What I Wore Wednesday

We’ve been participating in the What I Wore Wednesday carnival at All Things Chic every week, and I thought it might be fun to do it here.

I’ll admit, I haven’t participated yet because I feel a little self conscious showing pictures of my outfits and broadcasting where I bought everything. But the point of the carnival is, as Lindsey says, to hold ourselves accountable to getting out of our sweats and putting a little bit of effort into our appearance.

And I’ll admit, there are plenty of days when I could use a little bit of accountability. Okay, maybe a lot. It isn’t unusual for me to spend the better part of the day in my jammies, or if I must leave the house to drop my daughter at school, to do so in schlumpy sweats and slippers with no makeup and bedhead. YES. I swear. I know some of you won’t believe me, but I do that. Regularly. Ask my neighbors, they’ve all seen it. I didn’t say I was proud.

So anyway, I appreciate Lindsey’s attempt to hold us all accountable to looking just a LITTLE BIT more put together than we might otherwise. (My husband probably appreciates it too!)

I didn’t take a picture of what I wore every single day, but here are 3 days out of 7.

DAY #1:

Omigosh, I was SO in need of a hair cut. I wore this outfit running around, doing errands. It was verrrry cold that day.

  • pink cashmere turtleneck — Ann Taylor
  • skinny jeans — Bloomingdales (they are really thin and soft, almost jeggings and I love them)
  • boots — Zappos.com
  • necklace — LOFT Outlet (you will see it a lot)
  • purse — Orla Kiely
  • coat — Michael Kors Outlet
  • lipstick — Poppy by Laura Mercier (my new spring color!)

DAY #2:


I wore this outfit to a Philly Mom Blogger Event on Saturday — Girls’ Lunch Out!

  • sweater — Nordstrom
  • black tank — Banana Republic
  • gray skinny jeans/cords — I picked these up at the Bloomingdales end of season sale in January
  • boots — Dansko (I got them for review)
  • necklace — LOFT
  • purse — can’t remember; a catalog (birthday gift from my mom)

DAY #3:

I wore this to run errands. This is one of my favorite comfy outfits, although I’m realizing that the hoodie isn’t as flattering as I’d thought. Hmph.

  • purple tank — Nordstrom
  • hoodie — Banana Republic Outlet
  • skinny jeans — Bloomies (also from their end of season sale in January; I racked up!)
  • boots — Zappos.com
  • sunglasses — Sunglasses Hut
  • necklaces — Lisa Leonard and Vintage Pearl (they were in my Blissdom swag bag!)
  • Also note: hair cut! (No, nothing new, but it’s amazing what a fresh cut and color will do for your outlook on life.)

How about you? What did you wear this week? Join the carnival at The Pleated Poppy!