What I Wore Lately Vol. 42

Happy hump day, friends! It’s been two weeks since my last What I Wore Lately, so I’ll dive right in.

If you’re new here, this is basically a roundup of my daily outfits over the past few weeks, and I try to keep it real. I show you the good, the bad, and…

Okay, so I do try to keep the ugly out of it. I mean, pictures stay on the Internet forever, but there are very few days when I do not capture my outfit for this feature.

That said, I don’t seem to have a picture from the Wednesday that was two weeks ago. Either I didn’t take any, or I accidentally deleted them before exporting to Lightroom.

Which means, this first look is from Thursday, two weeks ago tomorrow. Clearly I didn’t go anywhere that required much dressing up.

Actually, I can see on my calendar exactly where I went… I saw my chiropractor. So there you go.

This Alo pullover is deliciously soft, and I like the banded waistband. I threw it on with these Vuori camo leggings, which are also extremely soft and comfortable.

My P448s are looking a little busy with the camo; next time I’ll go with my white Vejas.

Alo pullover (S) // Vuori leggings (M) // P448 sneakers (38)

The next day, I had a hair appointment. This is how I looked when I left for the salon…

And this is how I looked when I got back home! Much improved, yes?

This outfit could have used a different color shoe… I probably should have worn my snake print booties or something. It’s pretty plain, as is. But anyway…

I happened across this Vince shaker ribbed v-neck on sale at Neiman’s a few weeks ago, and I snapped it up while they still had my size. It was like 70% off. #score

I’m sorry to say, it sold out before I could share it with you, but here’s a close-up so you can see the detail.

Vince v-neck (S) // AG jeans (28) // rag & bone Margot booties (8.5) // nails: CND Asphalt

And then it was Saturday… I wore this cozy sherpa with joggers and sneakers for most of the day.

Gap sherpa crewneck (S) // Vuori joggers (M; also at Nordstrom) // P448 sneakers (39)

Okay, so, real talk. When I do these posts, I share where I go because it’s relevant to what I’m wearing, but with Covid, it’s a little bit, erm, awkward… We are all in different parts of the world, with different government regulations, different personal health situations and comfort levels, and different Covid counts.

Where I’m located, stores and restaurants are open to 50% capacity, Covid numbers are going down, our hospitals are not crowded. For a while during the holidays, we were locked down, but since things have opened up again, we’ve resumed going out to eat occasionally.

I can assure you, we’re not taking matters lightly, nor are we running around flouting the rules. We wear our masks and follow all the social distancing protocols, but we also want to support our local businesses and feel comfortable that they are taking all possible precautions.

I’m aware of the dissenting opinions and I realize not everyone will agree with my choices, but I respectfully ask that any negative comments or debates about such matters be kept out of my comment section.

So with that all said…

I considered wearing this outfit to go out for dinner with a couple of close friends… It looks good here, but in real life, this sweater is rather revealing. I decided to save it for a date night with Paul.

Naadam scoopneck (S) // similar Good American jeans (28) // Vince boots (8)

So I swapped it for the Naadam boatneck in merlot, but I wasn’t sure about the boots They seem a little rugged for the rest of the outfit.

I feel like the sweater is too dressy for Chelsea boots with the lug sole, so I swapped them for suede sock booties with a higher heel.

These are Club Monaco, and they were an end-of-season sale purchase around this time of year, back in 2018! (I just searched my Gmail because I was curious; I never delete an email, so I can always look back and check sizing and pricing and time of purchase.)

Aren’t they gorgeous? I often wear them with jeans and sweaters for winter date nights, but I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet this season.

I love them, but I knew we’d be doing a fair amount of walking from the car to the restaurant, so I switched into a more practical pair of suede sock booties.

These Aquatalia boots have more room to accommodate my Smartwool socks (which I did wear b/c it was so cold) and a lower, more walkable heel. They’re from last year, and once again, I don’t have a link.

I also changed into my black Farrahs because they’re a jet black wash, which is a little dressier than the Good Americans, and they’re also an inch longer and come down a bit more over the boot.

