What I Wore Lately Vol. 98

Hi friends! It’s time for another What I Wore Lately, where I share my everyday outfits and talk a little bit about where I wore them and how they came together. This one’s a doozie because it’s almost 3 weeks worth of outfits, so I’ll try to keep the chatter light.

Okay, who am I kidding? I never keep the chatter light. You might want to grab another cup of coffee. It’s a long one!

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

What I Wore Lately: 3 Weeks of Everyday Outfits

This first outfit harkens back to the first day of the month. I met a friend at the mall, and then we went to lunch afterwards. I decided to wear the Rails Josie cardigan with light wash denim instead of black, for a change.

I always seem to reach for black jeans when I wear this sweater to coordinate with the black buttons, but I also really love how the bright pink pairs with the light wash denim.

I just couldn’t decide which boots to wear… grey in keeping with the light color palette, or black to coordinate with the buttons on the sweater and the color of my hair.

Style Tip: Matching shoes to your hair bookends your look and is one way to keep your looks polished and pulled together.

Even though I like the bookend concept, I decided to go with the grey boots this time, and I wore a grey coat to coordinate.

J.Crew Cocoon Coat (6) // Rails cardigan (S) (similar for less) // MOTHER Hustler in Au Revoir (28) // Vince Kaye booties (8) //similar  John Hardy hoops

When we were at the mall that day, I picked up this blue sweater from Everlane, and I wore it the next day with a different pair of light wash jeans. These are a straighter style than the ones above, and one of my favorite jeans to wear with flat shoes.

Everlane sweater in Bright Navy (S) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (similar for less) // similar mules (love that Dark Natural)

Aaaaaand another simple look with a luxe pullover, straight leg jeans, and loafers. I never get tired of this neutral color combo, the luxe oatmeal sweater and washed black jeans.

The loafers keep it classic and understated, and I added the chunky layered necklaces and chunky hoops to keep the look current.

similar Vince sweater in White Sand (S) // similar Fidelty Cher (28) (similar for less) // similar loafers (8) (also at Nordstrom & Zappos) // similar Madewell necklace & earrings

This was just a casual Saturday at home… It was cold and rainy and miserable, and I had nowhere to go, so I just threw on cozies and worked from the couch for most of the day.

Vuori Sedona Half Zip (S) // Vuori Sedona Wideleg Sweatpants (M) // similar slippers

The next day was Sunday, and this is what I wore to church. I decided to wear pants instead of jeans for a change.

Naadam sweater in Berry (S) // Vince Crop Leggings (M) (similar for less) // Marc Fisher Zala Pumps in Black Suede (8) // Yurman earrings & necklace

But I ended up changing into jeans and booties before going out for dinner because I knew I’d be walking a lot, and while those pumps are comfortable, they’re not really conducive to talking very far downtown.

I didn’t think to try the boots with the pants, but they might have worked. I wore a black coat to match the black boots. (I wore this coat to church with the pants outfit, too.)

Andrew Marc coat (S) // Naadam sweater (S) // MOTHER Weekender (29) (similar for less) // similar Aquatalia booties // Yurman earrings & necklace // similar bag

I took this picture before going out for a run/walk because this jacket hasn’t gotten much airtime lately. I usually wear the Athleta Inlet Jacket, but it was a mild day, so I pulled this one out instead.

It’s super flattering, stretchy through the back and arms, with that quilted wind-resistant panel on the front. Also, these thermal leggings are only $25.

Athleta Flurry Force Primaloft Jacket (S) // similar Athleta turtleneck (S) // 90 Degree thermal leggings (S) // Balega socks (M) // Brooks Ghost (9)

I worked for most of the day in this old sweatshirt and my favorite jeans.

old Rails pullover (option) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (similar for less) // ON Cloud running shoes (8.5)

This was another comfy work-from-home day…

Vuori Halo Crew (S) (more colors) // Vuori Performance Joggers (M) // ON Cloud running shoes (8.5)

I had an early morning photo shoot the next day, and then I wore the last outfit we photographed to Bible Study. It’s the same jeans and boots from Sunday, but I went with a neutral sweater and my new Mango wrap coat.

