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5 Favorite Boots/Booties

Greetings, friends! I’m back today with another post in my 5 Favorites series! Let’s talk boots. Some of my favorites have sold out, so I’m choosing my top 5 that are still available OR have a very similar style that is available.

My 5 Favorite Boots/Booties

#1. Taupe Suede Split Shaft Booties (similar) // These might be my favorite boots at the moment. It was love at first sight when I went to the preview day for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in July. I started in the shoe department (lesson learned from my first year covering the #NSale) and this was the first pair of boots I gravitated to. They’ve got just enough of an edgy vibe but still work well with my classic wardrobe, and the color is modern and so versatile.

These are also nice because they’re pretty much 3-season booties. The lighter color and lower shaft lends them well to spring outfits as well as fall and winter. In fact, if I was younger, I’d even wear them with shorts in the summertime. #dontworry #nothappening

also wearing: Citizens boyfriend jeans (similar for less) // striped top (sold out)

#2. Blondo Olivia Knee High Boots // These boots are amazing. They’re incredibly comfortable, for one thing. But they’re also waterproof. I have the black leather, but they also come in black suede and grey suede, and those are also waterproof.

also wearing: cowl tunic // blackout leggings

I wore these walking all over the mall the other day and they felt great. They may look stiff, but they don’t feel that way at all, and the inside is just really soft and nice to wear.

FYI, any Blondo boots are going to be comfortable and weather proof, and they have a lot of great looking styles.

also wearing: sweater // AG skinnies // R Minkoff satchel // Silpada circle pendant

#3. Rag & Bone Margot Booties (similar for less option: BP. Lance Block Heel Bootie) // I hesitate to put these on here because of the price (I did get them at 40% off, just for the record) but they really do measure up to all the hype.

I’d heard a lot about them, but never tried them until I saw them on sale a few months ago. They’re leather inside and out, and they’re super comfortable, plus they look amazing.

also wearing: suede moto (midnight toker) // similar turtleneck // AG skinnies (similar for less) // R Minkoff crossbody // similar necklace // Moonbow sunnies // photo credit: Alison Cornell

That said, I realize they’re not exactly budget-friendly, so if you like the look, I recommend looking at the BP. Lance bootie. It’s really nice looking, and you can’t beat the price for a stylish leather bootie.

#4. UGG Ava // These are low inventory, but at least they’re still available at Amazon. (See my Amazon Influencer page for all my Amazon Fashion recommendations!)

I actually wanted to share my Sam Edelman Camellia tall boots from the #NSale, but they’re long gone. At any rate, both are suede knee-high boots with a 3.5″ heel. While I love my OTK boots, I still think a knee-high boot is the most universally flattering and easy to wear.

These UGG boots have shearling lined footbed, and I love how the inside of the shaft is suede (not cloth-lined.) They’re also weather proof. They’re comfortable to wear for hours, and I like that I can be dressed up and still warm and dry in mucky weather.

#5. Hunter Original Refined Rain Boots (option) // I saved the best for last! These are probably my favorite pair of all because they can be worn all year round, and I just love this new updated refined style. It’s much less bulky and more fashion forward than the original Hunter style.

My exact pair was a Nordstrom exclusive for the Anniversary Sale, but the Hunter Original Refined Rain Boots are similar. I also linked another similar option that has the double buckle more like mine, but neither have the contrasting stripes. It’s a fun detail, but the plain ones are great too, and probably more timeless.

I hope that was fun. I know it’s getting late in the season to think about adding boots/booties to your closet, but it’s a good time to get good deals if you have something you’ve been wanting.

Also, if you missed my Facebook Live yesterday, you can view it HERE. I was a bit of a spaz… my true personality is coming out! I really need a better set-up with a tripod or something. #workingonthat

Afterwards, I hopped on my Insta Story and did a try-on session. You can still catch it until about 3PM EST. If you don’t have Instagram, no worries. I’ll be sharing all of the items I tried on with pictures and info on sizing, etc. on Saturday here on the blog.

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36 thoughts on “5 Favorite Boots/Booties

  1. I’m so paranoid about wearing my suede booties in the winter. I’m in NJ, and between the snow and/or salt I’m afraid i’m going to ruin them. Do you wear yours out? You should do a post about boot wear and care.

