run around in a frock like this.  With these.  Or maybe this with these.  And this.  And fab jewelry.  You get the general idea.

But for now, jeans and t-shirts it is.


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