Phew! So yeah, this is the final outfit. In looking at these pictures, I actually think I like the off-black jeans better with this look. Oh, well!

I added a pair of statement earrings and carried my black crossbody. As for my coat, I didn’t get a picture in it, but I topped this off with my grey J.Crew cocoon coat with a plaid scarf.

Naadam boatneck (S) // AG jeans (28) // Aquatalia booties (old) // Kendra Scott earrings

Well, this is quite the Naadam parade, isn’t it!?! I wore this outfit to church the next day. Yep, it’s back to those washed black jeans…

I can’t help it. I feel like they look great with everything, and I love how they hold in the “fluff” in the belly area. Yes, I have fluff… lots of it, actually. I really need to cut back on the carbs.

Since I had just washed and styled my hair the day before, I pulled it into a ponytail and called it a day.

Also, I love these boots, and they’re marked way down. If you can find your size, they’re a great buy. This is the Tuscan Taupe, and I recommend sizing up half.

Naadam crewneck (S) // similar Good American jeans (28) // Vince Camuto booties (8.5)

I’m looking a little rough in this one, but I took a picture of what I wore to go running on Monday. I thought it might be helpful to some.

Unfortunately, some of these pieces are sold out. Still, this is my basic winter running uniform.

Athleta turtleneck (S) // Athleta jacket (S) // Athleta tights (S) // Brooks Ghost (9)

After I showered, I wore this to work from home for the rest of the day. I used some dry shampoo and tossed my hair back up into a pinch clip, but I did take time to put on some makeup.

I was excited to wear my new cashmere hoodie, but I was cold, even in the house. I guess I’ll have to save it for warmer weather! It should be perfect for transition season.

Quince cashmere hoodie (S) // white tee (M) // Veja trainers (39)

So, before we move on, let’s discuss these Vejas with the black accents… yes, they’re new.

I’ve always been drawn to these Vejas, but I have them in the Extra White, and I didn’t really want a second pair that’s so similar. Well, after I decided to send all the Golden Goose back, I was at the mall, and I spotted these.

If you’ve been around for a long time, you may remember when I first started scoping out Golden Goose a few years back. I did a HUGE fashion sneaker review, basically trying to find something I like as much without the sticker shock, and I ended up with my solid white Vejas.

I’ve worn them a TON over the past few years, and I’ve often been drawn to this pair with the black accents as well, but I don’t like to have a lot of duplicate items in my closet. I prefer for each piece to be unique to my wardrobe, but I do make exceptions sometimes — usually when it’s a closet essential that isn’t particularly memorable.

ANYWAY! All that to say, when I saw these at the mall, I decided to try them on. I was wearing black jeans, and I love how they look together, so I decided to spring for them.

I also tried the Veja V-10 in the White/Black Leather, and I was hoping I’d like them more because they’re at least a different style of Veja, but I can’t get past that perforated detail on the toe. It reminds me of the Reeboks of the 80s.

I know, they are trendy again, or at least styles inspired by those shoes, but I can’t do it. So yeah, that’s my Veja story.

Now, back to What I Wore Lately…

On Tuesday, I showered and got fixed up after a morning workout appointment to do some try-ons, and then I ended up wearing this comfy look for the rest of the day. It’s the same Alo pullover from the week before, this time with the Sweaty Betty high shine leggings and my P448s with the python accents.

Since the outfit is so plain, I chose shoes with a little more “oomph” than my new Vejas, but either would certainly work.

Alo pullover (S) // Sweaty Betty leggings (M) // P448 sneakers (39)

I wore this casual outfit at home last Wednesday, and I’m happy to report that I washed and dried this sweater, and it bounced right back into shape!

It was getting really stretched out, and I wasn’t sure if drying it would be a good idea or not, but I didn’t have much to lose. I’m glad I tried it because now I can put it back in rotation!

Vince pullover (S) // Paige jeans (28) // P448 sneakers (38)

And that brings us to last Thursday, when I met a friend for lunch, and we stopped into LOFT afterwards.