Mango coat (S) // Equipment sweater (S) (similar for less) // MOTHER Weekender (29) (similar for less) // similar Aquatalia booties // Madewell earrings / similar Madewell necklace // NAGHEDI tote (similar for less) // similar sunglasses

Here’s the sweater and jeans without the coat, but I actually kept the coat on the whole time I was at the church because it was chilly inside. It’s almost like wearing a long cardigan.

This is how the coat looks tied, for those who like to see that. It definitely gives off some bathrobe vibes, but I still kind of like it for a change!

I had a hair appointment that night, so I switched into sneakers and shorter jeans. It was chilly, so I threw on socks too.

Equipment sweater (S) (similar for less) // AGOLDE  Riley (29) // Veja Esplar in Extra White/Sable (also in Gold) (39) // J.Crew socks

Socks with sneakers and ankle jeans has been a recent topic of debate/discussion, so I tried to zoom in on them. I like how the camel color almost looks like my skin, and it creates some subtle contrast between the jeans and sneakers.

Of course, that color appears to be sold out. I also have these socks in grey and ivory, and I’ve worn ivory with this denim/shoe combo. I like it, but I like the camel better.

I threw my hair in a clip the next day, and I wore another casual pullover and jeans and sneakers to accompany my daughter to the hospital for a minor procedure.

We’ve since learned that she has Celiac Disease. This is the culmination of several months of testing since she was diagnosed with mono and iron deficiency anemia back in the fall. It’s not the news we wanted, but we ruled out some pretty scary things, so I guess we’ll take it.

And also, aren’t these Gola sneakers are so fun? I love the colors.

sunrise pullover (M) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (similar for less) // Gola sneakers (8)

The next day I had a mani/pedi appointment to prepare for my trip to Florida, but it was cold and rainy… thus the cashmere sweater and flip flop combo. I actually went to the grocery store dressed like that afterwards. I felt ridiculous, but whatcha gonna do!?!

These jeans are new. I’m well on my way to having every style of MOTHER denim they make! The Tomcat is a little more relaxed through the leg than the Dazzler, and about an inch shorter, so more of a cropped style. I think they’re going to be nice for summer.

Jenni Kayne sweater (S; similar for less) // MOTHER Tomcat (29; also at Shopbop) // Tory Burch Miller sandals

If you’re a MOTHER denim fan and tend to get confused with their various styles, I did a MOTHER Denim Review that you might find helpful. I’m going to need to update that, now that I’ve tried a few more of their styles!

This was the day I got my spray tan for Miami… can you tell? Ha! I had to go out that night for my daughter’s band event, so I pulled on another cozy sweater and jeans and my white Sorel Chelsea boots.

Paul makes fun of me every time I wear these shoes. I guess he thinks they look a little ridiculous? I love them, though, and they’re sooo comfy. One of the other moms at the band event told me my boots were cute, so maybe it’s just him.

old Nordstrom Signature sweater (option) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (similar for less) // Sorel Chelsea boots (8.5)

I went to the mall the next day to get a few last minute items for my Miami trip, and since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, I felt like more pink was in order!

As you can see, I decided to pair this sweater with black jeans this time. (I did add jewelry before I left.) Also, there are a few sizes left in these boots, and they’re 50% off.

Rails cardigan (S) (similar for less) // Paige Cindy (29) // Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (8)

It wasn’t as cold that day, and I didn’t want to deal with a heavy coat in the mall, so I went with my The North Face trench. I wish they still sold this exact one; it is so good. It’s basically a rain coat that looks nicer than a rain coat. I’ve had it for at least 5 years, judging by the date of this post, and it still looks like new.

similar The North Face trench (mine is a M) // Rails cardigan (S) (similar for less) // Paige Cindy (29) // Madewell earrings // Madewell necklace

And that brings us to Super Bowl Sunday! I flew to Miami that afternoon, so of course I had to represent.

KUT from the Kloth denim jacket (S) // Eagles tee (S) // Vuori joggers (M) // P448 sneakers (39) // earrings // necklace // bracelet

I did a separate post about What I Wore In Miami, so I won’t include those outfits here. I figured it made more sense to keep this post to what I’m wearing here in Philly this month.

We went to a casual get-together with friends last Saturday night, and I tried pairing the Everlane boxy sweater with these Frame Le High Straight Ankle Jeans from the #NSale.

