That’s the wind leaving my sails.  I’m beat.  Three hours at the mall with two little girls should earn me at least an hour’s nap, dontcha think?  Unfortunately I think I’m gonna have to settle for a cup of coffee.  Or three.

So we’re walking through the mall and as we approach the vacant area in front of Bloomies, my 5-year-old says, "Where’s Santa?"

"Oh," I replied casually, "He went back to the North Pole."

This is a little game we play.  My daughter knows Santa isn’t "real" and that different men dress up as Santa to greet the little children in the malls at Christmastime.  But when she asks questions, we sort of play along like we believe, until she finally says, "M-o-o-o-o-m.  Santa isn’t REAL.  It’s just YOU putting presents under the tree."

But this morning she said knowingly, "Oh yeah.  He has to make all the toys for next year."  I think she’s finally picked up on my little game and is playing along.

"Yep," I responded distractedly as I looked wistfully at the handbags in the window of Bloomies.

Then she says with conviction, "You know Mom, there are lots of Santas, but there’s only one Jesus."

At least she’s got her theology straight!

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  1. aw, that’s so cute. i was just wondering if i ever had to tell emma about santa if she’d draw the same conclusions about Jesus.

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