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So there is this fad circulating about the blogosphere — the blog award.  If you spend even 30 seconds on Twitter, you will surely see that one in every 10 tweets is someone begging you to vote for her, or her best friend, or her Aunt Maysie in some blog award contest.  I’m certainly responsible for such tweets, so I’m not pointing fingers.  Just the facts, ma’am.

Currently there are two big blog award contests running.  The first is the BlogLuxe Awards, and the other is the Parents’ Picks, for which there is a Best Local Blog category in each city.  Both are out to drive as much traffic to their sites as possible by allowing you and all of your friends and family and loyal subjects to vote every day for something like six months.  (At least it FEELS like six months.  Both end sometime in July, I believe.)

I was thrilled to learn a few weeks ago that Musings of a Housewife was up for the best local blog in Philly, along with several other fine bloggers, most of whom I know and love.  As trite as it sounds, I’m honored to be listed among them.

So I was happily trailing along in second place until my buddy June offered to post about it last week.  That June sure must have some powerful readers because after her post went up, I suddenly surged ahead in the voting.  Although as you can see, the surge didn’t last long.  (So feel free to, you know, VOTE FOR ME, if you feel so inclined.)

Well, now, it just so happens that my buddy June has been nominated for Funniest Blog in the BlogLuxe Awards.  She’s Bye Bye, Pie, by the way, although you really should know that by now because you should be reading her daily.  Seriously, hers is one of my very favorite blogs.  (And the other one is yours, of course.)

So I want to return the favor and ask you to please, go cast a vote for Bye Bye, Pie as Funniest Blog.  And then, if you haven’t been to her blog, go on over and see what I mean.  I’m sure you will agree, she deserves to win!!

And oh, hey.  Take a look at my newest blog design.  I just LOVE this one!  Holly is one of my longest (not oldest) blogging buddies.  She’s a sweetheart, and her posts always give me a chuckle.  She’s also giving away a gift card to Sonic, so stop on by and say hi!

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  1. Someone just went on my blog and said, “I was sent here from Musings…” and I thought, you were? Then I came over here and see your gentle plea. Thanks, dcrmom! Aren’t you the best blogging pal?

    And you can all vote for someone else if you think they’re funnier than me. I’ll never know. I will just be a sad clown. That’s all. A big, velvet-painting, exaggerated-eyed sad clown.

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