Everlane sweater in Bright Navy (S) // Frame Le High Straight Leg Jeans (29) // Veja Esplar in Extra White/Sable (also in Gold) (39) // Madewell earrings

I like the shorter length with the sneakers and the cropped sweater, but the rise is a little too low and I’d need a tank underneath to avoid baring my midsection every time I move my arms, so I switched into the AGOLDE Riley.

Everlane sweater in Bright Navy (S) // AGOLDE  Riley (29) // Veja Esplar in Extra White/Sable (also in Gold) (39) // Madewell earrings // Victoria Emerson ring

That’s actually what I wore during the day, but before we left, I decided to change into boots to dress the look up just a bit. They’re still casual, but I felt like they looked more appropriate, and I like the extra height when I’m standing around talking to people.

Everlane sweater in Bright Navy (S) // AGOLDE  Riley (29) // Aquatalia Brigitte (8.5) // Madewell earrings // Victoria Emerson ring

That brings us to last Sunday, and this is what I wore to church.

Evereve blouse (S) // Frame Le High Rise Flares (29) // Marc Fisher boots // similar belt // similar bag // similar necklace // earrings

I had Paul grab a quick iPhone photo with my coat on outside while we waited for our daughter to get to the car.

Andrew Marc coat (S) // Evereve blouse (S) // Frame Le High Rise Flares (29) // Marc Fisher boots // similar belt // similar bag // similar necklace // earrings

Said daughter wanted to go prom dress shopping that afternoon, so I changed into more comfy clothes. It turned out to be a mild afternoon, so I didn’t even wear a coat.

Prom dress shopping was a success, by the way. We need to have some alterations made, but she got her dress! What a racket. I can’t believe how much those things cost.

old Nordstrom Signature sweater (option) // MOTHER Dazzler (29; similar for less) // P448 sneakers (39) // earrings

I didn’t do anything with myself on Monday because I just worked from home all day, but yesterday I had my weekly Bible study… which I ended up missing because I got caught up dealing with some technological difficulties. I did get dressed for it, though!

I wanted to wear a neutral outfit with these wide leg pants in the bone color and an ivory or oatmeal sweater, but as it turns out, the pants are much warmer than the sweaters I have, and I didn’t like the colors together.

I also think they’re a little too long with these pants. Since the pants are cropped, the sweater needs to be too, so I went back to the cashmere boxy crew!

It’s only about an inch shorter than the ones above, but it works much better, and I prefer the contrast of the navy and bone.

Everlane sweater in Bright Navy (S) // Everlane Wide Leg Pants in Bone (8) // Veja Esplar in Extra White/Sable (also in Gold) (39) // similar  John Hardy hoops

And that’s it for this week! Or, I guess, the past three weeks. It’s still quite cold here in Philly, so I’ll be wearing my winter clothes for a few more weeks. I was chilly yesterday in those crop pants, but I was dying to wear something other than jeans! Maybe I should try them with booties next time.

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46 Responses

  1. Love this post! So much fun seeing what you have worn. About the TB sandals, what color are yours? Also, I believe your foot runs more narrow (like mine), do you order those sandals in narrow? I see a small selection of colors at the TB website in narrow. Thanks!

  2. Always love these posts. I’m with you on the North Face trench, mine is in tan with navy lining and neck trim and the material is so polished and wears so well, don’t even have to have rain to wear it. I got mine after you showed it several years ago. Paul is funny about the shoes, husbands are like that about fashion sometimes.

      1. You are so right I don’t care for the distinct logos; I would also love to have gotten a black one. When I ordered mine the light tan one was a much better price but still love it.

  3. Like everyone else, I love these posts. I can’t imagine trying to take a photograph of myself every day! I love the look of Mother jeans but so far I haven’t found a pair that fit me in a way that I was willing to spend the $ on them. I just noticed you wear a 29 in them. I’m normally a 30 and my Frame straights are a 29. I wonder if sizing up in Mother would solve the problem. Do you think they run smaller than other brands, Jo-Lynne?

    1. Taking outfit pix is just a part of my routine at this point, lol!

      I think MOTHER runs pretty true to size, but they can be inconsistent if you’re between sizes. When I was keeping my weight under 140, I used to have some in 28 and some in 29, but lately it’s hanging around 145, and I wear a 29 in pretty much everything right now.

  4. LOL at the bathrobe comment. I want to love these slouchy wrap coats because they’re so different and effortless looking… but I just can’t get past the bathrobe vibe! Maybe I’d keep one if I were a few inches taller.

