What to Wear: Beach Vacation Day to Night

As you all know, I just got back from a 5-day trip to Miami Beach, so I put together a post with some outfit inspiration in case you have a beach vacation coming up this spring or summer. I’ve got four outfits that will easily take you from day to night, and you can fit them all in your carry-on!

When I’m on a warm weather vacation, I spend most of my days by the pool or at the beach, so I like to have a variety of swimwear and coverup options. This black one piece swimsuit by Miraclesuit is both chic and practical… perfect for spending the day poolside, which is my favorite way to spend a day on vacation!

I love the unique design at the neckline, and it’s super comfortable, while sucking you in and holding everything in place. Miraclesuit swimuits can be a challenge to pull up and down, but the slimming effect is worth it!

I’m wearing my regular size 8, and it fits perfectly, but a lot of women like to size up in this brand, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Miraclesuit one piece (8) // Sea Level stripe coverup (S) // Tory Burch Millers (8) // similar tote // similar sunnies

The top of this swimsuit is so lovely, I didn’t want to cover it up, so I wore a simple mesh sarong in a black and white stripe to go to and from the pool. It was also perfect for grabbing lunch at the poolside bar. I felt covered up but also cool and comfortable in the heat.

Another great daytime look for the pool or beach is this white ribbed one piece swimsuit by Sea Level with a mosaic-inspired print sarong.

I’ve never had a white swimsuit before, and I don’t know why. I love how fresh and crisp and clean it looks, and the way it sets off the printed coverup. This one has a ribbed texture, plus it’s fully lined so there’s no show through, even when wet.

Sea Level one-piece swimsuit // Becca cover-up sarong // Dolce Vita braided sandals // similar tote // similar Madewell necklace // similar sunglasses

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of a sarong. This one is longer than the striped one above, so it offers more coverage for those who prefer that. Plus, the colors in it are gorgeous, and I think the long length is rather elegant.

If you decide to go shopping or out to lunch, a casual dress is the perfect solution. It packs down to almost nothing in your suitcase, and you can wear it with the same flat sandals you wear to the beach or pool to save packing room.

I don’t wear a lot of dresses, so this sleeveless shift was a happy surprise when I happened across it at Nordstrom. I love the sleeveless design with a narrow v-neck and raw curved hemline.

It also has pockets! It’s the perfect knee-length, and it runs true to size. I’m wearing the size small.

I always pack a jean jacket to wear over my dresses and t-shirts on vacation for any venues that might be chilly, and this KUT from the Kloth Jacqueline goes with everything! It has a versatile mid-indigo wash and a bit of stretch for added comfort.

Splendid sleeveless dress (S) // KUT from the Kloth denim jacket (S) // Dolce Vita braided sandals (8) // Lagos bracelet // similar necklace

When it’s time for a fancy dinner out, a flowy floral dress with metallic heels is the perfect solution.

floral drape neck dress (8) (similar option) // Sam Edelman ankle strap sandals (8) // Coach leather handbag // similar earrings // similar bracelet

My exact dress is low inventory, but this one is pretty much the same, just with a different print. I actually have that one too!

I love this lavender floral print and the non-wrinkle fabric. It’s perfect for travel because you can literally ball it up and stuff it into a corner of your suitcase, and it comes out looking like new. It runs true to size, or size down if in between; the small fits me perfectly.

I’ve had these sandals for over a year, and they’re my go-to for dresses and dressy pants outfits because the strappy style and gold metallic leather is so feminine and flattering and goes with absolutely everything.

The cylindrical heel is a fun detail, and the ankle strap styling offers stability and comfort, making them great for events that require a lot of walking and standing.

Having several go-to shoe and handbag combos that go together without being too matchy-matchy is key to looking polished and put together, and my ivory pebbled leather Coach handbag is the perfect complement for the gold leather sandals.

This is a great look for dinner out on vacation, Easter Sunday, or an afternoon wedding this spring.

As always, when you shop at Nordstrom, you get their free shipping and free returns. And don’t forget about their BOPUS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) and contactless curbside pickup options.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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45 thoughts on “What to Wear: Beach Vacation Day to Night

  1. I’m sure you daughter is happy to at least have a diagnosis. We’ve been gluten free for over 10 years now. My hubby never got officially diagnosed because you usually have to consume gluten for that and why make himself miserable to only confirm that going gf was right – if you haven’t looked into the gluten free products lately I think you’ll be amazed at how far they’ve come – – – I have many products that I actually prefer the gluten free version to regular in fact. Hopefully having answers outweighs the inconvenience.