I took the opportunity to wear my new beige cocoon coat that I grabbed when J.Crew marked it down a few weeks ago. I know, I’m breaking my self-imposed no-duplicates rule all over the place lately.

I’ve been actually rethinking that policy recently. When it comes to quality basics, it seems like it might make more sense to stick with the tried and true than to try to reinvent the wheel.

I will say, though, I’m making these duplicate purchases very intentionally. It’s not like, oh yeah, I love this, and I want three more! These are pieces I’ve had for a few years, and I’m looking for something similar and not finding it, so then I finally cave and just buy another color of the item because it fills a hole in my closet.

In this case, I’ve wanted a camel wool coat for a few years, and I even got rid of one that fit well because the shade of camel was too warm for my skin tone, and I rarely wore it.

This cocoon coat in the Sandstone color has always appealed to me, but I already have the Hthr Dusk, and in my head, I was looking for a more traditional long camel car coat.

But I realized recently that while I love how the long wool coats look on other people, they always feel a bit fussy and dressed-up to me. I’m much more likely to wear the shorter styles — they just seem slightly more casual and in keeping with my lifestyle.

All that to say, I decided to grab this one in the Sandstone while it’s on sale. I don’t usually buy items on final sale, but I already have the grey one, so I knew my size and was confident it would work out. I take the 6, for reference.

It was a really cold, windy day, so I added a big scarf.

This scarf was marked way down and on final sale at Naadam when I purchased it. It’s huge and soft and warm, and I LOVE IT!

I’ve got my eye on the Light Brown and the Cement, but they are both sold out, and I’d rather not pay full price, so I’ll just keep an eye on them.

And here’s what I was wearing underneath… I kept it simple with a black v-neck sweater, jeans, and black boots. I added jewelry and a belt to break it up.

Nordy Sig sweater (S) // AG jeans (28) // Vince boots (8) // belt (M)

Alrighty, then, movingrightalong… I had a workout on Friday morning, and I stayed in this all day.

I took the jacket off for working out, of course, but I wore it to and from (under my parka) and while at home. It’s an oldie but goodie that is no longer available. I love the shape, and the black accents, and it’s a thick knit with a fleece lining.

Nike hoodie (old) // Athleta tank (S) // Lululemon joggers (6) // On Cloud trainers (8)

That brings us to last Saturday… I threw my hair back in a pony, but I did get dressed in real clothes to run some errands.

This sweater is another duplicate I purchased this year. I had the black one first, I bought it when shopping in-store the first day of the #NSale. I liked it so much that I grabbed this olive color when it went on sale again in November. I believe I had some Nordstrom Notes to put towards it as well.

Nordy Sig sweater (S) // similar Good American jeans (28) // Vince boots (8)

Sunday was church, and I actually met Alison first for a photo shoot. We moved quickly, probably because we were so cold, ha! I even had time to come home and change.

Knowing it might be snowing when we got out of service, I wore Sorel weatherproof boots along with my trusty Good American washed black jeans and a cozy wool blend sweater.

Vince sweater (S) // similar Good American jeans (28) // Sorel boots (8.5; also at Backcountry)

These are the boots that inspired my closet reorganization project over the weekend. I realized I had kind of forgotten about them because they were set off to one side.

I can’t say enough about how cozy and warm these boots are, and they also have a lot of support. They’re currently 25% off at Zappo’s and Backcountry.

I sized up a half size, per the recommendation on the Sorel website, and they fit perfectly.

They also come in this really pretty tan color, as well as some other options.

Okay, that brings us to Monday… look at that snow out my window!

I wore this cozy leggings look, and as you can see, I didn’t do a thing to my hair or face.

These UGGs are 33% off at Zappo’s and UGG.com and 40% off at Nordstrom. There are only a smattering of sizes left, and I recommend sizing up a least a half size, if ordering.

I went up a whole size, which I probably didn’t need to do. Much like their slippers, that shearling lining can make them snug at first; but they do stretch some, and of course it gets matted down over time.

Occasionally, I trip over them, so I think the 8.5 would have been the better choice. It doesn’t stop me from wearing them, though! They are so warm and comfy.

