Weekly Menu 03.18.13 #realfood #glutenfree

gluten menu plan

Good Monday morning! I’ve been offline almost all weekend and it’s been GRAND. Sometimes you just need that, ya know?? We reintroduced dairy to my daughter over the weekend, and it did not go so well. She had a stomach ache last night, so we are going to go back to 100% dairy and gluten free for the time being. While this meal plan is free of both, it’s still full of delicious real food recipes so even if you have no food restrictions, you should find some mealtime inspiration here!

MONDAY: beef brisket with collard greens

TUESDAY: citrus & herb whole roasted chicken via Practical Paleo (recipe to come)

WEDNESDAY: Beef with Broccoli, hat tip to Awkward Girl Gets Fit (we love Chinese food and I often order this, but I would love to make it at home. I’ll replace the sesame oil with lard, due to my son’s sesame allergy.)

THURSDAY: zucchini pancakes with bacon via Practical Paleo

FRIDAY: I’m going away for the weekend. WOO!!!! I’ll try to leave some leftovers and a pot of chili for the fam to enjoy in my absence.

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