Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school for my 3-year-old, although I’m still not sure that she has a firm grasp on the concept.  We tried to explain that she won’t have school all summer and that she’ll have a new teacher when she goes back in the fall, but she took that to mean that she would have a new teacher yesterday when she got to school. Of course, the fact that her older siblings were the ones doing the explaining could have had something to do with her misunderstanding.

At any rate, she dutifully decorated two brown paper lunch bags for her teacher gifts and declared them bootiful upon completion. We stuffed them with homemade peanut butter balls that I’m all too happy to get out of my house due to their annoying habit of jumping onto my tongue every time I open the refrigerator door.  Somehow I don’t think the 20-minute Shred workout I did this morning is going to burn off all of the chocolate and peanut butter I’ve consumed in the last 48 hours.

Here is the final product:


Yeah, I know.  But this was the best I could do at 8:30 on the morning of the last day of school.  Of course I had every intention of sending my daughter with gorgeous handled gift bags stuffed with colorful tissue paper and hand-written notes, but in the end, she walked into school on her last day holding two brown lunch bags decimated decorated with 3-year-old scribbles.  I’m guessing the fact that they were filled with homemade peanut butter balls will more than make up for their rudimentary vessels.


Hey, it beats the year that I forgot the last day of school entirely.

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  1. Oh my gosh she so so adorable!

    Reading this was a reminder that I need to figure out a gift for our last day next week. I like the homemade treat idea.

  2. Oh, that is very cute and the teachers will love those bags! Who wouldn’t from that precious girl?!?!?

  3. I think that the teachers will love those bags more than store bought gift bags with tissue. I love, love, love her little outfit too!

  4. Perfect! I had my girls decorate a card, and write their own note, for their teachers during teacher appreciation week. After all, it shows the teachers what they have learned about writing and such. Way to Shred! I might do that today.

  5. Those are really sweet bags and I’m sure the teachers will love them (and like you said, at least she was there to hand them out!). As someone that works with 2nd graders I can say that food, gift cards and homemade cards are my favorite things to get! Hope she enjoys the last day!

  6. You can’t go wrong with those peanutbutter balls!! How did you like the shred? I’ve been doing it as well and it works!

  7. Don’t worry. Her teachers will treasure those scribbles and homemade goodies. If that is one thing I have learned over the past few years as a mom is that the good daycare/pre-school teachers love the homemade stuff the most.

    Although I usually tuck a Dunkin Donuts CG inside the child-decorated paper bag anyway – a little something from me. 😉

  8. As a teacher I can tell you those homemade PB balls def trump the homemade bags. But they would probably trump pretty much everything!

  9. This teacher would have been thrilled with peanut butter balls! Sometimes it means more when the present has some child personality to it because it shows they took (or were forced to take) some time to show their appreciation. A+ for being a fantastic mommy!

  10. Boo was sick the last day of school, so after a dr. office run we got her teachers gift…don’t tell. I had to run it to school once she fell asleep, and to get the last of her stuff.

    I think the hand colored bags are great, can’t go wrong with them in my mind.

  11. I used to teach 3 year olds and can ASSURE you that your gift was well-received. It was always nice to know that the children had something to do with the gift! The only benefit of the handled gift bags stuffed with tissue paper is that I reused them later on. Plus, I’m sure the peanut butter balls are delicious. Can’t wait to try them!

  12. I bet the teacher loved it. Who could resist that little blonde-haired girl with the innocent grin and the hand-scribbled bags? No teacher I know of. And, besides, the peanut butter balls were probably a totally welcome end-of-year treat (you’ll have to share the recipe sometime).

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