Abercrombie sherpa (S) // Zella leggings (S) // UGG boots (9; also at Zappo’s) // specs

And then this was yesterday… another snow day, and another comfy outfit. That was about as far as I can push the dry shampoo situation. I will definitely need to wash my hair today!

These J/Slides are another great pair of casual, comfy boots that are on a great sale right now, and they’re pretty well stocked!

I like the sneaker-esque vibe for casual looks. They’re lined with faux fur and have a cushioned insole with really good arch support.

Gap sherpa crew // similar rag & bone jeans // J/Slides

And that’s a wrap!

This one was certainly a doozie! Maybe I should go back to posting these weekly… Now that we’re getting out and about a bit more, I seem to have more outfits worth showing you.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

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31 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 42

  1. Uhhhhhh, excuse me…. cashmere hoodie?! YES PLEASE! I’m also on the hunt for cashmere joggers. Been looking at the j crew ones. Have you also checked them out? Im just afraid they’d bag out after sitting but I still want some! 

    1. I tried the Quince joggers, and they were too tight in the waist. That was the small. I guess I could try the medium, but I have the same concern you do about them stretching out.

  2. Thanks for the casual outfit inspo. It’s so sad that you have to defend your decisions to eat out and participate in a somewhat “normal” life. My family has been eating out and attending church for a long time now. I went back to the gym this week. Most places are not crowded, and you’re right, we need to support our local mom & pop businesses. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for these “keeping it real folks” what I wore and how I looked posts. Love the gray Naadam sweater. The Sorrel lace up boots are worth a try on especially in tan color: looks great. Restaurants here are closed, only take out. Supposed to re-open on Monday and we can’t wait to support our local businesses after 2 months of restaurants being shut down here. Plus sick of cooking (or my own cooking)  I agree with Libby’s comment that It’s sad people are triggered or get offended if we attempt to live somewhat normal lives in a safe manner.  Tried to reply to her comment but link didn’t work. 

    2. It’s hard, because things are so different depending on where you are. I don’t want to be insensitive, so I try not to talk about my comings and goings too much, but it’s hard to write a post like this without sharing where I went. 🙂

  3. I have the same Vince v-neck that you have that you said you washed and dried; can you tell me how you did that? I don’t need to wash mine yet, but I’d love to know how to do that successfully when the time comes :o)

    1. I just tossed it in with other lights on the normal cycle, and then put it in the dryer on medium. I guess I could have washed it with delicates, but I didn’t think about it. I’ve washed it quite a few times since I’ve had it (I got it at the 2019 #NSale) but I always laid it flat to dry until this time. It’s held up great.

  4. Glad you’re getting out and about more . Restaurants opened to 25%capacity on Monday here in Michigan ! I’m happy you are supporting small business/ restaurants.  No shame!!  Love  how you keep it real with the dry shampoo comments! Enjoy the snow !

    1. Glad you’re finally opening up out there. Ours have been open for a while, although they closed them down briefly around the holidays. I feel pretty safe, they keep us really spread out, and the servers always seem so happy to have customers. We try to be extra considerate and tip well. It gives us some semblance of normalcy in all of this.

  5. This is about the meat, not the clothes. I opened a package of Butcher Box breakfast sausage a while ago and it smelled so bad I didn’t even bother to cook it. I’m sorta between a rock and a hard place with both clothes purchases and meat. 

    Clothes are frequently passed off to the post office rather than directly delivered by the original shipper causing delays, loss and misdeliveries. Seems even if you pay more you can’t pick a reliable shipper anymore. 

    Since we live in what amounts to a healthy food desert, we buy all our grass fed beef from Butcher Box and it’s delivered by ontrac. I had a gift box for my daughter that arrived thawed. None of the big supermarket chains here are shuttered but they seem to cater to the lowest denominator— three stores later I gave up trying to find organic gum free heavy cream. So I settled for ordering a lovely cream colored mock turtle neck from amazon LOL!  At least they actually deliver although there is no grocery delivery here from Fresh. 

    Sigh. I’m so sorry about the poor pot roast!. 

