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I’ve been enjoying the What I Wore Wednesday carnival at The Pleated Poppy, and I thought it might be fun to do it here.

what I wore wednesday blog carnival at The Pleated Poppy

I haven’t participated yet because I feel a little self conscious showing pictures of my outfits and broadcasting where I bought everything. But the point of the carnival is, as Lindsey says, to hold ourselves accountable to getting out of our sweats and putting a little bit of effort into our appearance.

And I’ll admit, there are plenty of days when I could use a little bit of accountability. Okay, maybe a lot. It isn’t unusual for me to spend the better part of the day in my jammies, or if I must leave the house to drop my daughter at school, to do so in schlumpy sweats and slippers with no makeup and bedhead. YES. I swear. I know some of you won’t believe me, but I do that. Regularly. Ask my neighbors, they’ve all seen it. I didn’t say I was proud.

So anyway, I appreciate Lindsey’s attempt to hold us all accountable to looking just a LITTLE BIT more put together than we might otherwise. (My husband probably appreciates it too!)

I didn’t take a picture of what I wore every single day, but here are 3 days out of 7.

DAY #1:

Omigosh, I was SO in need of a hair cut. I wore this outfit running around, doing errands. It was verrrry cold that day.

  • pink cashmere turtleneck — Ann Taylor
  • skinny jeans — Bloomingdales (they are really thin and soft, almost jeggings and I love them)
  • boots — Zappos.com
  • necklace — LOFT Outlet (you will see it a lot)
  • purse — Orla Kiely
  • coat — Michael Kors Outlet
  • lipstick — Poppy by Laura Mercier (my new spring color!)

DAY #2:


I wore this outfit to a Philly Mom Blogger Event on Saturday — Girls’ Lunch Out!

  • sweater — Nordstrom
  • black tank — Banana Republic
  • gray skinny jeans/cords — I picked these up at the Bloomingdales end of season sale in January
  • boots — Dansko (I got them for review)
  • necklace — LOFT
  • purse — can’t remember; a catalog (birthday gift from my mom)

DAY #3:

I wore this to run errands. This is one of my favorite comfy outfits, although I’m realizing that the hoodie isn’t as flattering as I’d thought. Hmph.

  • purple tank — Nordstrom
  • hoodie — Banana Republic Outlet
  • skinny jeans — Bloomies (also from their end of season sale in January; I racked up!)
  • boots — Zappos.com
  • sunglasses — Sunglasses Hut
  • necklaces — Lisa Leonard and Vintage Pearl (they were in my Blissdom swag bag!)
  • Also note: hair cut! (No, nothing new, but it’s amazing what a fresh cut and color will do for your outlook on life.)

How about you? What did you wear this week? Join the carnival at The Pleated Poppy!

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16 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. would love to know the brand of the dark skinny jeans in the first picture. always looking for the perfect skinny jean!

    1. The ones in the first picture are Citizens. The ones in the last are Sevens. Love them both. The Citizens are really soft and lightweight. The Sevens are quite heavy and much warmer. Both have a nice wash to them and hold up well.

  2. A blogger meet up – oh how fun! I hope it was encouraging!

    Love those boots – and the purple on you is gorgeous!

  3. Visiting via The Pleated Poppy.

    You are completely adorable!

    I am currently hosting a Royal Wedding Wear GIVEAWAY featuring reader bridal gowns, hats, veil and engagement rings. I’d love for you to link up.

    Past posts are ok.

  4. Thanks for joining in the party! 🙂 Found you via The Pleated Poppy. Love that bright pink turtleneck. Pink is such a flattering color for you. 🙂

    1. Haha. Well, two of the three are the same pair. 🙂 But then there are, ahem, several more pairs in my closet…

  5. Love all of your outfits, especially the pink turtleneck and the comfy hoodie (some days you just need a good hoodie). All of your boots are great too. We are dwindling down on our cool weather so my boot wearing days are numbered. Boo!

    You are so together with even having different handbags–I’ve never been good with that.

  6. you’ve got great style and I love your hair cut…both before and after. I’ve been going shorter and shorter with each cut and dream of actually doing a longer version of a pixie cut. Your style cut is really cute! glad I found you through WIWW!

  7. I {love} WIWW! It’s been on my list of projects to participate in for months and I still haven’t done it =( Maybe I’ll move it up the list this week and join you soon!

    Adorable outfits too, I can’t wait to loose my last few lbs teaching my Zumba classes so that I can join the world in the skinny jeans fad. You pull them off perfectly! Such a cute look =D

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