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So I need your help.  If my blog is looking wonky in your browser, can you please take a sec and leave me a comment and tell me a couple things:

1) What do you see that looks “off”?

2) What browser are you using?  (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari?)

3) What version of the browser are you using?  To find this, go to your top menu bar and click on the name of the browser and then click on the About link.  It will tell you the version in a pop up box.

I really want to get these issues fixed.  My husband, chief-trouble-shooter techy-geek, is going to try to help me figure it out.

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24 thoughts on “Help Please

  1. Hello, looks good but on my IE version 6.0 something I’m not sure if it’s intentional but looks like the right side bar is being pushed down? Some of the advert icons are a little squashed (Amazon search & DCR). Other wise it’s nice. I completely sympathise with your plight though – I’ve just redesigned mine too and whereas I had a full head of hair before I started… well you can guess the rest – just call me Kojak!

  2. I’m using my ancient version of IE (6.0) and all the side bar stuff is at the bottom below the content and comments. Also, your banners i about an inch to the right instead of being flush on the left.

  3. Firefox looks fine for me. In Internet Explorer Version 8.0.6001 the far right column is actually appearing underneath the other column. (so the two far right columns are appearing as one very long column.) If you want to email me, I can send you screenshots of what it looks like in IE.

  4. In chrome, it’s not fitting in the screen all the way… as in, I have to scroll over to see the sidebars all the way. Same for me in FF. My screen resolution is 1024×728. I thought maybe it was me.

    but, it cuts off after the reviews button in the nav bar.

  5. On Firefox 3.0 (can’t remember the rest of the numbers), it looks uber wide. But everywhere else, I’m using v3.5.6…and it’s fine. I can’t say anything about IE, because I pretty much NEVER use it. Lol.

  6. Firefox 3.5.7 Looks great. Perfect columns. And I don’t have my browser open all that wide and I can see everything fine.

    And IE 7.0 looks the same!

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