    1. I stopped Butcher Box b/c I wasn’t liking the cuts they sent. I did enjoy it at first. We have lots of options here, since we are around so many farms. I like to buy local when I can, but Paul picked this up at Giant. It was in the natural “grassfed” section, but I have never smelled a stench like this. I’m sure it was bad. Not sure why I tried to cook it.🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. I think you’ve found the perfect straight leg jean. Those AG Mari jeans are very flattering on you. 
    I’m with you on the camel coat. Others look elegant and classic in their’s but it doesn’t suit my lifestyle and I know I wouldn’t wear it. I do like the cocoon coat though. I like my coats to be above the knee and to zip up to keep our west coast rain out. I’m on a buyer’s hiatus until spring (Marc). Perhaps, JCrew will have it in their rotation again next year. 

    1. Yeah, you really do have to know yourself, and be honest about your lifestyle. I think region of the country also plays a part. They’re more common here on the east coast but out where I live in the exurbs, lol, I see a lot more casual puffers.

    1. I feel like the Naadam is higher quality. It’s softer, and generally more dense, although that depends. They’re not all the same density and thickness – the boatneck and scoopneck aren’t as much so as the recycled cashmere crew, and the other classic v-neck I have from last year. But they are all supremely soft, and there’s also more info on how they source their cashmere than Nordstrom. But either one is very nice.

  7. I really like these posts! Keep ’em coming!! Hair question. What’s your go-to dry shampoo? I haven’t found one that doesn’t make my hair feel gunky and dirty. Thanks!

  8. Love love the leopard zip up. I really like the black wash jeans but unfortunately I can’t seem to find them in bigger sizes.  Thanks for keeping it real with the dry shampoo comments. I can get  about 2 really good days and the 3rd day is my maximum. Enjoy ur dinners out! We are planning on one this weekend  since we opened back up on 2/1. Whoohooo

      1. Thanks I will! No the price point is fine. I am one of those people who don’t like all the high rise jeans. I didn’t like the trend the first time and I’m still not into it now So trying to find the mythical unicorn in my size and a mid rise is difficult.

  9. I sure enjoy seeing what you wear in real life!  Even when you don’t dress up, you still look put together.  I am trying to be more intentional about what I wear, even on my house cleaning days, since I’ve realized how much it can impact my mood.  That’s too bad about the bad meat!  At least you have the option to order takeout, unlike us.  I hope you are having a good day.  I need to gather up our trash, after feeding the birds, and take it to the dumpster.  Nope, we don’t have trash pickup out here.

  10. I always enjoy hearing where you’ve been and seeing what choices you make for outfits… I’ve been keeping it more casual here these days… I love the new coat and have a few that are dressier but find I reach for my black puffer most times. We had the snow abscess freezing rain along with high winds yesterday and that changed to rain overnight.. we woke up this morning to sun 50 degrees and no snow in sight! It felt like spring so ran out to do some returns and errands! A nice break from the cold! 

  11. Enjoyed browsing your outfits! Every time I see that Alo pullover, I want to order one. That is not a hole I have in my wardrobe…but may have to anyway. Thanks for the comment on duplicate purchases. I have bought multiples and later regretted it, and last year decided (with intention!) to get more Tippi sweaters from J Crew – basic that I know works great in work outfits, fit well, and are a no-brainer for travel. Trick is – remember intentional!!

  12. Loved your outfit with the grey Vince sweater, black Good American jeans and the black Sorel boots – not to mention you were having a fabulous hair day!
    And I had to take pause about your comment of how dressing up, putting on makeup and/or doing up your hair – even if just to stay home can have a positive impact on your mood; this is so true! If I veg out in my PJ’s all day, I have no energy, but if I put on some cute joggers and a top, I’m so much more motivated. I also appreciated your comment about purchasing intentionally and multiple essential basics. That’s something I’ve been trying to do better, and it’s good to have some reinforcement.

  13. I wear my good American jeans with my Vince boots waaay too much! I would wear them everyday if I could get away with it. Thanks for always giving me great ideas! I look forward to your daily post.

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