      1. What did she pack previously? This really should be pretty easy. My daughter is a nurse who was also diagnosed around the same age as yours. She has to pack herself lunch everyday now and she got used to it in high school where we put her in charge of figuring out the whole GF thing. . There are some good GF bread options out there. Whole Foods generally has the best options forGF bread. Trader Joe’s has good GF bagels if that’s something she would like. Popcorn, potato chips and tortilla chips are almost always GF.

        1. She gets tired of things. Ham sandwiches were her most recent lunch of choice, so I did get some GF bread and make those for her a few times. I also add fresh fruit and veggies, drinkable yogurt, GF pretzels, etc. But that gets old. She doesn’t want to take egg salad or tuna salad b/c of the smell. She’ll eat it at home, but not in her packed lunch.

          1. Hey, Jo-Lynne. What about salads? Buy her one of those salad carrier things that even stores the dressing too. She is fortunate she can have dairy. I can’t as well as gluten. :(. I love salads with blueberries, pears, candied pecans and she could add feta or blue cheese crumbles too. Even chicken for protein. Lunches to pack are hard I have to admit. Hard to find variety. She might like Jackson’s avacado oil sweet potatoe chips. They have different ones. I eat the sea salt one. They are kettle cooked. Also good thing to pack is the “That’s It” fruit bars. They come in different fruits. I like apple blueberry one. They have mini ones at Costco but I buy large ones from Amazon. Kind of spendy. I just found a spaghetti pasta I like that is made from yellow peas. I can’t have rice so can’t eat some of the other gf brands. Anyway pasta is ZENB pasta. I ordered 3 pack from Amazon. If she can have rice the gf Jovial Brand is what my girls use and I use for them. Lots of pasta shapes to choose from in that brand. I pack organic BARE apple chips from Costco and if she is sensitive to corn the Nature Nate’s Better Than Popcorn popped Sorghum taste like popcorn but is sorghum. Different flavors it in. Corn can be hard on anyone’s gut. For more fruits and veggies on the go you could get her RUVI smoothie packs. You just add water in the shaker bottle. I’ll try to think of more gf sack lunch stuff. One hint is lightly toast the gf bread for sandwiches. Helps. Oh she could do chicken salad sandwich with celery and red grapes. Put on bread or lettuce. Since she doesn’t like tuna or egg smell. Just boiled eggs packed still in shell shouldn’t smell too bad. Good protein too. Hang in there.

      2. Hi JoLynne! My 9-year-old was diagnosed with a wheat allergy at 9 months old, so she and I have been gluten-free for a while now. Milton’s Gluten-free Crackers are delicious if she likes chicken salad or things like that. I struggle to eat gluten-free bread if it’s not toasted. Enjoy Life is free of the top eight allergens. Fresh veggies and fruits are also great lunch options, too. I’m glad you have experience living a gluten-free lifestyle because that’s definitely going to lower the learning curve. And Becca will feel so much better without gluten that hopefully she will adjust well, too!

  2. I hope your daughter starts feeling better with her new diagnosis. Prayers that this is the answer. It’s hard enough just being a teen.

  3. I ordered the seal level bathing suit in aqua. And I love it. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Swimsuits that fit well are hard to find for me. But this one is a winner.

  4. You look great in all of the looks you shared! I know that you are missing the warmth and the ocean breeze. We’ve got the warmth down here, but no breeze from the water. Have a great day!

  5. Prayers for you and your daughter. Granddaughter diagnosed at age 14 some 24 years ago. Very, very little information and food products available at that time. Hospital dietitian not helpful. Very stressful for her. She is healthy now and committed to serving others through nursing degree. I enjoy your post and seeing what is trending.

  6. My daughter was also diagnosed with celiac as a very young adult. She says that it really helped her to be given ownership over her need for a GF diet but not be “protected” so much that she didn’t jniw how to keep herself heathy. . Some of her friends who were diagnosed younger never had to navigate being GF while living in a glutenous home. There was too much of everyone participating so that when they went to college and had to navigate roommates and a household that was not GF it was much much harder. My daughter already knew the strategies she needed for sharing a kitchen that was not GF. She was glad we left it up to her to announce to servers at restaurants that she had a gluten allergy and to discuss with them what she could and couldn’t eat. There are some great websites that my daughter uses to find good restaurants when we or now she vacations. Trader Joe’s has some excellent options. Let her be in the drivers seat.

  7. Loved almost everything in your post today, but especially the black miracle suit, but sadly when I clicked on it to buy they start at size 8, any suggestions for something similar in size 2, Thanks

  8. Simple Mills almond flour crackers are the BEST! They have different flavors. Some stores carry them, but I usually buy them from Thrive Market, an online store. There’s a yearly membership fee, but so worth it for dietary restrictions. You can narrow down choices by GF, paleo, etc. I love it and it’s so convenient!

