I’m Getting Super Excited!

This morning I got a brochure in the mail with the attached note:

Dear Jo-Lynne,

Your NEW Frigidaire appliances are coming soon.  In the meantime, please check out the enclosed brochure.  Thank you for being a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom.

Your friends at Frigidaire


The brochure was full of glossy pictures of enormous, immaculate kitchens full of glistening Frigidaire appliances.  I wish that getting a new stove and microwave was going to instantly transform my ordinary sticky-floored, milk-stained kitchen into a culinary paradise, but I realize that’s asking a lot of an appliance.  I am, however, looking forward to trying out these time-saving features they are raving about.

For instance, the stove has a Quick Preheat feature.  It preheats in less than 6 minutes.  Don’t you hate it when you’re cooking dinner, and you think you have everything timed JUST perfectly — the potatoes are boiling, and the meat is on the grill — and you go to put your veggies in the oven, and WHOOOPS!  You forgot to preheat your oven.  I don’t know how long it takes my stove to preheat, but I’m pretty sure it’s longer than 6 minutes.  I always feel like I’m waiting for water to boil when I’m watching my stove preheat.

Speaking of waiting for water to boil.   There’s a Quick Boil feature on my new stove too.  Oh happy day.  I’ve been told patience is a virtue, but perhaps I won’t need it after all.  You think?

I just looked through the fact sheet, and it even has one of those nifty Keep Warm Drawers, you know, for those times that I forget to preheat my oven and I need to hold the rest of the food until the last dish is done.

As far as the microwave is concerned, my expectations aren’t high.  I will be happy just so long as it doesn’t sound like it’s about to croak at any minute like my current one.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s even safe to use with all the moaning and groaning it does.  I’m just hoping it holds out till I get my new one.  There is some nifty Space Wise rack that is supposed to allow you to fit larger dishes in there.  That would be nice, because there are times when I want to put something inside that doesn’t quite fit.

Let’s just say, I’m looking forward to these beautiful babies arriving on my doorstep in a few weeks!


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  1. Maybe this would work with husbands – give them the brochure/instructions BEFORE the item arrives, so they have nothing else to do but READ THE BOOK!

    My dh has still not read how our new oven works, and that it has a quick preheat function too 🙂

    I suppose I should just be grateful he is at least using the oven, LOL!

  2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s new appliances.

    I would seriously buy that stove just for the boil feature – I hate waiting for water to boil.

  3. That’s awesome and I’m SO excited for you. If our appliances weren’t a mere 3 years old, I would have been right on that line behind you, lol. I am though totally jealous of the quick boil feature. There’s nothing worse than hearing “I’m starving”, “is it ready yet?” and “i’m going to die I’m so hungry” while waiting for the macaroni & cheese water to boil! Post pics when you get them!

  4. Squeeee! is right! How fun, enjoy your new appliances and who knows maybe there is some super secret device that also gives you a sparkling clean kitchen to go with it. It could happen!

  5. I totally need (want) stainless to go with my new granite. My DH says we will replace them as they die. (Stomp foot and insert pout here) He didn’t know you were getting new appliances! You think that will make a difference?!

    You lucky girl!!

  6. Yea!!! I am super excited about our Frigidaire dishwasher. I haven’t gotten my brochure in the mail yet, (bites nails), but received an e-mail earlier this week with details. Our old dishwasher was in our house when we bought it 9 years ago so I am SO ready for a spiffy new stainless one!

  7. Its official. I am coveting your new stove. I like mine (kenmore, SS, cute), but your new ones is a beauty!

    Because I am insane, I don’t like microwaves. But that sure looks like a nice one and I am sure I would covet that as well (if I didn’t have a strange opinion of them).

    I can not wait to read about the recipes used when your new appliances arrive 🙂

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