If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

That’s a favorite saying of my father’s.  I guess I know who to thank for my glass-half-empty mentality.

I’ve been needing casual summer clothes for the kids.  Now that the winter stuff is removed, their drawers are dreadfully empty.  The in-between clothes I bought for spring only go so far.  I suppose I could do laundry more often, but that would require work.  I’d much rather shop than work, so this morning I ran over to Kohl’s to see what they had.

Kohl’s is hit or miss for me, but this morning I struck gold.  I stocked up on cute little cotton knit shorts and tank tops for the girls and athletic shorts and tees for my son.  When I checked out, I automatically declined the offer to “save 15%” (which requires, of course, opening a line of credit) with my usual pat answer, “No thanks, my husband will divorce me if I came home with another store card, hahaha.”

The truth is, I have reformed my wicked ways and am no longer tempted to open a store card every time a clerk asks me if I want to save X-percent because I understand what it does to our credit rating.  In fact, we have closed almost all of our credit cards and are using our bank check cards for almost everything.

So even though I know Kohl’s is one of the more beneficial cards to have, I stood firm this morning and paid my large bill with our check card, telling myself, I’m better off, I’m better off, I’m better off… Okay, so old habits die hard.  But I held myself together and got out of there without an anxiety attack OR a new credit card.

I came home and pulled out the bag of clothes and gave it to the girls to sort, and then I skittered out to the mail box to check the latest delivery.  And what do you think I found in my mailbox?