Various and Sundry

**UPDATED**  Yall have a great memory.  Two of you have mentioned the orange t-shirt I got last fall.  I wore it today, ironically.  I do like it.  I guess I should spend my time looking for original t-shirts instead of t-shirt alternatives, eh?

Thanks for all of the great input yesterday!  Seriously, yall RAWK.  The floral print shirt went back today.  It cost too much to not be flattering.  The black T is an oldie but goodie.  I have about twenty more with various necklines and colors sitting in my summer box upstairs.  The khakis have been worn so I don’t know what I’ll do about those.  Perhaps keep them on-hand for THAT time of the month.  They were cheap, so eh.  What-ev-AH.

It really does help to get a second (and third and twenty-fifth) opinion.  So thanks.  I like a lot of your suggestions — a slimmer, cropped pant or a white jean are both great options that I don’t have in my closet.  Still.  I want so badly to find SOMEthing that isn’t a plain T-shirt.  A few somethings, ideally.  But I feel like every time I try something, it’s a bust, and I end up reverting to the same old uniform. 

Someone suggested jewelry to brighten up my uniform, and I think I will give that a shot.  I typically wear the same understated pieces of jewelry, which just adds to the monotony of my uniform.  But my new $3.89 bracelets are so fun and make me feel so much more put together that I think I need to invest in a few more things like that.  I just can’t look too closely.  For $3.89 I didn’t exactly expect quality construction, but still.  Yoiks.

And of course, there are always plenty of cute shoes and handbags to spice up a boring outfit!

Someone asked where to get jeans and bathing suits.  Now THAT is a question I can answer.  I love my Lucky Brand jeans, but they aren’t cheap.  I’m also not impressed with the way the denim holds up over time.  It pills.  But they fit so well, I wear them anyway.  Gap is always a great place for jeans, although I have had no luck there since they changed all their styles.  Jeans are largely a matter of body style and finding what works for you, so it takes a LOT of trial and error to find the right pair, so when you find them, buy a couple!  They will look different depending on the wash and length you choose.

As far as bathing suits, I’m a huge fan of Lands End bathing suits, and I recently ordered one from Athleta. I will let you know if I like it when it arrives, but I will NOT be posting pictures.  Ahem.

Also.  On a completely unrelated note.  Someone asked in a comment if I design blogs.  Why, yes.  Yes I do!  You can see my work on my DCR Design blog.  My waiting list is about a week, at the moment.  So if you think you may be interested, let me know, and I’ll add you to my queue.  Even if you don’t need a new design, come on over and see what I’ve been up to!

Also.  I did not watch Idol Gives Back last night.  It is on my DVR, but I doubt I’ll get around to it.  Does that make me a bad Idol watcher?  I think that what they are doing is admirable, but I can’t stand to watch all the pomp and ceremony.  It’s so contrived.  GAH. 

I will, however, be watching the results show tonight and live blogging the results, and I can tell you this much.  If they do a whole show and then don’t send anyone home, as they did last year, I will be SO perturbed.  Actually, last year they combined the results and the Idol Gives Back shows, and I think that’s why they didn’t have the heart to send someone home.  But I fully expect someone to pack their bags tonight, and I am afraid that someone may be Carly.

One more thing.  Steph’s post today really hit home with me.  She put into words exactly how I feel and have a hard time articulating.  So, yeah, what she said.  Is that cheating?