What Is Your Body Telling You?

I’m partnering with Harmony Books to share about #FastMetabolismFoodRx. Read on to see how this book is changing how I eat, starting today!

Anyone can achieve the healthy body they want from the foods they choose and use. Find out how with #FastMetabolismFoodRx!

About 10 years ago, my health fell apart.

I had been pregnant or nursing almost continuously for 6 years, I ate the crappy Standard American Diet, I was addicted to Coca-Cola, I exercised sporadically if at all, and it finally caught up with me.

I was plagued with acid reflux, crippling gastritis symptoms, hair loss, thyroid disease, and as a result of all of that, anxiety. I spent years making the rounds of doctors and specialists, trying to figure out what was causing these problems — particularly the debilitating stomach issues — and they all came back with nothing.

Then I became aware of the “real food” movement, and I started making drastic changes to our family’s diet and eating habits. To make a long story short, as a result of these changes, my health changed dramatically for the better.

Over time, my stomach pains subsided, I was able to wean myself off of Nexium (which I’d been told I’d have to take forever), and I eventually stopped taking Synthroid (which I’m not convinced I ever needed.)

I became quite an advocate of real food, and I wrote about it extensively here on the blog. I read a bunch of books on the topic, I followed real food blogs, and basically soaked up as much information as I could. I did my best to get my family on the bandwagon, although with teenage kids, that’s easier said than done.

For a long time, I made weekly rounds to local farms to buy fresh, locally grown and raised foods for my family, I made all our bread from scratch, and I eschewed boxed cereals and convenience foods. I only bought organic snacks, and I tried to feed my family as much real food as possible. At some point along the way, I also went gluten-free.

Once I started feeling better, I also started running and working out. I can honestly say that I was in the best health and shape of my life — about two years ago.

But then I got lazy. Ba-dum-ch!!!

It’s that simple. I got busy with other things, and food prep fell by the wayside. I still make a lot of home-cooked meals, and I’m certainly aware of the nutritional value of the foods and food products I buy and consume, but somewhere along the way, we started buying more boxes and bags at the grocery store, ordering more takeout, and eating out more often. More snacks and convenience foods have crept into our home, and I find myself disinterested in cooking and meal planning.

And it’s starting to catch up with me.

Lately I’ve noticed my hair thinning, my nails weakening, and some of those old digestive and gastritis symptoms returning. Just this week I spent two days with unexplained stomach pain and bloating.

I’m nowhere near as bad off as I was at the beginning of my journey to health, but I know if I continue following this course, I’m going to be right back where I started.

The offer to read and share about Fast Metabolism Food Rx by Haylie Pomroy came just at the right time.

Anyone can achieve the healthy body they want from the foods they choose and use. Find out how with #FastMetabolismFoodRx!

I accepted the partnership because I’m always trying to keep my weight down, and I figured if there’s a way to speed up my metabolism, I’d like to know about it! And because my audience is mostly women in their 40s and 50s, I figured you’d want to know about it too. We all want to look and feel good in our clothes, right? And we all know that as we age, this becomes more and more challenging.

But as I began reading Fast Metabolism Food Rx yesterday, I realized this book is about WAY more than keeping our waistlines in check. This book is about treating all sorts of modern health problems and chronic illnesses by fixing the metabolism first — with food.

Chronic illnesses are caused by metabolic dysfunction, and if you fix those metabolic pathways, you can actually heal the body, rather than simply covering up the symptoms with medication.

Haylie starts by sharing her dramatic story of how food changed her health and the course of her life, and then goes on to share how she has helped hundreds of clients feed their bodies back to health.

Her theory is that our bodies are always communicating their needs to us, and if we listen and treat them with the right foods, we can invoke lasting change, manage chronic diseases, and yes, even whittle our waistlines.

Haylie has a friendly, conversational writing style. Even while she’s sharing complex scientific information, she does it in a way that makes you feel like you’re chatting with a friend. Her passion for the power of food is contagious, and she makes me want to get started on the road to better health today.

I was hooked in Chapter 1 because my body is DEFINITELY trying to tell me something right now. I ignored it before, and I didn’t like where I ended up. I’m not willing to go there again.

I am starting today getting the junk out and getting back to basics, and then as I read through the rest of the book, I’m going to use her advice to tweak my diet and see if I can get myself back to feeling and looking as good or better than I did a couple of years ago.

With menopause looming and the hormonal roller coaster that can go along with it, this is the perfect time to haul myself back up in the saddle. (And yes, you can even treat hormonal issues with food.)

