UPDATE on Techy Troubles

Okay, beautiful people!  I think my  problems are solved, and I have the masterful techy wizard Lisa B to thank.  (What else is new?)

If you are in Internet Explorer, and you were seeing one sidebar instead of two, I think that’s fixed.  (Tell me if it’s not.)  I just had to make my sidebars a teensy big smaller.

If you are in Firefox, and my blog is E-X-T-R-A W-I-D-E, as in, falling of the page, this is what you do to fix it:

Go up into your menu bar and click on Firefox.  Then select Preferences.  Then select Content.  Then.  Under Fonts and Sizes, change your font size to 16.

Or in simpler terms: Firefox – Preferences – Content – Fonts & Colors – Size: 16.

Do that.  Then take a peek at this here blog of mine.  And if it still doesn’t look right, please lie to me and say that it does.  Because I’m going to take a nap. I’m plumb wore out.

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  1. mzzterry, Go into Safari – Preferences – Appearance. See what it says for standard font. Mine says Times 16. And for the fixed width it says Courier 13, although I just changed both to Century Gothic. But see what the numbers are. If they are bigger, that’s probably why.

  2. Firefox 3 in Mac os 10.5 and Times 16 was too big but Times 15 is just right. But then I decided I wanted Verdana. 16 and 15 were too big. 14 is just right.

  3. My Firefox is already set to 16, so the right side is still falling off for me.

    I wonder if Jennifer is right and screen size has anything to do with this? Theoretically, I know we should be able to set the sizes and our sites look the same on everyone’s computer. But there are so many variables these days.

  4. I’m with Jenn. In Firefox, you’re still big (i.e., I need to use the bottom scroll bar to see your whole web page). But when I reduced it to 15, it was almost perfect. No more scrolling. So, you might want to tell people to change to 15. Like others, mine was already set to 16.

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