Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender

Greetings and happy hump day! I’m not one to put my white jeans away after Labor Day, but I do tend to get tired of them during the summer months and like to give them a rest for a while.

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been meaning to get them out and wear them again, but I keep forgetting about them. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender | Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane #winterfashion #fashionover40

I finally dug them out last weekend and paired them with this lilac sweater and taupe ankle boots for a somewhat unexpected winter dressed-up casual outfit — you know, my favorite kind. This is the sort of thing I’d wear to meet a friend for coffee or for a solo trip to the mall.

These booties are a great neutral color for pairing with white jeans. I like that there isn’t a stark contrast so they keep a long lean leg line. They’re sold out, but this pair is a similar color and super cute as well. They’re also 50% off!!!

Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender | Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane #winterfashion #fashionover40

Around this time of year, I get tired of the bold and dark colors I typically gravitate to and start to crave lights and brights. I must not be the only one because the retailers seem to be filling their shelves with pastels and light neutrals right now.

Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender | Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane #winterfashion #fashionover40

When I saw this cozy mock neck sweater in this gorgeous pastel shade of purple, I decided it must become a part of my winter wardrobe! It’s super soft and cozy — as the name suggests, and it’s such a pretty color. Plus it’s only $49.

Lavender Mock Neck Sweater with White Jeans | Winter Outfit #winteroutfit

I’m wearing the small, but I can see how a medium might give a more relaxed look, and it would be longer too. It just depends on what you like.

Before someone says something, yes, I know that this sweater is boxy and not the most flattering shape for my figure, but sometimes cozy trumps curvy. Plus it looks really nice layered under my new grey cocoon coat!

Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender | Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane #winterfashion #fashionover40

This coat was a Christmas gift from my mom, and I have the size 6 for reference. I’d say it runs a little big. It has been on sale, but it’s not at the moment. Overall I really like it, although it’s not as warm as some. It’s fine for most winter weather, but when it dips below 25, I go for my big puffy parka or the Andrew Marc paloma coat. I have a Calvin Klein long quilted puffer similar to this one that I wear on the coldest of days (and nights.) I got it on sale at Lord & Taylor many moons ago, and it still looks like new.

Anyway, I digress!!!

My jeans are my trusty old Paige Verdugo ankle skinnies. I love these white jeans. They’re as thick as any pair I’ve found, and they have a great fit. Paige jeans don’t stretch, and they tend to run small, so you definitely want to keep that in mind when shopping for them. I actually sized up to a 30 in these white ones, and I typically wear 29 in Paige. A good similar for less option is this pair of modern skinny jeans at LOFT.

Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender | Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane #winterfashion #fashionover40

I’m really loving the color palette of this outfit. It’s fresh and light and fun during this dreary time of year.

Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender | Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane #winterfashion #fashionover40

cozy mock neck sweater // paige verdugo skinnies (option) // similar booties // j.crew cocoon coat // pearl earrings (option) // coin pendant // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

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55 thoughts on “Winter Outfit Inspo: White Jeans Outfit with Lavender

  1. I love this outfit, especially the color of the sweater. I just love lavender! Question about the jeans: do they feel low rise or mid rise to you? On Nordstrom’s site they’re labeled mid rise but the measurement of the rise is 8.5”, which is the very minimum I feel comfortable wearing. I like my jeans to cover my mommy midsection. 🙂

  2. This is such a fabulous reprieve from the dark colors of the winter. It’s like a breath of fresh air!!!
    I’m going to have to recreate this, Jo-Lynne!!!
    Ps…and we always laugh and say we are helping keep the UPS guy is a job….

  3. Love the lavender top with the white jeans and neutral booties! I’m going to have to bring out my white skinnies from Loft to wear with my sweaters. Looking forward to your FB chat today!

  4. Thanks for the post on light and pastel colors! I wish I could wear turtlenecks, because the sweater is so me!
    FYI, I like the way it looks on you and it doesn’t look boxy. 

    1. Thanks, Ginger. It’s not as boxy as some… I think the bigger issue is that it has kind of deep armholes or something. But still. Super cute and cozy, and I’m enjoying the color for a change.

  5. Your description of “dressed-up casual” is perfect and exactly how I like to dress. The lavender sweater with white jeans is a beautiful example. Your blog is new to me so I’ve been catching up on old posts for the past few weeks. Don’t change a thing! I love your style and the variety of outfits you show, plus I always enjoy the try on sessions. Glad I found you!

  6. I love this outfit!! It looks so calming. 🙂 Seems like a great transition outfit from winter to spring. This is something I could wear to Easter since most of the time it’s still very cold when Easter rolls around.

