Menu Plan Monday

HOW did it get to be Monday again?

And how annoying am I, starting every single Menu Plan Monday post with a variation of that first sentence?

Last week I disparaged that we were down to bare bones in our freezer. (Ha. That’s actually a literal statement — I think all that is left, besides cow tongue and liver, is bones for making beef stock. Oh, and one lone pot roast. I guess that makes one night’s menu plan a gimme.)

I picked up a small order from Your Family Cow on Thursday, so I now have a chicken, a pack of chicken breasts, and 2 lbs of ground beef to add to my pot roast dinner. At least menu planning will be pretty straight forward this week. (By the way, Your Family Cow has drop points all over our area, if you’re interested.)

As an aside, I am beginning to miss pork. I need to find a good source for that.

So without further ado . . .

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY: Shaved Parmesan Chicken & Lemon Creme and a fresh veggie (whatever I find at the market)

TUESDAY: Shepherd’s Pie

WEDNESDAY: Salmon Cakes with a side of rice and a veggie (photo credit: Food Network)

THURSDAY: EVENT! (Chicken Noodle Soup for the fam) NOTE: When I want to make it gluten-free, I use rice instead of noodles.

FRIDAY: Pot Roast

WEEKEND: leftovers, take out, or what-have-you

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