      1. I love this post and all of the photos……but the long tie coat wasn’t a favorite the way it was styled. The flares with that length was out of proportion (too much at the bottom in my opinion). It is a lovely coat though.

  5. Great outfits! I also have lots of Mother Denim and Tomcat is one of my favorites too. I have a distressed style so I ordered Oui Oui to add to my collection 😂 The Everlane wide leg pants are adorable and they look great on you. I love the length of the blue sweater with it too (I did like the other sweaters too, but length of the blue was great). Cheers!

  6. Hi, just read that your daughter has been diagnosed with coeliac disease. I have been a coeliac for around 15 years now and can’t believe how much better and stronger I feel by following a gf diet.
    Hope your daughter gets back her strength an feels better soon.

  7. I’m sorry that your daughter has celiac! I have been gluten-free for about 15 years. It will help Becca if you clear all gluten out of the house, and have the house remain GF. Then she won’t be tempted by gluten-y foods while she’s home. It’s best if she avoids GF breads and pasta for a while because they ARE different from the “regular,” so she needs time to “forget” about regular bread/pasta. And not all GF bread/pasta are good, so there’s that. It’s easier for me if I mainly stick with things that are naturally GF.

    I will say this as a lifelong pretzel lover: Snyder’s of Hanover GF pretzels are fantastic (if they are sold in your area)! So close to the “regular” ones. And most potato chips are GF, so she can still have certain snack foods.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I went GF for a few years and I was very strict. Basically lived as a celiac even though my biopsy results were negative, so fortunately I have experience with it. It’s been a long time tho so happy to hear good GF food recommendations. I also like glutino pretzels.

  8. My high school daughter was having stomach issues, tired and had loss of appetite and she tried taking gluten out of her diet. She felt better almost immediately. We just met with do her doctor and have a referral for a specialist. It’s been a learning curve but luckily things are labeled so well now. Some items are inedible but we have found some good recipes too. Firehouse subs makes a great sandwich; about the only bread she likes. Hope your daughter is feeling better.

    1. My daughter is GF as well, and when she visits, we try to go GF for all of us. Cup for Cup GF flour is great for baking – none of us can tell the difference.

  9. A couple of comments:
    1. I wanted to tell you how striking the outfit with the Berry sweater is. Have you had your colors “done?” You look great in rich colors, so I would guess winter. I am an autumn. My mother was known to say “Jill looks good in all the weird greens!”😂
    2. I love the oatmeal sweater with the white pants!
    3. The white pants might be a little big for you?
    4. Team Sock. 🧦

    1. I’m definitely a winter. ❄️☃️

      The pants are tight in the waist. No way can I size down. I have tried other wide leg pants that I like the fit through the hips better. Stay tuned for Fridays try-on haul!

  10. I absolutely love this post!!! It’s so real & doable thanks you so much for this.
    I live in Ohio & it can be a challenge to dress spring but still stay warm. This post helped.
    Have a blessed day.

  11. I love these posts. I’m curious about the Agolde Riley jeans you show as they appear very similar to the Toni style I have. Are they a similar fit?

  12. I love your sunny outlook of wearing your winter clothes for “a few more weeks” LOL. I live in Ohio and pretty much know I will still be wearing sweaters in March and maybe early April.

  13. I just love the what I wore posts. I really appreciate all your thoughts on putting together an outfit. That has helped me a lot. I tend to make one outfit and not vary it. I want to challenge myself to mix and match better. On your last outfit of wanting to wear neutral outfit, I agreed it wasn’t the best (but I didn’t know what to do to make it better). You shared in your comment you thought it was the length of the sweater and viola your next choice was a navy sweater and I agree it looked great together. I think I am still at try all my sweaters on to know what works for me. thanks for sharing thoughts. I hope to get better at making outfits work quicker, but if not at least I keep trying!!

  14. What a great tip about our hair color matching footwear to bookend an outfit. Thanks for sharing that tidbit! I hope that Becca is feeling better now. You wore some great outfits. I wish it were still cold here because I don’t like having highs in the 70’s and 80’s in February. Right now we need summer clothes to stay comfortable, but I know that we will still get hit with more cold snaps and will get to turn the central air off. Have a great day!