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Meanwhile, if you’re suffering from weight or health issues and want to learn how to treat them with food and nutrition, I highly recommend ordering a copy of Fast Metabolism Food RxHere’s a little more about the book and the author from the publisher:



Haylie Pomroy, celebrated nutritionist, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fast Metabolism Diet, shares a food prescription for the 7 most common ways your metabolism misfires and leads to exhaustion, excess weight, and illness. With her targeted eating plans you can feed your body back to a vibrant, energetic, and thriving state.

When multiple health challenges threatened the author’s life, it set her on an investigative journey that was life-changing—and lifesaving.  In this book, she shares her personal story for the first time, as well as the powerful food programs she created based on the methods and philosophies that saved her life and helped her thrive. For decades now, these same food therapies have provided profound clinical results in her clinics where she’s treated thousands of others.

Our bodies are always talking, communicating their needs. We just need to learn how to listen to them. Sometimes they whisper to us—our energy is off, we just don’t feel right, we have indigestion or IBS, or our body shape is morphing in ways we don’t recognize or like. Sometimes our bodies speak up and change our biochemistry in order to get our attention, by pushing our cholesterol a little higher, making us irritable, reactive, or ‘foggy.’ At other times our bodies are screaming for help, we have become pre- or full-blown diabetic and our immune systems are confused and attacking us.  Every one of these health signals hides a specific metabolic dysfunction, and for each food, not drugs, is the answer.  If you’re suffering from:  GI issues, fatigue, out of whack hormones, mood and cognition difficulties, elevated cholesterol, blood sugar control problems, or an autoimmune problem, Food Rx has the personalized solution for you.

In her new book, Haylie teaches us that anyone can achieve the healthy body they want from the foods they choose and use.  Are you ready to eat your medicine?


HAYLIE POMROY, nutritionist, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and owner of integrative health care clinics in Beverly Hills, Burbank, Irvine, and Fort Collins, is well known in Hollywood and in the medical community for her ability to use food as metabolic medicine.  She has appeared on PBS, The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, Katie, Extra, and Access Hollywood, and has been featured in First for Women, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie, Claire, People, New Beauty, and more. Her celebrity clients include Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Robert Downey, Jr., and NFL athletes.

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16 thoughts on “What Is Your Body Telling You?

  1. Did you happen to have your thyroid antibodies tested? 90% of hypothyroid is actually autoimmune Hashimoto’s disease, which I’am dealing with right now. I agree with the real food diet also! The book sounds great. Glad you’re off the synthroid and feeling better!

      1. Haha, ok! I figured you had! I used to read your blog years ago, then I lost all my favorites when my computer crashed and just recently found you again, years later.

  2. It goes back to the age old saying, “you are what you eat”. We are living in a day and age of way too much processed and genetically modified foods. Our bodies were not created for that. 10-20 years ago, cases of celiac, gluten sensitivity, IBS, diabetes, the list goes on and on, were few and far between. What’s changed? The American diet and the foods we put in our bodies. Plain and simple.

  3. Impeccable timing on this post, Jo-Lynne. I was going through my new-found paleo websites and decided to take a break and see what you were styling today! It is exactly what I needed. I’ve been on Synthroid for several months and my daughter (31) got a Hashi’s diagnosis two weeks ago. We decided to go cold turkey and jumped on the paleo bandwagon the next day. I love Coke and baking but we are going to heal ourselves with food! Best of luck in your journey!

  4. They “zapped” my thyroid, and pretty much killed it, so Synthroid for life for me. But, I too have been trying to get healthy. I try to go by the rule, “If I can’t pronounce the ingredients, then don’t buy it.” Good luck in getting everything back under control.

  5. After having just done this Whole30 thing, I am a firm believer that SO much of what ails our bodies can be answered with what we put into our mouths on a daily basis. It really is so true! I am seriously going to check this book out because as I look to start eating normally again, I’d rather the foods I eat be better for my metabolism. Obvi 😉

  6. I too am struggling with this challenge. Thank you so much … I plan to buy the book. Spring is a good time to get started on this

  7. So I am wondering if it would be better to get this book or the Fast Metabolism Diet book. I have seen others say that the Diet book is not very well organized, but unless this book outlines HOW to do the 28 day diet, I am guessing I would have to buy the diet book. I have read a lot of reviews and several folks have been honest enough to say it is tough to follow but that the weight loss is worth it.

    My two vices are coffee and chips. Cannot eat gluten even though I LOVE gluten containing foods. I am guessing that the last 2 years without gluten have probably kept me from gaining 10 or more pounds.

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure, since I haven’t read her other books. Sticking to a strict real food lifestyle is a challenge, and I struggle with finding a balance between what is sustainable and what is best for my body. I’m right there with ya on the gluten!

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