    1. Sure, I wear mine out. I don’t wear suede on the messiest days, but I wear them a lot. If it’s just a little wet on the ground, I don’t worry about it. I’m not sloshing thru puddles or anything. 🙂 But I do protect all my suede boots before wearing them out with this suede cleaner: https://rstyle.me/n/cwt94sgthw

      They also make a suede cleaner and protector set with a brush that would be good to have: https://rstyle.me/n/cwt95xgthw

      I’ve never cleaned mine. I take them to the shoe repair shop at the end of the season and let them spiff them up for the next season. Otherwise I only take them if they start to look bad or get spots on them. My Sam Edelman Camellia boots got some spots on them (I have no idea how) so they’re at the shop now. That reminds me. I need to pick them up! LOL.

  2. I like this post, as boots are so fun and versatile.  I bought Hunter boots last year after I saw you wearing yours. Now I may have to splurge and purchase the ones you have on, I like the stripe with buckle!  Maybe you can help me out; I am on Instagram and don’t see your stories at the top of the page and when I do a search you pop up but only your personal instagram.  How do I find the blog one?  Thanks!

  3. Love these, but lots of us cannot wear heels and the only pair with low heels is the rain boots. Wish I could wear them though! Thanks for your posts.

  4. Great info!  Hunter Boots are on my wish list.  Since I have a wider calf, the short ones would work. Just seem to be undecided as to what color….
    the OTK & tall boots look great on you!  I personally don’t mind if you style something that is out of stock, as I think some of us “curvy “ gals can find something comparable.  You always provide the inspiration!! 

  5. I’ve seen the Hunter rain boots and I like the look but wondering if they are hot. Seems like your feet would really sweat in the rubber material. The cost is definitely on the high side so an investment for sure. Just curious???

  6. Nice! My boot collection has grown this past season! They are addicting! And they are all so cute and just a little different from each other. 🙂 Yes! Boot care would be a great post for all the suede in our lives now. 🙂

  7. I love the rain boots I bought, even though they are not the Hunter brand.  But, my feet get awfully hot in them because they are rubber.  Do you have that challenge?  The Pacific Mountain snow boots I bought are very warm, cozy, and comfortable.  I learned that I have to stand up to get my pant legs tucked in good, so the wrinkles aren’t cumbersome and overwhelming.  The weather kept me from being able to take part in the FB Live yesterday or do much of anything on our devices.  Too many people online, for sure.  Have a blessed day!

  8. I popped over to Instagram. I like the way you talked through the process and changed up things to make the outfit. For instance, changing your booties for otk boots with the black top to get the right proportions. Brilliant! Can you do more of that on the blog? I know I would learn from that method. 
    Love boots & booties! 

  9. I Love Hunter Boots! I have the Glossy Red and get so many compliments every time I wear them! I admit, I was apprehensive about wearing such a bold color, but not anymore.. They are fun and comfortable to wear.
    *Thank you for adding “Current Wardrobe Favorites” to the tab!

  10. One think I want to do is thank you for answering and responding to our questions etc. Some bloggers don’t seem to want to do that. One reason you are my favorite. Always enjoy what you share.

  11. How do your Rag & Bone black booties compare to your gray Toms Leila bootie? Also, are the Toms Leila comfortable? I saw them in a few of your pictures and they’re super cute, plus a little more budget friendly.

  12. Liked this post but was sad you did you the unboxing of your Trunk Club on Facebook. Would it be too much to post it to your blog too? (especially for those of us that work in an office during the day!)

  13. I am loving all your posts! Do you wear no-show socks with the taupe booties? I have them and need to get socks that don’t show. Also, do you ever wear Frye boots? I LOVE them so much. Expensive though, so I only buy during sales!

    1. Hey Angela, I usually wear them barefoot, but I did purchase no-show socks to wear with them. I just usually forget about them. LOL!

      I have one pair of Frye riding boots, and they are GORGEOUS. I do love them but lately I find myself gravitating to other styles. I plan to have them forever, and I know I’ll wear them more at some point.

  14. I recently discovered your blog and have been loving all your posts. You inspired me to clean out my closet and start being more mindful in choosing clothes and shoes. Thank you! In the link for your taupe booties, the heel seems way higher than the ones you have pictured. Are they the same shoe?

      1. Ok thanks. Can you share the brand, so I can maybe search for them elsewhere? I really like the heel height of your pair! It’s like goldilocks…..not too high and not too low 🙂

  15. I’m so sad I can’t get the Nordstrom Hunter boots anymore. I bought them a few years ago and was looking for a replacement pair when I landed on your site. You’re right- the other styles just don’t have the same pop.

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