  15. Love your posts, always fun and those cropped jeans are so cute! I was diagnosed 10 years ago with celiac and honestly it’s pretty easy after you get used to eating gf and she will feel so much better, when I was diagnosed I was deficient in almost everything (very sick) and now super healthy and thankfully my hubs and kids are all gf too, they just jumped on board, hardest part imo navigating restaurants (cross contamination).

    1. Yeah, I did it for a time and I found it fairly easy, although I didn’t worry about the cross contamination so that made it much less stressful. She’s hating how inconvenient it is at school with friends, they’re always passing around cupcakes or pizza or stopping at the local convenience store for junk food after school. It’s an adjustment, but she has a good attitude, and she’ll get it figured out. 🙂

  16. Cute outfits as usual, I actually really like both of the neutral sweaters with the bone colored pants, and of course the navy works perfect too!! I love these what I wore lately posts, so much outfit inspiration for me!! 🤩
    Thanks Jo-Lynne

  17. Love these posts! Sorry to hear about your daughter being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Her life will get better! Both my children and I live with Celiac and were diagnosed over 18 years ago this was before most people could even pronounce the word. She will have a great, full life! Here as a reference if you need help.

  18. Love these posts! Sorry to hear about your daughter being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Both my children and I live with Celiac and were diagnosed over 18 years ago this was before most people could even pronounce the word. She will have a great, full life! Here as a reference if you need help.

  19. Will the update on Mother denim be in the daily email? I really want to try the brand, but get frustrated trying to navigate length, rise, etc. on their many different styles. And I LOATHE their website with the twirling models

  20. I actually like the wide leg ecru pant better with the lighter color sweaters. The navy for me is too much contrast. Cute pants on you. I’m too short to pull it off. Dressing has been so hard lately. Tired of Winter, but when I try going Spring I freeze. Snowing here since last night. Odd for us in the NW.

  21. I’m trying to read your post from my desk at work but the pictures won’t show up so I’ll have to open it again when I get home later (sometimes the firewall here prevents certain websites from opening completely). Just finished my last parent conference for today (it’s that time of year again). I’m seeing people mention your daughter and a celiac diagnosis and thinking I must’ve missed some of your posts this week because I don’t remember reading that. In any case, you obviously have experience with it already being GF yourself and your daughter will adjust and do great. My cousin and sister- in-law both have it and for the last family get together I felt awful because I totally forgot to tweak the menu and I’d made only lasagna and garlic bread! They ended up eating salad and luckily I had a fresh fruit platter alongside the cake I’d made. I felt like the worst hostess ever! 👎🏻😣 Can’t wait to reread this post and see your outfits!

  22. Great post as always! My husband was diagnosed with Celiac about 13 years ago. It’s easier to comply with GF now that more options are available. One thing that improved quickly was he no longer felt so tired after eating- I hope that works for your daughter, too, and that she has a great time at her prom!

  23. I’d love to see a post on jackets for spring, esp denim! I’m not always sure of the best way to style them during weather transitions.

    1. Funny, I’m shooting some jacket outfits this morning! 🙂 But they are more outerwear jackets. I do have some denim jacket outfits from Florida. I love a denim jacket in spring. I put it over almost everything.

  24. I enjoy this type of post so much. I get so many ideas. Thank you for the post on Gap this past weekend. I ordered olive green girlfriend utility ankle pants. They fit perfectly and I know I will wear them a lot. I wanted to order in other colors but for petites only the green is available. I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for your post.

    I’m sorry to hear about your daughter having Celiac disease. I have a mild form of GERD that causes constant clearing of my throat after eating. My doctor recommended I go grain and dairy free. I tried it for 2 weeks in January. I definitely was better. There’s a brand called Siete that makes good tortilla chips. My favorites are nacho cheese and ranch. I buy them at Natural Grocers. Simple Mills also makes good crackers. I found a good grain free bread Base Culture. It’s hard to follow this type of diet but it can be done.

  25. Glad you finally have a diagnosis for your daughter. My now 31 year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac when she was 16. At the time we knew nothing about gluten free. At least you are aware of the dietary restrictions. It will be an adjustment for sure, but it will get easier. Sending you both my good thoughts.

  26. PS. I know I gave ideas in comments but thought of Jennie’s organic macaroons…. coconut Indiv. wrapped cookies. She could pack with her when friends are having a cookie etc.

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