What I Wore This Week 03.16.11

This was fun last week, and it does encourage me to get out of my pajamas (most days) so let’s do it again!  I still only have 3 days worth of pictures, or maybe 4. Unfortunately, I spent the last two days in my sweatpants, and I figured I’d spare you that.

At any rate, here’s {some of} what I wore this week:


I can’t remember where I wore this outfit, probably running around with the kids.

  • Brown Open Sweater — Ann Taylor LOFT Factory Outlet
  • Tank Top — Banana Republic
  • cords — Joe’s Jeans
  • Embellished Flats — Nine West
  • Bracelet — handmade, bought at Kimberton Whole Foods
  • The Necklace — LOFT Factory Outlet


I wore this outfit last Friday to drive out to the farm I frequent in Lancaster County to stock up on eggs and chickens.

  • gray cable knit sweater — Gap Outlet
  • rose crewneck T — Gap Outlet
  • Seven For All Mankind Straight Leg Jeans
  • Green Privos — Nordstrom
  • Floral Handbag — I picked this up at a gift shop over the weekend. Thought it would be great for carrying to theme parks this summer.


I wore this outfit just running around dropping off and picking up kids, but mostly working from home.


Pardon the weird angle. I don’t know WHAT was going on there.

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday and I also wore it with black boots on Friday night to the Lilly Pulitzer Store Opening Event.

How about you? What did you wear this week?

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  1. Loving the red pumps (yes!) and the last outfit!

    (and the cuties in the pictures behind you!)

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi! Love all of your shoes. And your jewelery too.
    Happy WIWW!
    And the photos over your mantle are so precious.

  3. Very very cute! Loving the red pumps, which reminds me I need to write about my You by Crocs shoes. VERY comfy.

  4. I love your red shoes! I recently bought a pair myself and I wear them with tailored jeans and love that I can wear a black, gray, yellow, white , lilac…. so many colors actually look good with red shoes! Have a great day.Look forward to reading your blog! ~Liz

  5. Could I just say that I’m so glad to know that someone else out there changes her purse as much as I do??? Thank you for making me feel normal. 🙂

  6. Ok, hang on. First of all, where your socks? And why did I find it hard to focus on anything other than your bare feet while intermittently focusing on my chenille socks placed squarely on my feet in fear my toes will fall off in the COLD.

    I LOVE those red shoes. Crocs, really?

    And I am seeing a lot of Nordstom picks. And I have a confession. I now look at Nordstrom like I do my Kindle – I don’t know how it works but it does, it’s like MAGIC. The Nordstrom is magic to me. Their stuff is not overpriced and they have a nice selection of “stuff” and if you press enough buttons and put in your credit card it will magically arrive at your front door. (I may or may not run around calling it “The Nordstrom” which I am sure is equally as annoying as someone who calls it NordstromS.

    1. Darla, I HEART YOU.

      The Nordstrom is CERTAINLY in the same ballpark as NordstromS. OMG. Where do you people come from?

      LOL! LOL!

      It is not that cold here, by the way. I wear boots when it is cold.

      1. Jo-Lynne, be careful my friend, you are soon to be inducted into the “My People” hall of fame as a charter member. Don’t ruin your chances now. 😛

  7. First off, love your new blog look! 🙂

    I adore your last outfit because that is SO something I would wear for sure and the shoes are fab! All your outfits are great. You’re such a stylish lady! And love your darling new printed hangbag – so cute!

  8. OK, you and Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy have inspired me. I spend way too many days in my PJ’s and never get dressed. I am now writing this comment fully dressed in “real” clothes and even have some jewlery on. Now, I’m going to get my creative on and do some sewing!

  9. Really cute! Love the shoes, I’m going to check out the You by Crocs. I love the Privos I got thanks to your suggestion 🙂

  10. Those red shoes are awesome! Also love your necklace on Day 1. I have had some major blech days lately. I can wear “whatever” to work it’s so casual and that can be downright depressing when combined with all the rain we have had here. I am ready for sun (we have major sun today) and warmer temps. I need some wardrobe inspiration! 🙂

  11. Stopping by from the Pleated Poppy and have now decided you are one of my new favorite people!!! What great style, amazing food philosophy and strong faith you have. You are awesome!

    1. Nope! Those are genuine leather guaranteed not to turn to vinyl! LOL (an old saying of my mom’s.)

      No, YOU By Crocs are all leather footwear – very well made.

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