7 Reasons Why I Hate Artificial Trees

1) They require storage.

2) They are heavy as the dickens to bring down from the attic.

3) They smell like dust, not pine.

4) They come apart when you try to move them.

5) They wreck my hands, having to arrange every ding-dang branch.

6) They test the very limits of my patience, having to arrange every ding-and-also-dang branch. 

7) They look, well, artificial.  I mean, seriously.  Where, in nature, do you see a tree that is perfectly triangular?


Let’s just hope and pray it looks better with ornaments on it.  If I ever manage to get the ornaments down from the attic and hang them.  And by I, I mean my husband of course.  Not that he will do much hanging of the ornaments.  It’s the attic part I need him for.

How about you?  Real or fake?