  9. Glad your daughter was able to get the answers as to why she hasn’t been feeling well! I’m sure it’s a bummer but there seems to be so many gluten free products in the stores now that hopefully that will help!
    Love the swimsuits… I have put on my list for this year to have one black and one white suit! Are you seeing more one piece as opposed to two pieces?

  10. I was diagnosed with celiac about 7 years ago…I can’t believe it’s been so long! It will get easier as time goes along. If you find a good croissant let me know because I would give quite a bit for one.

  11. Hey Jo-Lynne,

    I was diagnosed over 15 years ago with Celiac. My mother was diagnosed just after me and one of my four adult children is Celiac, though all of them carry the gene for it and could become active during their life. It is so much easier now to eat GF and there are lots of products out there now. I agree that Trader Joe’s is a great place for GF baked goods. Their muffins are awesome and their hamburger buns are the best I’ve found. I agree that you need to be assertive, especially in restaurants, to ask what your options are and make sure they are careful with cross-contamination. Hopefully your daughter will start feeling much better soon and although it’s a bit of a hassle, I’m so glad it’s an issue that can be controlled with diet, unlike so many other chronic issues.

  12. Hi,
    Do you find the back of your Miracle suit to be sheer? It looks so great from the front, reviews from Nordstrom say that it is unwearable due to this issue. I would like to purchase this. Thanks so much.

  13. All three of my adult children Celiac. Here are a few helpful items. Wegman’s carries Against the Grain rolls/baguettes which they all love. Corn tortillas with humus and Lara Bars are also good for lunch. Trader Joe’s has some good options. There is a facebook group “Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Gang” you might be interested in. Good Luck!

  14. You look stunning in all these photos. You work so hard to bring your readers great looks. That is incredible you can fold that floral dress and it comes out wrinkle free. Hard to think sunny, beach vacation when we got snow again last night. It’s really cold and windy too. We rarely get snow in NW Oregon. We live in the country in a small town about hour and 15 min from Portland Or. and it’s caused lots of problems there. I live on a hill so will just stay home as this will be gone soon. So pretty. I’m glad you shared about Becca. Helps to just share. I still pray for her.

  15. I love the black swimsuit. The neckline is different and cool. I’m a fan of sarongs too. Those are good pictures of you.

  16. I love that white suit with the sarong, so classy looking with the hat too! The lavender print dress also looks lovely on you. I’m glad you got answers for the problems Becca has gone through, now it’s all going forward and you know there are solutions to make sure she will continue to feel better and can look forward to summer.

  17. Your swimsuits and coverups are perfect and you look great! Are you wearing a Michelle Apple Watch band or an actual Michelle watch? I have an old one in silver (Deco) that I still wear on occasion and last Mother’s Day iI got the white band Michelle sport watch, but I have been looking closely lately at the gold options.
    On the topic of celiac, it makes me SO mad that this has become so common. Just reading the comments here show how prevalent this disease has become along with so many other wheat and dairy and other food allergies! When my younger son was diagnosed with Autism in 2002, we put him on a GF and DF diet (because the gut/brain connection is so strong; he began talking after one month of the diet 🙌🏻) but it was difficult to find any premade gluten free stuff. I remember making homemade GF bread with a million ingredients that I had to go to 5 different stores to find. But now, every 3rd person you talk to is gluten-free either because of Celiac or a sensitivity. Our country’s food supply is awful and toxic! In most European countries the use of chemical pesticides and GMO products is banned. They also don’t feed their cows corn; they get to graze naturally and eat grass like God intended. When I was in France last summer, I loved the taste of the vegetables and fruits and ate all the dairy and bread and croissants and never once got indigestion. My cousin (like your daughter) was sick for so long before finding out that she had celiac. Now she’s divorced and trying to date men who have no patience for her special diet (she’s had some bad luck with men). Anyway, I guess I’ve hijacked your post here but I feel bad that there’s so many people suffering. I swear when I retire I’m getting involved in government policy making. I already have a list a mile long of things I want to fight to change in regards to public education as well as the rise in autism and related disorders. Maybe I’ll start a blog dedicated to this? (Is need your help with that! 😉)
    Okay, enough of my ranting. I’ll circle back to you and your daughter. You’re a smart and savvy woman and I’m sure your daughter is just like you. Blessings to her and you! ♥️🙏

  18. Great looks! Does the sleeveless shift dress pack well and not wrinkle?

    Btw, I ordered the Sam Edelman trench coat in Birch from your link and love the fit and color. Under the collar, it is the same color orange as the one you posted which is such a fun color! I also ordered the Sam Edelman shoes in beige and the color looks great with the trench!

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