  7. Love love this outfit. I love the colors. You’re right about craving different colors this time of year. It still looks perfectly wintery, though. That coat is beautiful and looks great on you. I’ve been liking the lilac color that I’m seeing more and more but wasn’t sure how to wear it without feeling like an Easter egg. I definitely could do this! My husband and I are rewatching old seasons of Friends and in season 6 the color lavendar must have been popular because someone is always wearing it, even Ross. What goes around comes around! 🙂

    1. Too funny. I had a periwinkle cashmere v-neck sweater from Ann Taylor in my closet for almost 10 years. I finally retired it a couple years ago but I always enjoyed wearing that color, and this is similar.

  8. Lavender in January. How fun! I was going to suggest that you do a post on what to wear when it’s March and still freezing and we’re tired of our dark colors. This sweater is a perfect example. I’d still love a post on cold weather spring dressing. Or even a couple.

  9. Love the color combinations you put together and I will definitely be pulling out my white jeans. So tired of dark colors already. 

  10. What a pretty outfit and definitely a nice change from the normal colors we were this time of year.  I too love the soft lavender.  Most of the schools across GA are closed today, due to snow.  We even have about 2” of snow here, which is very unusual.  I’m glad we get to stay home today.  I need to remind myself to take a break from cleaning house at 1 for the FB Live!  Stay warm!

  11. Wore my white jeans last Friday with my grey OTK books and emerald green sweater. I love purple/lavender. This color palette is great. Might have to go on the hunt for a lavender sweater – this one is actually priced pretty good! 🙂

  12. I actually received a lavender sweater for Christmas from my parents and was waiting for spring to wear it but I will be wearing it soon with my white jeans. Thanks for the great idea.????

  13. I’m happy to see lavender back and I love the color combo you put together! Completely unrelated but I’ve been following you for a couple of years and just read the story about how you and Paul met while he was in seminary. If you don’t mind me asking, is he a Pastor? I was a Pastor’s daughter growing up and can relate being in a family devoted to ministry. Have a blessed day Jo-Lynne!

    1. Hey Nancy, so no. He ended up not going into the ministry thru a series of events… but when we got married, I thought that was his calling. He serves as an elder at our church and teaches Sunday School and things like that, but he never went into full-time ministry.

  14. You look so lovely! I love that color on you. I wish I could wear that color myself–I think I need a slightly darker version, though. It’s almost like, I’m so pale that pastel shade don’t provide quite enough contrast near my face, so a slightly deeper version of the same shade is just more flattering.

  15. Yeah, I always admire that layered look on others, but I never wear it, myself. I don’t even own a collared shirt except that one flannel. I think it’s because I’m busty and layering adds bulk and visual weight. When I layer under a sweater, I wear a lightweight turtleneck. 🙂

  16. Love that sweater on you & love that outfit! I’ve seen that sweater on-line several times & wondered how it looks in person–the color is so lovely & cheerful. I’m tempted…Your comment about it being boxy–I feel that way about so many sweaters & often worry that my broad shoulders come off looking like a line-backer. But, sometimes, I have to wear the sweaters anyway b/c comfy wins out!

  17. Hello! Love the sweater. Do you find you need a cami/tank underneath? The pics on Nordstrom’s site make the sweater look a bit thin, especially the green one. 

  18. I have been crushing on this sweater since I saw Cassie at HiSugarplum! style 2 different colors of it!! Of course those colors are sold out, but I’ve definitely debated about the lavender. Such a great outfit, I love wearing white jeans with sweaters and boots!! I wondered how it would look on me, as I too have the issue of being broad at the top, not necessarily busty, but just wide, a little busty AND just plain rolls around that area!!! LOL! (Which, btw- I AM working on by starting this Whole30!) I agree with you on the layering, in Debbie’s comment, it is difficult to do with this shape… I’ve tried and it did not work out well! 🙂 but looks great on some people.
    Oh, I did order a burgundy ‘swing’ sweater from LOFT that I am anxious to see if it works for me… I also typically don’t care for mock/turtlenecks, and I think it’s a mock neck. I am DONE ordering for a while!! We’re building a house and I’m going to need some $ for decor and stuff!

    1. LOL, it’s so tempting when things are 50% off! I had this sweater in mustard in the fall – gave it away to a neice b/c I felt like it’s a color I’d only wear in the fall, so I felt I wasn’t breaking my duplicate rule to get it in lavender for now. Ha! Let me know how you like the swing sweater from Loft. I was looking at that too.

  19. Love the outfit and the color is spot on. I would so get a coat like the one you have on if i lived up north loveit.

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